bridesmaid project (2)

here is project 2! they are little surprise books with pockets envelopes for surprises. these were made for the fabulous the most lovely lucy of utterly engaged, who just got married last weekend! the books included a hair pin, pocket mirror and necklace. finished with paper lace trim, these are so much fun. :)

bridesmaid books: 1
bridesmaid books: 2
bridesmaid books: 4
bridesmaid books: 3
bridesmaid books: 8
bridesmaid books: 5
bridesmaid books: 6

lovely goods will return next week 😉

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  1. All of your projects are so cute! I really love the purple ribbon on top of the paper lace, it’s just lovely! Your blog really makes me smile and I can’t wait for my order from your shop to arrive:)
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear! xo

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