12 gifts:

Over the holidays, someone approached me to do a series of little gifts for her girlfriend, who reads the blog. I thought it was so thoughtful and fun so I gathered some oh, hello friend best sellers and wrapped them up into 12 gifts. I love wrapping so why turn down an opportunity to wrap up gifts and spread some cheer? :)

Here are all the gifts that were included.

All wrapped up!

I’ve never had a request like this before, it was really fun. She just gave me a budget and I just stayed within that! Thanks Helen & Laura!

Anyway, I love gifts! giving and receiving 😉 I especially like wrapping up gifts! My mom is a big gift giver, it’s definitely one of her love languages. What about you? I am sure if you read this blog you most likely share in my love of gifts and/or packaging… :) 

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