Craft show month:

This month was filled with back to back craft shows every weekend! We’ve been doing craft shows for 5 years now, it’s crazy to think how fast the time has gone. Our summer show “tour” always ends with Renegade San Francisco, and it’s the most amazing show in town. We love San Francisco! 

Craft shows never get old, there are always amazing new finds and treasures to discover. As a seller, it’s a great way to gain exposure for your brand. I think craft shows played a huge part in the growth of oh, hello friend. These type of shows are juried so we are truly fortunate to be accepted into the shows we do.. we have been rejected to some shows so that definitely makes you humble and grateful when you get into a show :) 

Anyway, as much as I love craft shows, I am glad the summer shows are winding down. My big goal right now is to develop the oh, hello friend stationery line (i love stationery!) and so I need to get motivated and focused! Do you have any big goals on your list right now? Well it’s a brand new + fresh week to start making your goals happen! Let’s have a productive week! 

above photos: 2. i made a few dried floral arrangements for the shows and they were a hit, may think about expanding on this! 2. gorgeous cotton plant hangers by indie and arrow. 3. picked up some of these amazing ornaments by mb art studios for the shop! 4. the most awesome poster ever! fruits & veggies seasons – with gold foil (my favorite) get one here at young america creative

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  1. I have so many goals and it is SO hard to be motivated!

    These photos are so lovely. I wish I still lived near SF to see you.

  2. Sounds like you deserve to relax:) I can’t imagine how tiring it is to do back to back craft shows. I just did one yesterday, and I’m EXHAUSTED! I can’t even think today:) Hope you had a great time, and I love your new finds!

  3. Craft shows are always so good and full with inspiration! And looking forward to seeing more of the Oh, hello friend stationary too. All the best!

  4. My biggest goal is to make my first craft show a success. It is in October, and I’m preparing for it now. Any suggestions? :-)

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