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Hello friends! I know I kind of fell of the face of the earth but I’m definitely coming back ASAP. I’ve missed blogging and now have a brand new place to blog at with a new design and here at wordpress : ) Leaving blogger was hard, I started on good old blogger and blogged there for 5 years! It’s definitely going to take some time to get used to wordpress but so far it’s great and we designed our entire website in wordpress, including the shopping cart! Will possibly do a post all about building your website from scratch and using wordpress plugsin later, if anyone is interested..

But anyway, head over to ohhellofriend.com — we finally have all our items up in our own online shop, ready for purchase! We have our workshop page that will now be held at the new OHF studio, around the corner from our shop. Don’t miss our events page to see if we’re headed to a city near you. and for any shop owners, we have wholesale ordering now available online so register for an account today!

So excited to finally get the new site launched. This has been on my list for a year. HUGE thank you to our web developer Lucie Wu who developed the ENTIRE website for us!!! She installed all the plug ins, got our shopping cart going, helped with every aspect and detail that goes into building a website from scratch, and even put up with a couple main page re-designs with me ; ) She was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her! Be sure to check out her tumblr and her instagram accounts, and if anyone would like to inquire about a web project you may need done, you can email her here!

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  1. love the new site! not sure if anyone is having this problem but when i try to follow with feedly, it always directs back to the old url?

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, it looks lovely. I use Blogger and would be very interested to hear how you compare it with WordPress and how you got on! Will have a browse round your shop, looks like there’s some awesome stuff in there :-)

  3. Yay for you! So weird, I was just thinking about you last night. I was hoping you were ok and remembering how you were one of the first bloggers I ever started following- back in 2010! Hehe.

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