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Nick & I qualified for Southwest’s companion pass and I thought I’d start taking full of it so we’re headed to Atlanta for a couple days for business. Anyone live in Atlanta or have visited? I’m excited to check out a brand new city, I’ve never been! Any recommendations for eats / sights to see / shops? I  really like hamburgers if anyone knows of a good burger place 😉  Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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  1. I normally just lurk around your blog, but I live in Atlanta! It’s the best! Get burgers at The Vortex and/or Flip Burger. Flip is my personal favorite, and they have really unique burgers. It’s one of Richard Blaise’s restaurants, and it’s a slightly more-high end and stylized burger restaurant. The Vortex is more of a bar atmosphere, but they have huge, epic, awesome burgers. And the one in Little Five Points is inside a giant skull. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want more recommendations! I’ve lived in this area forever!

  2. The Vortex or Holeman & Finch for burgers, Cafe Intermezzo for dessert and coffee, The Porter Beer Bar in Five Points for beer, The Varsity for dogs and orange drink, Antico for pizza. Five Points, Young Blood Gallery and Highland Row Antiques for shopping.

  3. Last time we were in Atlanta, we went to Farm Burger & it was awesome! They even have a little ice cream shop inside with fantastic shakes

  4. Atlanta is my hometown! (Though I live in NYC now…) So many good burgers – Yeah! Burger is great, and The Vortex is an Atlanta classic. Check out the Westside Design District – Ann Mashburn (, Steve McKenzie’s (, and tons of other stores are wonderful, and all close together for some great concentrated design shopping. Feel free to email me if you have questions or want more recs!

  5. ATL! Holeman & Finch for burgers – only after 10 pm at night but man are they good. Other great burgers: Leon’s Full Service (also a great spot for beers – SO MANY!), The Vortex, The Albert (the plancha burger!), and Farm Burger (they make a good salad, too!). Definitely check out the Westside area – White Provisions with shops like Star Provisions (An ATL MUST), Ann Mashburn, the new Jeni’s ice cream…Star is also a great spot for sandwiches and there are other great eats in the neighborhood. If you want a really wonderful dinner: Miller Union, The General Muir, Kimball House (amazing oysters!), Cakes & Ale. Enjoy our city :)

  6. Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur is a recent fave of mine! I visited it when I was there over the holidays. The orange pistachio doughnut was my favorite. Decatur is a really great part of Atlanta–very cute and hip. I think you’d like it.

  7. Oh, I miss Atlanta! I lived there for 2 years, and explored so much! It’s been a year since I moved to Boston, but I still think of all the good restaurants back there. I lived in Westside Midtown, so most of my tips will be for that part of the city- Antico Pizza, Sublime Donuts, The Optimist, Miller Union, Taqueria Del Sol, Yeah Burger, Bocado, Star Provisions, Octane Coffee…. My mouth is watering just thinking about all those places! 😉

  8. As an Atlanta native, we welcome you! West Egg is a great brunch/coffee spot within walking distance from the White Provisions area. And Grindhouse Killer Burgers or The Vortex are great burger spots to check out if you are looking for a bit of a more grunge vibe full of local color…however neither of them are open on Mondays, FYI!

  9. PLEASE visit the gals and guy at Paper Source in Virginia Highlands! You’ll love the neighborhood and it’s lovely walk from Little Five. Tons of boutiques, Gelatto and the best burgers (gluten-free) and sweet potato fries are at Yeah! Burger located at the main intersection of Virginia Highlands and North Highland. Taste for Pizza? THE BEST pizza (in Georgia probably, I’d say America too) is Antico Pizza in West Midtown, it’s Naples-style, all fresh ingredients imported from Napoli and Campania. It would be lovely to have y’all<3 -Valerie

  10. ATL native here! Check out Antico Pizza for sure, or a new chicken place by the same guys called Gio’s – right next door with gelato and pastries in the back! Some other favorites are Ecco in midtown (try the fried goat cheese app…amaaaaze!) and The Lawrence (also midtown). YEAH! Burger is great and so is Taqueria del Sol for quick, cheap eats. Both are on the westside near a bunch of great shopping. Enjoy our city!

  11. You have ABSOLUTELY got to get the Holeman and Finch burger. Its a bit of a circus- they only make a certain number per night and only after a certain time (9:30 or 10 I think?) – they also serve them for brunch on Sundays but get there a while before they open because there will be a line. But its worth it- I’ve considering going there again for the wknd from NY mostly for this burger! Just doublecheck the times, etc.

  12. All of the above mentioned are great options. I am from Atlanta, but just moved to CT and I’m missing it tremendously. One of my favorite “go-to” restaurants is JCT (on the west side). Great lamb burgers (although they are randomly on their menu) and amazing fried chicken that they sell out of quickly. Parish in Inman Park was our favorite brunch spot, but go downstairs to the market. Have fun exploring, it is such a great city!

  13. If you love burgers, you have to go to Holeman & Finch. They only make 20 each night because prepping them is supposed to be an all-day process, so it’s a bit of an ordeal getting one. They start serving at 10 p.m. But I know people who go at 8 p.m. to put their name on the list and just wait it out. Welcome to ATL! (:

  14. Atlanta is so underrated, I think. I agree with so many of the previous comments, but I will add this: if you like good BBQ, you would be insane to miss the ribs at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack. They melt in your mouth. Enjoy your trip!

  15. ATL! Sis and I just visited in Oct and had a fun time. Vortex was great; fun scene! Also loved the Westside Provisions area: sandwiches and shopping for nick nacks @ Star Provisions and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream right next door. Have fun!

  16. Ah, gotta love the ATL! Some faves: JCT Kitchen, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Taqueria del Sol, Yeah! Burger, Antico Pizza, Harry & Sons, Octane Coffee, Dancing Goats Coffee. Enjoy your time here!

  17. Sorry the weather is so crummy for your visit. The Optimist is one of the best rated restaurants in the country — if you decide to enjoy a meal there, ask for Christopher (Topher) and tell him his mama sent you!

  18. I live in Atlanta and some of my favorite places to eat are Grindhouse (for burgers and amazing fries), 7 Hens in Decatur, Highland Bakery Cafe for brunch, The Vortex (also for burgers), Delia’s, and Bottle Rocket for sushi, etc. Neat places to check out are East Atlanta Village, Little Five Points, Inman Park, and Virginia Highlands, which are all great for walking around. The High Museum is really great and honestly, World of Coca-Cola is really fun (you get to sample Coke products from different countries). Plus, it’s right next to the Georgia Aquarium and if you show your ticket at the aquarium, you get $2 off admission.

  19. The High Musuem of Art is one of the best art museums in the country! There is also a center for puppetry arts nearby, with a permanent Jim Henson section (if I can recall correctly…). Their botanical garden and surrounding park is also a treasure.

  20. Since you’ve never visited Atlanta, I’d suggest checking the magazine GARDEN & GUN’s website for recommendations and past stories. G & G is great for what’s good now if you’re visiting the South. Have fun

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