wears / alt summit:

I’m headed to Altitude Summit next week in Salt Lake City and have been pondering what to wear for the conference. It’s a fun event filled with bloggers and creatives from all over, and you know everyone will be dressed in their most fabulous wears. I used to really be into what I wore in high school, it was all stuff from abercrombie & fitch and hollister, heh. I don’t think anthropologie existed then, at least, not to my knowledge. But considering when my family members see me and sometimes say “what are you wearing?” or “you look like a bum” I may not have the best fashion cred anymore. I just wear what I like. Not sure if it’s in or out.
Well, here are some of my favorite “if I had an unlimited wallet” picks of my ideal wears. We’ll see what I actually come up with to wear 😉

1/ zara
5/ novica
2. jcrew
2/ ae
Any recommendations on what to wear? :)

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