Napa Valley:

My cousin got married a few months ago and so we all headed up to the Napa Valley area. I had never been but this town was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in a little town called Rutherford and my cousin got married at this beautiful winery. I was with my mom and brother’s so we didn’t do a whole lot of exploring but we did have the english muffins from this place and they were pretty incredible, I want to go back just to have them again ūüėČ My mom and I did get to do a little antique shopping so that was really fun to spend some mother/daughter time together.¬†
If you’re ever able to go to Napa for a vacation or getaway, I’d¬†recommend¬†it. It was so peaceful. It seemed like everyone had grape vines in their front yard, so legit. It seemed like a different kind of life ¬†around here – no one is really in a rush or always on the go.. We met a couple who comes here every year from Colorado, it’s their yearly trip! I hope to return soon! Do you have a traditional yearly trip you take? That could be something fun to start with Nick.¬†

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