hello wedding – non.diamond wedding rings:

for today’s wedding wednesday, i thought i’d share a list of engagement / wedding rings. i know diamonds are really the standard when it comes to engagement + wedding rings, and that’s fine – they are timeless and beautiful. i just decided that i didn’t want a diamond in my engagement ring but when i looked for other rings, i couldn’t find any alternative rings. so hopefully this is helpful for the ring-searching bride.
sometimes i see really beautiful diamond rings, and wonder if i should have got a diamond. sometimes when i show my engagement ring to people though, i get an “oh, thats …. nice.” or literally no comment at all, lol. but i wouldn’t change my engagement ring story for anything: i love that nicholas made me a ring and then later found me a really sweet ring on etsy.
anyway, i didn’t mean to go into a whole explanation, and i hope i am not offending anyone but not putting any diamond rings in this list :) maybe i will post another list later but for now, here are fifteen beautiful non-diamond rings:
Lust for life by artisan look
Stylized Brass Leaf Wrap Ring by Brilliance Found
Rutilated Quartz Ring by kate szabone
Monogram Ring by bittersweets new york
Hydrangea Blossom Flower Ring by Patrick Irla Jewelry
14k Palladium White Gold Simple Hammered Band by esdesigns
bow ring by zoe chicco
Peacock Topaz – Gold Ring, Hammered Band by Clare Stoker
Sea Anemone Stacking Rings by Kira Ferrer
18k yellow gold heart atop a sterling silver ring by chris parry
Lemon Quartz Twig Ring by Sarah Hood Jewelry
Vintage Swarovski Bling Ring by jorgensen studio
Bow Tie ring by becca bobs
Silver Forget Me Knot Ring by White Fly
Natural Rough Diamond Ring by Janish Jewels
note: this has a diamond but how neat is the
raw + uncut aspect of this ring?! love love love.
lots of other beautiful rings here and here!
hope you enjoyed the list! xo.

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