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Lately I’ve been struggling with contentment and just being a grateful person. I always want more.  I want to achieve more, I want to do more. Not necessarily make a ton of money, though that would be nice. I just want recognition. I feel like a big greedy ingrate! Anyway, this realization came to me the other day when an opportunity for the shop was presented to us but it ended up not working out in our favor. Like a little child, I threw a tantrum and was so upset. I wanted to blame Nick (well, I did blame him) for not acting fast enough and missing out on the opportunity. It totally wasn’t his fault, but it lead to a big fight which even affected our evening with some good friends. I realized then that I needed a heart check.  What does contentment look like in my life? I need to allow myself to enjoy what I’ve been blessed with and what we’ve achieved. I don’t know what it is in me that feels I need to always be doing more and can never find peace or contentment. Maybe it’s some deeper issues with parents, approval, etc. But that’s a discussion for another time 😉

Please don’t get me wrong – I know we have so much to be thankful for. Our beautiful house that we are now living in and our sweet little shop – we are blessed and give thanks to the Lord daily. But I think this blog community we find ourselves in, when we read all the blogs out there and see all the fabulous things other bloggers are doing – it can be easy to fall into this feeling of “wanting more” and it never being enough. Feelings of comparing. discontentment. jealousy – all these are so so dangerous. Or maybe it’s just me 😉

Hope you don’t mind me sharing some of these personal things that have been on my mind … But I am curious to get your thoughts on the subject. Do you struggle with being content? Being thankful? If not,  please tell us your secrets! How do you remind yourself to be thankful or keep yourself in check when you start to compare? Thanks for reading today friends.

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