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Have you ever been camping? I went camping a lot when I was younger. My mom’s friends loved camping so we always took trips together. It was a blast. SO many memories. We caught our own fish and cooked them up, slept under the stars, went inner-tubing. Did I ever tell you when I was in junior high, the youth ¬†group at our church takes the 7th graders on a big backpacking trip. I think we hiked 10-15 miles or something like that with our huge packs carrying all our supplies! I’ll always remember that trip :) Nick has never been camping! I think we’ll need to change that this summer… if we have time. This summer is flying by! Well here’s a collection of images – go on an adventure before summer ends!

andy moeck

Jocelyn Catterson

.man and camera

Jocelyn Catterson

Peter Prehn

atelier de l’armee

a long time ago via Therese Oneill
her caption is funny, “I can’t imagine why anyone would go camping in the 19th century.
Your life already IS camping” lol.

tom boy style

Bethany Marie

Kristina T.

Sophie haber

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  1. The comment on camping in the 19th century — HAHAHA!!! So true!

    So thankful I just found your blog via the American Blogger project. You have inspired me so much already.


  2. These photos make me want to go camping all the time this summer. I went once and it was a bit harrowing with a bear lurking around at night. other than that, it was so romantic to be out with nature for so long.

  3. I was really excited about going camping in our backyard until we spotted a mountain lion on the back slope last week.

    Beach camping is my fav!

  4. My husband and I love camping. In fact, almost every vacation we take we end up sleeping in a tent. There’s just something so comfy and cozy about sleeping in a tent.

  5. loving the images, they inspire. We adore camping. Have not been this season. You make me want to go!!

  6. I used to go camping quite a bit as a child as well! These last eight or so years, however, we’ve (I mean my family) reverted to cabin camping (which is still better than nothing!). I look forward to camping more with my friends once it cools off. Those images are all so peaceful and raw. Love it.

  7. I used to go camping all the time when I was a kid as well, it was always so much fun. Haven’t gone in years, i need to plan a trip soon :)

  8. Love the photos! Some of my happiest memories are from camping trips with my family. I’m about to go on a road trip across the country with my family and we’ll be camping along the way, so I’m psyched!

  9. seriously, my favorite post! i used to go camping as a child with my family and it was always such a great time. before the blow up mattresses lol. gonna go camping in a couple of weeks and i’m so stoked! love all of the photos!

  10. I’m actually planning a camping trip soon and I’m looking around online for ideas on what to bring with me. I’m looking to camp in a tent, I’m interested in a real camping experience, not living inside a mobile home in the woods. I cant wait to make smores from my camp stool and sit around the fire telling stories. How was your camping trip? is there anything you forgot that you wish you would have brought?

  11. This makes me so happy! We are planning a vacation in the next few months and while many people want to go somewhere and hotel it up, we are camping our way through it all! wouldn’t have it any other way!

  12. I didn’t camp a lot as a kid. It really wasn’t something my parents were into, though we did do some awesome road trips. LOVE these photos. The last time I went camping was in Mongolia of all places, in a dinosaur camp. That sounds so weird as i type it out.

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