a thank you book:

i made a small note-book for nick’s parents a couple months ago, filled with thank you notes for everything. they are the sweetest couple and nick is who is he because of them (and jesus of course) just wanted to share it with you – they are so fun + simple to make. perhaps you can send one to a friend just because :)
note book.
note book.note book.
note book.

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  1. i made something similar for my sister + girlfriends. i included pages of my best memories + lists of why i think they are so wonderful. : ) it was a hit. coincidentally, i used a lot of japanese tape! your book looks really lovely. i’m sure it was greatly appreciated.

  2. ooooh wow danni,
    this is so absolutely gorgeous and sweet!
    I cannot tell you how much i love it!
    (these are my fave posts of yours, you’re such a creative talent and sweetheart!)


  3. Awww, that’s probably going to make them smile til their jaw hurts! I’m trying to do something for my boy for our 4th anniversary (dating) and am finding it quite tedious. You are a trooper!

  4. oh gosh.
    your blog is beautiful!
    all the little quirky creations and darling photographs are so lovely.
    Thankyou for being wonderful!
    You’ve given me my daily dose of inspiration

  5. thanks for sharing, Danni!!!! that’s so lovely… Nick’s parents are so lucky.. I really can’t wait to see your own wedding invitations? :)

    I’m also loving your dymo labeller!! Where did you get it? I got one from around the block, but not as crisp and ‘jointy’ like yours.. stationery craving!!!!

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