January / Looking Forward To:

It’s always fun to look forward to things, don’t you agree? So I put together a small list of things I’m looking forward to this month. What kind of things are you looking forward to?

1. With a new year comes brand new items in the shop – I’m really excited about all the new items we’ll be getting in the shop over the coming months.

2. DOWNTON!! Anyone else tuning in to season 4? Or anyone in the UK already seen it? Let’s hope they don’t kill off any characters we love this season 😉

3. I missed going last year because we had to open the shop but am headed back to Alt Summit again! I’m hosting a mini party with some lovely ladies ps: lovely alt image from: made by cay!

4. A brand new ohhellofriend.com website with our very own shopping cart and all the products in our OHF stationery line finally online! We have quite a lot of products in our line like tape, tea towels, keychains, & cards that have only been available at craft shows, but will now finally be available to all! Stay tuned.

13 thoughts

  1. I can hardly wait to see Downton again. It’s killing me -the wait. And yes, hopefully they won’t kill anyone else. I got so upset over Sybil’s death. =/

  2. Really like your 4 “forwards” especially Downton! BUT I have to wait even longer because my RV package of DirecTV doesn’t include PBS! I do have it in my queue at Netflix so it shouldn’t be too long!

  3. Yup, LOVE Downton. (Also, have you seen The Paradise? Another lovely period show.) Excited about the revamped shop!!

  4. You know, I almost didn’t watch Downton this time round because it annoyed me so much during series 3…but series 4 is really good. It has a pretty serious storyline running through part of it but that’s all I’ll say…I’m well and truly back on the Downton bandwagon! Although living in the UK means I get to watch Downton sooner I’m gutted I live so far away from Alt Summit…have a great time! Your new design looks great!

  5. I looooove Downton A!! Was so horrified and upset that they killed off Matthew Crawley (*spoiler alert* for those who haven’t seen the end of Season 3!!). And I love your site! Can I get on the mailing list? Would love to know more about the Mon Voir calligraphy workshops! Any plans for April 26-ish? I’ll be in your area and would love to come!!

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