project runway season 7:

okay, i just caught up with the last episode of project runway and had to post about it. is anyone watching this season? i think i said before, fashion/art/design is so truly subjective!
this whole season has been so crazy, i can’t believe the finalists are emilio and mila (well, up against jay) i mean, earlier on in the season, i totally thought it would be amy, maya, and seth aaron. i also really do like jay’s work. let’s just compare! :)
i was so sad she got eliminated, yes some of her outfits were questionable (like her mother/daughter challenge) but i thought she was so talented and was really surprised when she left.
i feel like jay is consistent in his work and i really like his style.. i hope he beats mila 😉
i don’t understand the judging, looking at the scorecard, mila was bottom three – 3 weeks in a row. and she still has possibility to make it to fashion week.. i don’t think there is anything special about her work!
i know the judges loved emilio’s work (4 weeks in a row he was winner!) but i don’t see why. i thought he’d be off on the week the designers designed their own fabric, but he won! i did like his latest circus-inspired dress though.
i also don’t get what maya’s deal was with leaving the show. she was so seemed like never winning a challenge got her down. actually, there is an interesting interview from maya about the whole thing, by tom & lorenzo.
also really random (spoiler) but i guess 10 designers from Janeane and on all showed a final collection, 10 pieces! see them at tom and lorenzo’s blog if you’re curious 😉 Janeane, Jay, Jonathan, Seth Aaron / Anthony, Emilio, Mila / Amy, Ben, Jesse
okay, so i have to hear your opinions! nick totally called it, he said it’d be seth aaron, mila, and emilio. weird! he also had a dream he met anthony, haha. he is so funny. what did you think of last week’s episode? agree/disgree? who did you want to see make it to fashion week? :)

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  1. I was totally surprised Emelio and Mila made it to the finals. Emelio has clean work but not very innovating and not fashion forward. I think it’s going to boil down to Jay and Seth Aaron because the judges love edge and innovation. :)

  2. I am surprised too! I love Jay, and I really hope he wins!!!
    {especially after seeing a *spoiler* batch of photos of his Bryant Park collection}
    I liked Jonathan’s “dirty tablecloth” print {and dress} WAY better than Emilio’s tired “graffiti” print- I still can’t believe how wowed the judges were on that one!
    Emilio has an ego big enough to win, anyway….

  3. I also really don’t like Mila’s work. I feel her designs are too simple and repetitive and often downright ugly. I really liked the bulk of Jonathan’s work (I was really disappointed in the judge’s hated of his outfit from the week the designer’s designed their own printed fabric) and was sad to see him go. Amy was another favorite of mine. Of the designers left, I’m definitely rooting for Seth Aaron. Even though I don’t particular like his style, he is consistent in his designs and he has a strong vision. I like some of Emilio’s designs but I often feel the judges give him way more credit than he deserves. I’m excited to see who wins!

  4. Although Seth Aaron’s style is not necessary what I would wear, I think his work is beautiful and innovative. Emilio is lame, he should have gone home after that awful pink bikini.

  5. I really liked emilio’s latest dress… it was really well done. but I loved anthony, he could always make me smile. But I like Jay and hope he beats out mila too

  6. I watch some of the episode but didn’t watch the others. My favorite designer is jay nicholas sario also. He put alot of effort on his design and sewing. I think he is definitely talented.


  7. i agree that i was so sad to see both amy and jonathan go! amy designs like the mother-daughter look did get a little weird but i loved her beginnings and her personality. i also loved jonathans ‘dirty tablecloth’ fabric and was so suprised that emilio won with his hideous print! his ego has gotten way to big and he definately should have been sent home for the stripper bikini, especially after he didn’t pick that model after all she went through for him. i’m definately rooting for seth aaron even though i would never wear his style, i like him the best. i like jay but i just can’t stand his model, brittany and all her immaturity so for that reason only, i don’t care for him to win. but he would be my second pick.

  8. I was heartbroken when Anthony left! What a great spirit, so funny, and so endearing. As for the remaining designers, I guess I like Jay the most? I think Emilio is a very talented designer–his most recent dress (the circus inspired dress) was pretty stunning–but he’s such an arrogant ass! Mila’s obnoxious, too. Seth Aaron . . . I do think he’s really talented, though his style is too “punk rock” for my taste (he reminds me of Jeffrey from season 2 or 3).

    Two more comments on Emilio: I’d forgotten about that treacherous macrame pink bikini–WTF?!–and he totally copied Seth Aaron with his graffiti print (Seth Aaron puts a SA on his stuff). Why didn’t the judges call him out on that? UGH.

  9. I am in complete agreement with you. I thought that amy would definitely make it to the top 5 at the very least. I can’t believe she was let go for her shirt dress, when in another show Emilio’s washer and pink cord fiasco somehow made it. That was interesting anyway, because I read on Tim Gunn’s blog, that they were asked to create an accessory on the hardware challenge, and Emilio didn’t make one, which in Tim’s mind would have disqualified him instantly. I honestly think the judges are biased towards Emilio and Mila, and I don’t understand why. I really like neither. Emilio did deserve at most about 2 of his 4 wins, IMHO.

    I really love Seth Aaron! I have been rooting for him all along. My favorites this season were Seth Aaron, Amy and Jay. I really hope Jay will pull through. I don’t understand how Mila is still there.

    I have to admit though, in the last challenge, when Seth Aaron’s model came out, I thought “Oh no, all his fabulous work, and in the most important challenge he flops”. It was not his best work by far, but I guess they somewhat liked it and I am glad that his overall performance got him through.

    I am rooting for him to win. :)

  10. I totally agree with you. I am rooting for Seth Aaron. I like his point-of-view and his workmanship is spot on. I, too, do not understand why Emilio has been a frontrunner and Mila should have been eliminated a long time ago — all she does is color-block and has bland geometric designs. I was also surprised that Maya left. She was very talented and would have made it to the finals.

  11. I haven’t seen the last episode so I tried not to read too much so as to spoil the episode but also wanted to see what you thought. I also posted about this show because I’m so upset with the judging. I feel like the truly innovative people are getting cut and it’s bumming me out! I really really don’t like Mila’s work at all. I don’t understand how she’s made it this far. Boo Project Runway!!
    Okay, I hope I didn’t miss the point of your post, I didn’t read it all so as to not spoil too much of the episode. I will watch it ASAP!

  12. Oh how I agree with everything you said. I was so sad to see Amy go, I wanted her to be in the top three. And Emilio? He should have gone with that washer bikini fiasco. I think Seth Aaron has a good chance of putting on an awesome last show. I like him because he’s like a nice version of Jeffery from season 3.

  13. I agree with you totally – mila is really not a good designer, or perhaps her style is just off… that red star dress was awful. I love jay and seth aaron though. Emilio is really annoying, and not that great in my opinion – I hope Jay wins :)

  14. I cannot believe Emilio is still on the show after that pink bikini thing he sent down the runway. Ick. I’ll miss Anthony’s personality but I think he needs to grow a little more. Mila’s work all looks the same to me. I did like Amy a lot – she always had unique ideas. I’m calling Seth Aaron as the winner – I always love his stuff.

  15. I really loved Jonathon and Anthony. It’s too bad that they had to go to make way for Emilio and Mila.

    Therefore, it really needs to be Jay or Seth Aaron who wins. Mila’s work disgusts me, as does Emilio’s “holier than thou” attitude. Everything he says is either “[other designer]’s work is horrible. I really question their fashion judgement.” or “My work is the best. I will TOTALLY win.”

    However, my favorite moment was created by Emilio’s graphic print- ES<3SA. I'm really inclined to think it means "E[milio]S[osa] loves S[eth]A[aron]. Goodness. Thanks Tim for pointing that out! :)

  16. i’m totally sad with you about amy. i loved her and even with her couple mishaps, i believe she overall had really good taste and vision…much more than say, mila. and i pretty much agree with you about everything else, except i think that emilio has done some pretty solid work and does deserve his spot (he could do without some of the ego though). but yeah, that pink-thread-and-washer deal he made was HUUUGE mess. don’t even know.

  17. You’re the second person I’ve come across who thought Emilio should have been cut the week where they designed their own fabric. I kinda liked it, though I would never buy something with that fabric. For me, it wasn’t far from what LV does on the purses.

  18. I have to say, I’ve disliked Mila’s clothes from the beginning. I thought her Campbell’s Soup dress was hideous, possibly topped only by the white/colored stripes dress. Everybody else, I’m good with. Especially Seth Aaron. Love him!!

  19. Me and my bf are watching it too! It is actually my first season but it’s really interesting.

    I loved Maya! I think she was some serious competition but I also kind of understand why she left. She said she didn’t feel ready to have a collection and I think this is really important. If you hesitate whether you’d be able to give 100% of your best then it might be better to wait, gain some experience and do it right. I don’t know, that’s my two cents :)

  20. I am kinda suprised by some of the final people too. I don’t mind Mila but I really don’t care for her stuff. And, I don’t care for Emilio or Jay as people..but their clothing was pretty good throughout the season. SO, on that note, definitely Seth Aaron. He is a great designer and I like him as a person too!

  21. Project Runway junkie. That’s me. (When they do Project Jewelry Designer, count me in. The hardware store challenge was my favorite, but I was disappointed. I LOVE to make things including hardware store finds. It is refreshing and challenging and they totally missed a great opportunity.)

    I think Mila is completely one note. I read someplace recently that stated that color block is on the out list. She really needs to go. I think that Emilio is so full of himself, that washer bikini should have got him booted, as with his fabric (snore…I would never want to be a billboard proclaiming the initials or name of a designer. Any designer.) Anthony was fun, but I don’t know if he could be cohesive (but I totally agreed with the Heidi dress challenge he and Emilio both won). I think that Amy was talented but needs more experience. I think that about Jay as well. I liked him until he actually said that he likes to accentuate women’s behinds. WTF?!? I think that the most consistently talented one is Seth Aaron. His tailoring is impeccable. He is always true to himself (even if I won’t wear it). He really thinks about things. I appreciate that about him.

    Looking forward to catching up.
    Thanks for the inspiration today.
    Enjoy the day!

  22. I am so completely disappointed with this entire season :p From the designers to the challenges to the clothing its been really “who cares” for the most part. I think once they moved to Lifetime the casting has been less than stellar and the challenges look tired. Even Nina, Michael, and Heidi look totally bored at every judging. Am I nuts? I never ever missed an episode and now I catch it online cuz there’s no real “gotcha” moment. Tim was in Ohio doing a lecture and he even said the show needs a major overhaul because everything is blah.

  23. oh, man! We love (L-O-V-E) Project Runway; but our tastes are nearly the opposite of yours!! (which is fine)
    Emilio and Seth Aaron are our favourites; and while we like Mila, we don’t think she’s terribly innovative with her work (and doesn’t deserve a spot on the final); but although Jay has put out some interesting pieces, he has also put out a whole lot of things that have totally bombed and we don’t particularly care for his style.
    Nor did we like Amy’s style at all, but she had a lot of talent and we were quite surprised when she was cut.
    But we loved Anthony; obviously as a designer he was a bit weak, but when he won he won HUGE. But really, we just wanted to become his BFF.
    (**cannot wait to see the final episodes!!**)

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  25. Project Runway is one of my favorite shows – I love it!
    Amy was one of my favorites & I was sad when she left too. And Jay is my favorite – his designs are soo good, plus he looks like a cute lil teddy bear. haha :)
    I really hope he beats Mila. She’s talented, but honestly, she does do the same thing over and over and over. Colorblocking, that’s it. Gotta branch out girl.
    And I was shocked when Emilio wasn’t kicked off on the episode he made that horrid pink bikini! I couldn’t believe it. I do like a lot of his designs, but that one was awful.
    I’m about to read that interview. I thought that was kind of crazy how she left, seeing as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if you don’t think you’re ready, at least try. She was so close to the end!

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