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What can I say? I am a big romantic at heart. & I absolutely love period romances. I love how the guys are true gentleman and chivalry is still around. Is anyone else a fan of romance? Here is a ‘collection’ of image stills + gifs from my top 10 favorite most romantical films that I recommend 😉

Anne of Green Gables
images via annie banks & lovekatyha

Who hasn’t seen Anne of Green Gables? It is a classic!

If you haven’t, you must see it… right now! 😉

Jane Eyre, 2011
images via my shipper heart & romantic whims

I used to be a big fan of the 2006 version (it’s listed below as well)
but the 2011 version was brilliant too..!

image via puchre

Under the Greenwood Tree
image via cindykgreen

images via silenceofthethumbs
One word: Captain Wentworth!

Jane Eyre, 2006
image via romantic whims

North and South
image via puchre
That look that Richard Armitage gives Miss Hale.. swoon!

Pride and Prejudice
image via lubsharon
I know to some die-hards, this adaptation is not as good as the 1995 adaptation and some don’t like Mr. Darcy, but I’m not picky, I love it! I love Keira as Elizabeth.

image via mandoomonk

The Young Victoria
images via kingdom of dust & quatre1six

I’d tell you my #1 favorite but these are all pretty up there. I guess if I had to choose, I’d say North & South and Persuasion. They are must watch, if you haven’t seen either! Although Jane Eyre & Under the Greenwood Tree are not far behind 😉 Most of these are books of course, so I’d recommend reading them too. I’ve read a few listed here. I really hope this book gets made into a movie. It’d be amazing!
So what about you? Do you have any films that aren’t on this list that you love? I’d say that Atonement, Becoming Jane, and Miss Potter are also very good, but sad too, and I like happy endings! Hope I’m not giving too much away about the films above 😉

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