11 hand stamped business cards:

Happy 1/11/11 day :) In getting ready for Alt Summit next week, I realized I probably should get some business cards together. I have some rubber stamps and decided to look for some stamped business card inspiration. So I thought I’d share a collection of what I found.. and it just happened to be 11 designs!
Beautiful stamp cards from mae mae paperie
Unique stamped cards from Isle of Skye
Hand stamped business cards from mr.keasone
Eco-friendly hand stamped onto scraps of paper designed by Fischer Portugal from earthfirst.com
Diy stamp + hand sewn cards from creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com
Swink Business cards from swinkinc.com
Streethearts’ Business Card via Business Card Design Ideas
Diy recycled cards from Becky Tesch
Stamped cards from portfolio-7
Stamped cards from visual armory
Double stamp business cards from Adam Hill

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