Hi friends! Happy 2014 to you. Last month was crazy with the shop (wish every month was December, shop sales were intense!) and we traveled around to quite a few craft shows, then went to Sacramento & Kansas City to spend time with both of our families. In total, we were only home 8 days in December! It’s great to be home and for life to be sort of back to normal. Posting will be scattered over the next few weeks – we are transiting to WordPress and getting a whole new ohhellofriend.com! Thanks for sticking with the blog and checking in :) Here’s to an amazing new year filled with love, friends & family, and many new blessings. 

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  1. Just have to send you much thanks for organizing the Advent swap. We had a ball and it was such a wonderful treat to prepare and receive treats in the days before Christmas. thanks and I hope you will host it again next year!

  2. Hi Dani,
    Love your blog, love your recent 12 day calendar swap! I would really love to become a pen pal and have been told that you are the go to person. Please could you advise how I go about signing up? My email address is as follows: hannahpattrick@hotmail.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you!

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