trip to missouri:

travel: my favorite thing!

did i mention that i’m going to missouri to visit nick’s family? yep! his little brother wrestles and made it to state! it’ll be lots of fun quality family time. my bags are packed and we’re off! i’ll still be posting the usual daily’s though. and here i am, getting ready to leave and still blogging, because it is so hard to part from you dear friends!

so i really love shopping at thrift stores. i also like having lots of pockets in my purse. like little cubbys or compartments to store everything. i found this brown printed bag at a thrift store and was like, score! it has about 7 pockets and zipper compartments., it’s the best. only now i find when i put something like my phone in a pocket, it is never consistent, so i end up going through all of the compartments over and over again before i actually find an item i need. ha 😉

the other item i found recently is this awesome wood apple box, so lovely to store all my little treasures and only $3 dollars!

and that is the end of this entry. i’ll be posting the pictures of the book nicholas made so come back soon if you want to see something pretty adorable.

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  1. i really like the apple box! this may sound silly but i actually am looking for a small wooden box such as that, to use as a salt keeper. such a great find. i need to go thrift shopping more…

    hope you have fun on your trip!

  2. Have a wonderful trip! Check okut the thrift stores in Missouri while you are there! It’s the only shopping I do. Pockets? Did you say pockets? I love pockets. I even made up a little song. I don’t do bags often because I like to be hands free. Esp. when I’m out in the field. But I love pants with lots of pockets.

  3. Nice find Danni. :)
    I love thrift shopping (otherwise know as ‘treasure hunting’)

    Have a lovely trip as you venture into the semi-winterous midwest. Although you will be farther south, so perhaps it won’t be too freezing. 😀

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