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So I did a chevron keyword a few weeks ago, which I suppose is similar to triangles but at the same time, different! Lately I am loving this shape… anyone else out there with me? I helped out this lady at her wedding and she was all about geometric shapes and triangles! So I guess she rubbed off on me 😉 Oh, and at the bottom of this post, you’ll find a new extra feature ‘keyword steals‘ where there will be fun finds for under $10. Enjoy!

Triangles Screen-Printed Loop Circle Scarf from WhiteMoth, $32

Pencil Holder Stained Glass Arrow from FleetingStillness, $45

Geometric mountain- screen printed canvas backpack from depeapa, $21

Triangles Removable Throw Pillow Cover from Leah Duncan, $32

Wooden Human Character Name Card Holder from OHandAH, $15

Wooden Triangles Geometric Puzzle from TimberGreenWoods, $22.95

mixed media dress from cristinapires, $117

Leather Triangle Mobile in Atticus from The Little Tiny, $55

Leather Bag from ulala, $45

Patchwork Triangles Leather Suede Skirt from honeymoonmuse, $32.30

prismatic triangle acrylic earrings from plastique, $19

Vintage embroidered TV screen test pattern wall art from BylinaStudio, $36

Color Block Triangles Zipper Pouch from kaylah7, $15.75

Hand-Painted Large Brass Triangle Necklace from Son of a Sailor, $38

TOTE BAG – triangle from bookhouathome, $80

Geometric birch wood hand painted keychain from aussiekn, $12

Little Zigzag Hand Painted Bowl from Under the Tulip Tree, $10
MINI KEY FOB Chain from BaffinBags, $5
Crocheted Necklace from Fr33na, $10
Tan Triangles Print Greeting Card from Katnawlins, $4
Geometric Dots And Lines Pocket Mirror from theMIX, $4
Mint Triangles Notebook from FinestImaginary, $6.50

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