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Simple and glorious moments for me come when I just stare up in the night sky at all the stars, admiring creation. I don’t see a whole lot of stars in OC (probably b/c of all the smog 😉 but I’ll always remember driving through Texas and being mesmerized by the star-filled sky. It is awe-inspiring. To me, it reminds me of a creator and how He commands the stars & the sky. So beautiful. Anyway, today’s keyword is constellation! I love all these wonderful star-inspired pieces. Hope you enjoy them too friends :)

Orion Constellation Embroidery Kit from Miniature Rhino, $20

Constellations of crystal stars Photograph from Diem Design Photography, $10

Constellation Ring from Adam Foster Jewelry, $375

Vintage STARS wallet from Heathered, $18

Kites And Constellations Cardigan from anthropologie. Available here at ebay.

Constellation Necklace sora designs, $34.50

Star Jars from a few things I made for you, $50

Constellation Pillow from regansbrain, $60

Morgane Le Fay constellation dress via the owls are not what they seem

Screenprint Constellations poster from little bright studio, $30

Constellation Necklace from E. Ria Designs, $27

Constellation iphone case from Case garage, $17

original antique celestial astronomy star print antique print store, $30

constellation print scarf from blackbirdtees, $24

postcard set from meera lee, $6

jumbo constellation locket from Conjuration, $60

Geometric Star Map Print from elise mahan, $10
Our Solar System Passport Cover from TwoPolkaDots, $5
Meander the Night Sky – cabochon ring from ATeaLeaf, $10.50
letterpress greeting card from floret letterpress, $4.25
original abstract geometric line constellation drawing from ADoodle, $2.50

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