business cards / personal collection part 1:

I was looking through my collection of business cards and decided to pull out some of my favorite’s to share with you! I really love business cards. I’ve done some business card round up posts here & here so if you’re new to the blog, check them out!
100 layer cake – beautiful, simple, letterpress
olive manna – square shape, kraft cardstock
ready go – handmade, sewn details – like the texture!
searchresq – custom lightbulb shape on wood, brilliant!
jennifer alden design – just downright really good design!
miniature rhino – using a really nice product image as design, lovely.
michael wysong – love the use of pattern – it works so well together.
katie frederick – simple, information is well laid out, like the square shape.
the other side of the jennifer alden card. so good.
k+c sitting in a tree – handmade card, really sweet + simple.
wiley valentine – LOVE these. they’re letterpress + printed on seed paper!
nate butler – no idea where I got this card, but it’s amazing! It’s really light
wood veneer. The website on the card doesn’t work :/
Detail / Close up shots:
& that’s all! Hope you enjoyed the cards and gathered some inspiration :)
PS: If you have a unique business card that you’d
like to share, please send it my way!
I’d love to photo it and add it to my collection :)

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