you are … business cards:

I wanted to come up with some fun cards for the stationery show last week – these were quick & simple, but I snapped a few shots to share them with you!

The supplies on this card were very simple – I just used blank business cards, rubber stamp, labels, message tape, and dried flowers (picked up at the los angeles flower mart)


I used a couple different kinds of ink jet labels – brown kraft round & gold triangles.

On one side, I placed the gold label and stamped with our today stamp.

On the other side, I cut a couple of the dried flowers and taped it with our message tape.

All done! Super simple & easy. The only thing about this type of card is that it’s more novelty, it doesn’t provide a ton of info. Actually, I only put my .com address. No email address, no other information… Email probably would have been good to add.

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