Craft Show / My Favorites:

I really like sharing other cool booths & products from around the show with you. So much inspiration, creative & cool stuff out there! Here’s what I found walking around the show last weekend.
Urban Heirloom – such a unique booth she had! I guess
her & her husband made it, so cool!
Jackie at Voz has been such a good craft show friend over the years. She was my very first ever craft show neighbor. It’s been fun seeing her line expand – she’s a legit artist. I picked up some of her brooches & necklaces, they all happened to be mustard! 😉
Tina from hitree is always such a sweet person to visit and always has the cutest stuff.
Terri Planty – She created such a cool space and she sold pretty awesome terrariums, big and small ones! (check out that mega one on the left, next to the ladder!)
Magnetic Grain – I’d never seen this vendor before, her stuff was legit. They use old recycled wood and you can design your own ‘art piece’ – Connect the blocks by the super strong magnets that are inside each block. She hardly had any blocks left by the time I went back after the show. Love that floral-engraved piece, reminds me of an old chinese cabinet my grandma had.
Maiden Voyage – a very unique booth, one of my favorite’s. Love their theme.
Do you notice a trend here? WOOD! Everywhere! I didn’t even think of it until I was editing the pictures. I guess wood is where it’s at! 😉 Or I don’t know if I subconsciously was drawn to all the wood spaces. Well, hope you enjoyed the pics!

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