happy friday:

missouri trip:
hello there. wow, it’s friday again! i feel like i was just
in missouri yesterday! i thought i’d share some pictures of our trip.
missouri trip:
the newlyweds! a beautiful garden wedding in wisconsin.
missouri trip:
i dont know about your firework stands where you live but ours in california are just small wood stands. i loved the firework circus tents when we were driving around missouri: they’re huge. you know how it’s done missouri!
missouri trip:
our nephew, marcus – he’s a big pout-y bear.
or maybe he’s practicing for gq? 😉
he really melts my heart.
missouri trip:
we were looking for target and happened to be really
close to lake michigan so we stopped and took a stroll.
i dont like my profile but i love his!
missouri trip:
love the shapes of these clouds + trees.
that’s all! what a fun trip. nick found a bunch of n64 games packed away and he shipped them home. they arrived yesterday — so we’ll be strolling down memory lane this weekend playing all the classics 😉
unfortunately we lost my cousin on the 4th of july so its a changed holiday for us. (this is what happened 4 years ago and here is a recent news video of my aunt trying to get a law passed for dui drivers)
i hope you have a fun + safe holiday weekend friends.

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