Today I am loving LOFTS. Specifically where there’s a small area above for a bed or secret hide out. Did you ever see Hansel and Gretel (Faerie Tale Theatre Version, classic!) The kids go up to their little bed above and ever since I saw that movie, I’ve wanted a space like that. So I went on a search for lofts, and there are so many marvelous ones out there. I’d love to live in any of these! Maybe one day I’ll get to live in a loft like this. Until then, I’ll just look at pretty pictures and watch Hansel and Gretel and dream of one, someday. 😉
via flickr
(this is totally like the hansel and gretel one!)
via dwell
(thanks Lauren Elise!)
via nytimes
(thanks elle!)
Source unknown for the rest of the images, please comment if you know it! :)

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