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hello to friends from stumbleupon + darling dexter + nicole hill + oh so beautiful paper! i am truly honored to have my links on these lovely sites. hope you enjoy your stay at my blog.

last week, nick had a super tough work week. he was working overtime, till about midnight every night! so i decided to make him a little book of encouraging notes to get him through the day. there were about 8-9 notes in the book. the first page even has a little ‘capsule’ note, that you can open and it had a note inside, my personal favorite 😉

anyway, i’ve always been fascinated with the book, “the jolly postman” by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. did anyone ever read this when they were younger? if you didn’t read it, buy it now! it is simply delightful. if you have kids, get it for them immediately! they will love it. and love you for it! the story is so clever, and there is something so neat about opening up all the little letters as you go along the story. they also created “the jolly christmas postman” and “the jolly pocket postman” and they are all just as cool. i had lost my books from i was young so my little brother re-bought them for me a couple christmas’s ago. i would love to just have endless books of envelopes notes to read all the time!

so this is my book of notes for nicholas. it was so much fun to make. and i think he really enjoyed it. he said it helped him get through the day.

the book of notes:
envelope book: one.

envelope book: two.

envelope book: three.

envelope book: four.

envelope book: five.

extra details:

extra : details.

extra : details.
envelope book: extra.

extra : details.

extra : details.

envelope book: extra.

envelope book: extra.

envelope book: extra.

envelope book: extra.

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  1. Oh! I haven’t thought of The Jolly Postman in years! It used to be one of my favorite books as a kid. I really love this book of notes too. It’s collage! It’s correspondence! Either way, gorgeous!

  2. i totally forgot about those books!! That makes me want to go to my moms house and see if she still has them there 😀
    This is the sweetest gift ever, so creative!! Seriously something to be treasured always, what a fantastically romantic girlfriend you are!

  3. Eeee! That is so adorable! I love your style….of course I loved the book you made for that book of letters swap.

    I loved those books as well. It makes me want to make one for fun! You have inspired me to create one now!

  4. oh, this is SO sweet!! And so darn adorable and lovely too!! You are a wonderful girlfriend, I bet this just made his day.
    I myself am such a sucker for love notes and special little thoughtful things, whether I am giving or receiving them– I’m a romantic, I guess you could say. I love that you are too!

    I’m going to have to check out those books for my girls. I LOVE children’s books with a passion and those sound adorable!

  5. I love this idea, and every single thing you make! You have a wonderful style, I am studying graphic design while making and selling jewellery on the side, and am finding it really hard to concentrate on the degree because making stuff is so much fun! But you are an inspiration for me to carry on, I can see all of your layouts, fonts, everything is very well designed!

    Your blog is my homepage, you really are an inspiration :)

  6. Oh my god! I love the idea. Your note book is so pretty! so beautiful!! I don’t have a kids yet, but I love children’s books, will definitely buy “the jolly postman”

  7. The Jolly Postman was and still is my all time favorite children’s book. I remember the library teacher reading it to us.

    I absolutely love the book you put together. It gives me great ideas for Valentine’s Day. You are so talented. I adore your work and your blog.

  8. Oh So Beautiful Paper just clued me into your site, and I’m in love with all of your work, especially this little envelope book. I absolutely love that kind of stuff! Have you read the Griffin & Sabine books by Nick Bantock? Similar concept — opening up letters and reading postcards… complete with amazing illustrations :)

    Can’t wait to see more of your stuff…

  9. This is adorable!

    p.s. This is the first time I’ve stumbled across your blog…and it just so happens that I am listening to “What the World Needs Now is Love” by Jackie DeShannon. I thought it was very fitting for this site! Haha! Have a wonderful day :)

  10. A simply inspiring idea—so tender and thoughtful! I’ve been looking for a low-cost gift for my husband for valentine’s day, and this may just be the one. thanks for sharing this!

  11. love the jolly postman! just bought the christmas one this year for the kids (and me.) i love this idea. i might have to pull a little “inspiration” from you!

  12. i am in love.
    your book of notes is so marvelously creative & sweet!
    and thank you for the reminder about the jolly postman, i had completely forgotten about that wonderful book!

    so happy to have found your spot!

  13. hi danni, your husband is so lucky..:) i`m happy i found your blog, too! i`m looking forward for moremoremore..:) have a nice day & greets from germany :)

  14. Ahhhhhh thats really cute. Mabye Ill make one for my crush when he becomes my bf. Nicholas is very luckt for you to love him enough to mak that for him. Its really adorable :)!

  15. thank you SO much for this post – i’ve been thinking what to give my husband-to-be on the day of our wedding and THIS is it. hear and now i’ll admit that i’m going to borrow your beautiful idea… please know that your wonderful idea is going to touch his heart on 26th september 2009! xxxx

  16. aaaah!! this is super cool! my friend & i used to do stuff like this but now she never talks to me…but this is darling for a guy!! it reminds me of this clipboard i designed for my ex. it was so rad, i wish i could have stole it back from him after we broke up. lol

  17. this is one of my favorite things ever.
    beautiful, and inspiring.
    i have a question, though:
    where do you find all the envelopes and paper doilies?
    i can never seem to find them…sigh.

  18. This very cute idea had really caught on! I’m finding different versions on several blogs that loved your idea. Making my own cute version has become the first thing on my craft list!

  19. hey danni! that is so sweet! i bet it really cheered him up :)
    i also loved the jolly postman series! i actually saw a newer version of the christmas one i believe recently..so they are still bringing joy haha it was such a perfect idea for a little book..

  20. Fantastic! I loved the Jolly Postman books – I ‘discovered’ them as an adult and bought them for myself! I’m such a big fan of the late Janet Ahlberg’s illustration. Your work is wonderful – I love things you have to physically get stuck into to fully appreciate them!

  21. this is absolutely THE most adorable thing I have ever seen. What a lovely idea!

    I think you’ve inspired me to do something similar. Thank you for this! :)

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