The Handsome – Bob from Oh Joy:

Really excited to have Bob on The Handsome today, he’s married to the wonderfully talented Joy from oh joy! I had heard somewhere before that he was a surgeon, which is just so legit! A surgeon + amazing designer = 100% awesome couple! Thanks Bob & Joy!


Please tell us a little about you and what you do: I am a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, specializing in spinal deformity in children. I also love bad action movies.

What are your thoughts about blogs + blogging? I think it’s awesome! Blogs are the magazines for the digital age–and they are much more current, focused, and regularly updated than the former. They have transformed what people actually do on a computer–from watching cat tricks on YouTube to reading genuinely inspired content from genuinely inspired people.

How many hours a day does your wife spend blogging? It seems like all the time, but I’m not home when she usually is doing it so I am not sure.

What do you do during this time? I am making the world straighter, one child at a time.

Any silly/crazy/funny stories or experiences related to blogging you’d like to share with the readers: Not too many crazy stories, but I know never to eat any food until a photo is taken of it first. Sometimes I try to get a fork in there before my wife can take a picture, which usually makes her go a bit crazy. I know, simple pleasures…

Is there any one thing that annoys you most about having a blogger wife? Above, as sometimes I just want to eat my hamburger without it being photographed first.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Bob, loved your answers!

Photo Credit: Bonnie Tsang

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