New York here we come!

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Well actually, we’re already here! We headed to New York to attend the National Stationery Show! We’re not showing but we wanted to check it out for possibly showing in 2014, and ordering for the shop. I’m pretty excited – I love paper goods. and from the looks of it, this is paper good’s heaven. So many creatives out there. and I mean, it’s definitely cool to just travel to New York. My cousin is actually graduating from Medical School and the dates totally lined up with NSS so I figured it was meant to be. My mom is going to see her graduate so it’ll be a fun time with family too.

I’ve been to New York once, long ago. Actually about 10 years ago. Crazy! Nick has never been.. so my question is: What should we do in NY?! I know it’s HUGE and there are probably endless things to do, but what is on your top list of places to see/eats? Any fun (paper/stationery) stores to check out? Any good flea markets in NY? :) I always appreciate your recommendations and suggestions! (the ones from Toronto were awesome!) Thanks friends! :)

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