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Hello friends! This post is a part of ‘reminisce’ week – I thought it’d be fun to do a recollection of some old blog posts from years ago. This post is about one of the very first craft shows I sold at in los angeles – felt club. (they actually stopped having the event after this one, kind of sad!) Actually the first craft show I did was the week before this (patchwork show) and I didn’t think to take one single picture. haha, was not a very good blogger at that time 😉 Anyway, the way I wrote here was so silly, I can’t believe it! and I kind of laugh about how my table first started out, I barely had anything to sell! It’s hard to believe this was nearly 4 years ago. The pics I took are horrendous but I just had to post this because it brought back so many feelings and memories. I still remember sitting in the car after the show with Nick and counting the money we made. I think it was $1000 or something and we were so amazed! After that, we were hooked on craft shows, lol. There is nothing like doing something for the first time and having those memories, is there? We’ve done quite a few craft shows since this and they’re all kind of a blur. But I’ll never forget this one, our very first. This post was originally posted on November 18, 2008.


This was the event! My very first craft show. Well, second. After patchwork last Sunday! I’ve been wanting to do this for years! Finally! It was everything I ever hoped for and more. 😉 jk. I probably would have done things differently. Like, had more product to sell. (I was only making 1-each items the night before, which sold within the first hour. um, hello myself. make more!) + brought a back up necklace stand since early on my necklace tree wouldn’t stay in it’s stand. I had to gorilla glue it in, which then leaked on to the table. haha. ok. Anyway, It was run by Jenny, who is amazing to pull off something like this! I mean, it was so well advertised and organized. We got there. grabbed a chart and found our spot. I’ll write more later. So here are the pics!

At first I was like, well this image just looks crazy because of all the vendors…but no, there are a lot of people here at felt club. crazy! madness! image from buz carter on flickrSome photos of my table! Sadly my full shots were all blurry. Meh. Maybe It would have helped if I turned on the flash. I didn’t say I am good at photography.

holiday cards + gift packs (sold all but 2!)

gumball machine + gift wrap section!

in action! my aunt took these. the photographer in her.

nicholas being a sad bear 😉 but he’s really happy.

thanks for looking through all the pics!

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