collections / vintage drawers:

tall industrial atelier drawer chests

Old Switchboard Tabletop Wood Cabinet

Vintage Industrial Machinist Cabinet

Primitive Dutch Table Top Work Station

Early Century Oak Brass Sextet Cabinet, Early 1900s.

Industrial Vintage Medical Cabinet, 1940s.

Rustic Industrial File Sorting Box, 1940s.

Old Switchboard Tabletop Wood Cabinet, 1940s.

Vintage Factory Double Sorting Cabinet

wow. i stumbled upon factory 20 from cafe cartolina, a lovely art and inspiration blog. all items pictured above are from factory 20. i just want to enter into their world and live in it!

inspired but can’t afford the full size cabinets?
here are some more affordable desktop
drawers to get your collection started:

( from left to right )

vintage metal index file from AMradio, $34
Vintage metal card file box drawer from littlebyrdvintage, $18.50
small vintage industrial metal 3- drawer box from dkgeneralstore, $20
Vintage Industrial Metal Slide Storage Box from backgarage, $28
Vintage Industrial Storage Chest from oldohiofarmfinds, $39.95
SALE Industrial Steel 6 Drawer Card File from bluebonnetfields, $110

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  1. Can you believe that in my post office they have very similar to the Rustic Industrial File Sorting Box, covering the whole wall!! And no one is using it! I want to buy it off them :))

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