weekly giveaway – frieda sophie:

this week’s giveaway is a $35 gift certificate to the lovely jewelry shop: frieda sophie. i love sandra’s style, each piece is so organic. i love her use of shape, textures, and colors on all her pieces! esp. these pretty whimsical leaf earrings. be sure to stop by her shop and follow her on facebook!
win: $35 gift certificate!

About me: I have loved to create art since i was a child. I originally started out as a painter and then discovered my passion for working with metal after taking a goldsmith class. Whenever I’m free, I like to create and explore new ideas. I also sew, which i have inherited from my grandmother who was a fashion designer and my grand-grandmother who was a hat designer.
How did i get started making jewelry: I had a large collection of pressed flowers and leaves that i collected from my local forest. During the winter in 2008 i had the idea to re-draw the collection and make gold pieces from them to pair with natural gemstones.
My inspirations: Lately i have fallen in love with natural mineral stones that i gold frame into little pieces wearable of art. I love the natural beauty and structure of those unprocessed stones.
simply visit frieda sophie and leave a comment
with your favorite item from sandra’s shop.

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giveaway ends on monday, april 19 at 8am, pst

please check back next week to see if you are the lucky winner!

the winner from the last giveaway is #167 – congrats to carly!
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thanks to bagatelles & co!

275 thoughts

  1. wow, what a great shop! i honestly love everything in it, and am not just saying that to be lazy! turquoise and red are my favorite colors, and she places these stones in such wonderfully delicate and simple settings. i would be happy with any of them!

  2. How gorgeous! I love the flying bird necklace. It would goes perfect with this spring weather we’ve been having. Even without the gift certificate I might get this!

    Have a lovely spring week.

  3. i don’t have only one:
    i love
    – White wedding pearl 14k gold necklace
    – Lucia tripple amethyst gold circle necklace
    – Sweet Baby Bird 14k Gold Red Ruby Necklace
    – Precious ruby gold leaf dangle earrings
    – Wisteria lavender amethyst drop necklace


  4. I love the items in the Frieda Sophie shop! I have spotted her jewelry in several favorites bins. My favorite right now is the Smoky topaz and carnelian gold drop necklace. It would add a great pop to my summer wardrobe.

  5. all of the items are lovely!! i just flipped.. but my favorites are those brilliant teal blue aquamarine 14k golden drop earrings or that precious gold tree leaf branch labradoite onyx necklace or that blue chalchedony 14k gold necklace..

    i don’t know which one to pick :)))


  6. It was so hard to pick a favorite from her shop – I am in love with chalcedony!

    In the end, I think my fave is the Sweet Baby Bird 14k Gold Red Ruby Necklace – so sweet.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Hi, I found you via Brandi’s blog! As for the giveaway, her jewelry is awesome so it is hard to choose, but I love the Blue Chalcedony 14k Gold Necklace. :)

  8. I love the Blue Chalcedony 14k Gold necklace and the Ocean Tide Chrysoprase Gold necklace – can’t decide between the two!

    Pick me!

  9. Oh how can I have not come across her absolutely stunning work before now – thank you for the introduction.

    My favourite (if I have to decide) item are the ‘White Opal Orchid Flower 14k gold earrings’ but the entire collection is simply divine.


  10. I love all things aqua, and particularly the Twilight Aqua Gold Flower Lariat Necklace (goodness, what a long name! but it’s lovely).

    I’ll have to frequent this shop now :)

  11. I love all things aqua, and particularly the Twilight Aqua Gold Flower Lariat Necklace (goodness, what a long name! but it’s lovely).

    I’ll have to frequent this shop now :)

  12. The orchid flower earrings are AMAZING. They remind me of a pair my Grandma had back in the 60’s that I always coveted…but better!

    sikcoe at gmail dot com

  13. i absolutely love her work!!
    the marrakesh dream carnelian aqua gold necklace… the london blue apatite ruby vermeil chandelier earrings… flashy labradorite aqua gold cluster hoop earrings… i just can’t decide!!

  14. I LOVE the precious flower green chrysoprase gold earrings! They would such a fun accessory for my outfits!

    Sandra, your jewelry is SO AMAZING! Thanks for showcasing them :)

  15. Amazing stuff – so many pretty items, so hard to choose my favorite:)

    I know I LOVE the Mocha Topaz Gold Drop Earrings and the Precious Circle Leaf Branch Earrings…for sure!

    Thanks for introducing us to Frieda Sophie:)

  16. Such pretty pretty things. I definitely have my eye on the “Emerald green onyx amethyst gold cluster hoop earrings” – just beautiful!!

  17. It was so hard to choose! I finally decided my favorite pair was the “Brilliant carribean blue chalcedony gold drop earrings” LOVE THEM!

  18. Her shop is stocked with such precious and delicate items! I love the colors! I would have no trouble at all finding things to splurge on with that $35 certificate!!
    My favorite are the gold hammered hoop earings!

  19. I love how all the pieces feel so organic in design and color. My favorite piece is the “Lemoncelli Aqua Blue Chalcedony Drops Gold Cluster Chain Earrings” — phew, quite a mouth full and SO beautiful!

  20. I love them all! My favorites are:
    -The Darling leaf yellow gold hoop earings
    -The Victoriana Amethyst Teal Gold Chandelier Earrings
    -The Elegant Interlocking Circle Link Silver Neclace
    -The Rococo Mystic Pink Quartz Gold Vintage Earrings
    -The Darling Circle of Life 14k Gold Necklace
    Thanks! Jessica

  21. So many beautiful earrings but I can’t wear them! Instead I pick the White Wedding” pearl necklace. So simply and lovely!

    kmbender at gmail dot com

  22. How do you narrow down so many fabulous pieces to just one favorite? I love the baby lotus necklace and the lotus drop earrings and the circle of life necklace, and the interlocking circle necklace… The list goes on and on! I can tell I will be spending a lot of time (and money) in this shop.

  23. what an absolutely beautiful shop frieda sophie has! i had such a hard time picking a favorite b/c there are soo many lovely things, but i am going to go with the Twilight Aqua Gold Flower Lariat Necklace! i love the design of the flower and the beautiful gemstone!

    thank you for a fabulous giveaway danni!

  24. I have to say that I just can’t decide which piece of these two is my “favorite” from Frieda Sophie’s shop… I just adore BOTH the “Little Kitty Amethyst 14k Gold Necklace” and “Zen lotus flower garnet gold necklace”.

  25. how can i just pick one favorite item?! i love the white opal orchid flower earrings, wisteria lavender amethyst drop necklace, and the blue chalcedony 14k gold necklace! so pretty! :]

  26. This jeweler is truly an artist! Although it was difficult to pick just one, the Emerald green onyx amethyst gold cluster hoop earrings are perfect for Spring and it pairs nicely with a cute floral dress I have from Anthro. Thanks for sharing this giveaway!

  27. I am loving the London blue apatite ruby vermeil chandelier earrings. especially like how the stones are connected with the figure eight swirls. these could be dressed up or down & still be very elegant.

  28. What a great giveaway! I’m a huge fan of this style! The lotus flower garnet gold necklace is really pretty. I’d love to get one, or even gift one to a friend!

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  29. The Little Kitty Amethyst 14k Gold Necklace just killed me. Is there a way of seeing that and being able to form a more coherent sentence than “kitttttttttttyyyyy!”, really?

  30. All her pieces are absolutely gorgeous! But for me, I’d have to say both the “Sun stars gold filigree lemon chalcedony earrings” and the “Darling Circle of Life 14k Gold Necklace” are my favorites by far!

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  32. goodness, how could i pick just ONE item of loveliness! what gorgeous jewelry! i love the mocha topaz carnelian golden cluster earrings…so classy.

  33. Wow! I LOVE all the color in this jewelry! So vibrant and jewel-like! My favorite pieces are the Turkish Delights Topaz Ruby Gold Chandelier Earrings. I would love these and the colors remind me of summer!

  34. Wow! After looking through her shop I really want to take a goldsmithing class! I definitely love the Orchid Flower 14k gold earrings, so beautiful! And could where them with like… everything.

  35. shocks her items are so nice.. its so hard to choose… but what i like most is the Candydrops chrysoprase gold cluster earrings. its just sweet looking..


  36. oooh love this shop! so much beauty! couldn’t decide between marrakesh dream necklace and sweet baby bird necklace, they are both sooo nice!!

  37. I just love her stuff!! This was really hard to choose, but I finally narrowed it down to the “Darling Circle of Life 14k Gold Necklace” (though my very close runner up is the “Turkish Delights Topaz Ruby Gold Chandelier Earrings”)

  38. All of her items are really lovely. If I were purchasing right now, it would be a toss up between the elegant circle necklace, the turkish delight earrings and the blue chalcedony necklace.

  39. Um, how do I pick just one?!? I am in LOVE with this store!!! If I HAVE to name just one I’ll say Labradorite 14k gold hammered circle chain earrings. But sursly, this store has it goin on!

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