letterpress week – daily giveaway #3:

happy wednesday! today’s sweet giveaway includes a set of CUSTOM business cards and a lovely print! love these 2 beautifully printed items!
louella press: shop | blog
complete prize package
up to 5 chances to win!
simply visit these 2 shops: chantham and caronp, louella press
pick your favorite item and simply leave a comment.
*up to 2 entries*
twitter, facebook, or blog about this giveaway.
come back and comment with the link :)
*1 entry for each = up to 3 entries*
if you twitter, please tag it with @ohhellofriend so i can track your tweet 😉

all giveaway winner’s will be announced on tuesday, may 4th!

please check back next week to see if you are the lucky winner!

372 thoughts

  1. I have wanted letterpress business cards for ages! However, as I don’t have a business, my favourites at chatham and caron are the letterpress 2 colour personalised notecards! (Please excuse my non-American spelling.)

    elissa at iinet dot net dot au

  2. Ooh, I love the Mama of the Year certificate from Louella Press! But I also would love some letterpress calling cards with my new name on them (getting hitched in just over three weeks!). Excellent giveaway!

  3. I love the “Say Please” print in grey and yellow from Louella Press. I am always reminding my junior staff to say please to the admin people and nurses.

    All the mother prints are amazing too. They are definitely going on my things to buy list.

    elissa at iinet dot net dot au

  4. I love the swirl design on the wedding invites and the business cards that are featured in this post from chatham and caron. I would love a fancy set of business cards, since I just started my own business!


  5. This is the giveaway I’ve been waiting for! Absolutely love the simplicity of chathamandcaron’s “letterpress – text block – WEDDING INVITATION sample”!

  6. More fabulous giveaways – I’m loving all this letterpress stuff!! chatham & caron have lovely cards – I’m especially fond of the tree image (done as a sample wedding invitation, but I think they would make lovely notecards).

  7. I’m loving the Be Nice print from LouellaPress. I am constantly saying that to my high school students, and having it framed on the wall of my classroom is just another friendly reminder for them to be nice to each other!

  8. *GASP* i ADORE Louella Press’s NYC print with Lady Liberty!! i’m originally from NY, but now live in WA, and i miss the east! i’d LOVE to have this print on my walls.

  9. chatham & caron’s letterpressed business cards are simply amazing. the typeface, the color, design elements… all are so chic and work so well together. I would die to have them print my business cards!

  10. Louella Letterpress’s Mother’s Day cards are some of the best I’ve seen! I especially love the “Mama of the Year” award. The vintage design elements give it an old feel, yet the idea is so unique and new! I absolutely love it!

  11. I have been obsessed with letter press for many years. There is just something so beautiful about the texture created through letter press. I just love it!

    I am a huge fan of both Chathan & Caron and Louella Press. My forite item from Chatham & Caron is their simple yet perfect business cards. The design is elegant and professional. It would be perfect for the new career path that I am about to take!

    Louella Press is amazing. My favorite things in their Etsy shop are the definition prints! I have a very fun and colorful kitchen. I would frame these and put them above my cookbook collection!

  12. I adore that manhattan letterpress print in eggplant and gray from louellapress! If I had that hanging on my wall, it would remind me of home each day.

  13. Letterpress business cards yummm and louella press coasters – nice excuse to host a party! xoxo
    Thinking about having some work commissioned re: my FRESH Photography brand. Maybe you have a better idea what I could COMMIT to than myself;)

  14. Chatham and Caron: The business cards are great! My writer roommate has been looking to get some fancy business cards for a while to give to publishers, other writers, etc, so I would love to win this for her.

  15. Louella Press: I love all the prints, but I have a special place in my heart for the Los Angeles one in blue and yellow. If they made a LA neighborhood one though, I’d be ALLLLL over it.

  16. I love Louella!!! The city prints are probably my fav, but wish they would do one for the midwest like Chicago or Milwaukee. Neighborhoods print is fab too. Cheers!

  17. From chathamandcaron, I love the personalized notecards, but my dad would die for a set of business cards – he just started his own business…

  18. However, with LouellaPress’ Shop, I cold hardly choose!
    The “you are the best mom ever” card in eggplant would be perfect for my mom, though. :)

  19. Oh my goodness, all the prints I’ve seen on your blog as well as chantham and caronp, and louella press are so great! picking one would be very difficult- so darn it- i pick x’s and o’s card from louella press!
    thank you for putting their info up!

  20. chantham and caronp:

    The business cards are exquisite! I also love the MERCHANDISE TAGS, but might not be able to part with them once getting then made!

    ♥ Tiffany

  21. so, the business cards are just amazing. what stunning design! i also just can’t tell you how cute the spicy/tart/seedy letterpress prints would be in our kitchen. so creative!! :)

  22. I absolutely LOVE the Philadelphia print from Louella Press. The “crack” in the print that resembles the crack in the Liberty Bell is so sweet and unique!

  23. chatham & caron – I’m contemplating a major move cross-country later this summer (basically know I’m moving, just have to decide where). A set of custom calling cards would be amazing and such a chic way to give new friends and acquaintances my contact info.

  24. From chatham & caron my favorite is the letterpress -custom- BUSINIESS PACKAGE (150 business cards and 50 notecards). So great for my business!

  25. wow, those letterpress business cards are gorgeous! what a treat! i absolutely adore chatham & caron’s letterpress tree wedding invitation. printed on chipboard in white and chartreuse (my ultimate favourite colour!). could it get any better than that?! i am bookmarking this. always thought i’d make my own wedding invitations, but this one is absolutely stunning and oh-so-perfect.

  26. ooh, from louella press i’m loving the seedy letterpress print! clever, sweet, and simple!

    thanks again for ALL these gorgeous giveaways! xoxo

  27. i love everything from LouellaPress but especially the kukui nut letterpress card – deep sea, the 10 sets of paper dolls / teal and chocolate / bulk, and the coasters! 😀

  28. i would looove to have a set of chatham and caron’s letterpress business cards!

    and if i hadn’t already made my wedding invitations i would be all over the text block letterpress invites.

  29. from chathamandcaron, I would choose the 2 color personalized notecards. They are great, and they’re able to get quite a deep impression.

  30. I’ve needed letterpress business cards for months! This would be so perfect. I love their business cards — the two fonts and two ink colors is just what I need!

  31. @ louella press: how’s a girl to choose? i do love the “be nice” and “say please” signs, though. what a fun way to remind everyone of their manners. :)

  32. It’s like you read my mind! I need letterpress business cards!
    My favorite from Chatham & Caron is the custom letterpress business package. I really like the fuzzy letterpress print from Louella Press

  33. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the palm letterpress cards from Louella Press. The colors are so bright and look amazing in contrast to the bright white paper they are printed on. I need them!
    I am also in love with the prints in the contest. I just moved into a new apartment, and they would look oh so adorable in my bathroom!

  34. From chantham and caronp, I love the letterpress BUSINESS CARDS!

    I am picturing my business cards with stitches around and a sewing needle. So beautiful!

  35. What a great giveaway!!

    I would’ve loved some form of birthday invitation for large sums of people as I have my 21st coming up, but at the end of the day, the >letterpress BUSINESS or CALLING CARD (set of 150<) would be amazing to win!!

  36. I love the Chatham business cards and the Louella “oh baby you got what I need” and “sugar pie honey bunch”. So cute, but elegant as well.

  37. Love letterpress!
    At chantham & caronp the “letterpress – circle – NOTECARDS” are my favorite. Though the business cards are equally awesome!

  38. what a lovely giveaway!
    fabulous collection of items; it’s too bad we missed the first two days… but now we can’t wait for tomorrow’s!

    here are our favorites…
    from louella: definitely the yellow and blue LA print! we do indeed love LA :)
    from chatham&caron: we love the swirl and dash design; it’s so classic and elegant.


  39. Though I know it’s an invitation/notepad, I adore the swirl design on Chatham and Caron! I love the custom business card you used on this post as well.

  40. chatham and caron’s selection is beautiful! I am just starting my own design and handmade art business and would love to be so lucky as to have business cards made by them. Love them!

  41. I LOVE Chatham and Caron’s letterpress business cards – if I won, I’d get some of those beauties made for my sister’s business. The colors, layouts and choice of fonts are delicious. 😀

  42. I love Louella Press’ “Mama of the Year” award – I think I’m getting that for my sister this year, since she deserves it. 😀

    Thank you so much for showcasing all these beautiful works of art and eye candy.

  43. I really liked the letterpress business or calling card and also the letterpress- swirl and dash- wedding invitation, though I’d use it as my wedding shower invitations.

  44. OH WOW! Personalized letterpress business cards?!! Be still my beating heart… no joke. I’m obsessed with letterpress and, sadly, could not afford to letterpress our wedding invites (feeding people won out over my objections) so this would be a dream made in heaves! Fingers crossed….


  45. I love your blog. I have only been following it for a short time but it has given me a lot of inspiration for my own blog and Etsy shop which I have started very recently. I really like the way you have weekly topics and daily happenings. It keeps me wanting to know whats next!


  46. It’s so hard to pick just one! I love the “breathe” print in green and gray from Louella Press.

    Their work is just beautiful! I’m definitely going to have to put some others on my list to buy :)

  47. i pretty much love everything at LouellaPress but my favorite things (yes, i can’t choose one) are the tart, juicy, & seedy prints. these would be so perfect for my kitchen. :)

  48. I’m so excited to find the letterpress store that I happened upon in Philly – yay! I LOVE the Philly neighborhoods print. I also love the personalized notecards.

  49. Love the seedy print from Louella Press. Love the entire series. I also love the explorations she’s done with US cities… wish she had one for Kansas City!

  50. Oh goodness! From Chantham and Caronp, I love the Letterpress tree wedding invitation. Not planning on getting married any time soon, but I kind of wish I was just so I could have a good reason to buy those beautiful invitations!

  51. At Chatham and Caron I like the text block wedding invitation. I like the design here, using different fonts and colors and fitting it all in a square shape. Really cool design!

  52. OH wow! I found you guys through The Donut Project and I am really impressed!

    From chantham and caronp I really love the leterpress buisness cards! They’re so clean and elegant!

    Louella press has so much fun stuff but I really love the letterpress wave card in deep sea! It’s stunning and I love the way the colors work together.

    I have also posted this on my facebook, twitter, and blog!
    twitter: http://www.twitter.com/smoteymote
    facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SmoteyMote
    blog: http://smotevcd.blogspot.com/2010/05/letterpress-giveaway.html

  53. The business cards from Chatham and Caron are the best! I love them and I’d totally get business cards like them for my own business when I register it!

  54. ooooh. my. goodness. those oblong letterpress merchandise cards from chantham and caronp are amazing!! I would love to have those for my new hand-forged line of jewelry. I’ve bookmarked them for later in case I don’t win…!

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