OHF is hiring:

We’re hiring a photographer! Specifically a product photographer. I like taking photos but I’m no professional. Ideally, I’d love to work with a photographer on doing styled shoots and fun things like that. But for now, we’re looking for someone who can take professional product photos for our stationery & jewelry line. Pay will be discussed at time of interview.

Applications can be downloaded here. Please submit your portfolio, website, and application to ohhellofriend@gmail.com.

We’re also looking for a web developer (need some coding and things like that) and we’ll be hiring a wholesale manager down the road. So if you or someone you know can do some web stuff for us, please send an email our way! Thanks friends!

a new ohhellofriend.com & shop now open:

I have a ohhellofriend.com site that acts as a directory to the blog, shop, and social media outlets. I liked the collage design but decided it may be confusing where to click for some people. So it was time for a change. I decided to keep it simple with some rotating graphics and buttons. Here’s the newly designed ohhellofriend.com!

The new site is made in wordpress (pretty cool how it all works together, so wish I knew html code!) and the shop is connected so it all works and seems more professional. What do you think?  :)

I am also excited to announce that after taking a long break for all the craft shows and traveling we did during the summer – oh, hello friend is now back open!
I decided to combine everything under 1 shop name which is my main brand, oh, hello friend. Having 3 shops was way too much. Looking back, I’m not really sure why I chose to do all those separate shops. I guess I had grand ideas and hopes for all of them but I spread myself way to thin. I definitely learned my lesson and paid the price of offering good customer service to my loyal customers. So take it from me – just stick to one thing and put your effort in that :)

Anyway, I am really excited about the rubber stamp line and some new products/photography that have been added. If you need to do any holiday shopping, I’m offering 15% off with code “holiday15” – thanks as always for your support friends!

promote at oh, hello friend:

Just wanted to let you know that we are accepting shops for advertisements, weekly deals, or giveaways this upcoming season! If you’re interested in promoting your shop, send us an email with your shop link and we’ll send you more information! 

We’re also launching a holiday coupon guide which will run from the end of October through December, perfect for the shopping season! If you’d like to get in on that for the holidays, let us know! :) 

oh, hello friend is hiring:

Whew, there are a lot of announcements this week 😉 I was going to save this one but am pretty excited to start looking for someone so here it is.

oh, hello friend is looking to hire a part time assistant to help with all aspects of the blog & shop. Looking for a creative, responsible, resourceful, and detail-oriented person. Position is ideal for a high school or college student looking for some flexible part time work. Experience with photography or graphic design is helpful but not necessary.

Duties Include: Order fulfillment assistance, email correspondence with blog advertising and shop inquires, photo editing, & online shop admin.
Schedule: 10-12 hours per week, 2 days a week
Payment: Hourly
Location: Must be able to come to our warehouse in La Habra, California
Apply: Please download an application and email it to ohhellofriend@gmail.com. You can also mail it to the address on the application. Feel free to include any other relevant information you feel would pertain to the job!

Thanks friends!! :) If you have any questions regarding the position, feel free to email me.

post of announcements:

I have a bunch of blog announcements so I thought I’d put them all together in 1 post so I wouldn’t bore you too much 😉

Do you need to advertise or promote your shop/site? There are several opportunities available at oh, hello friend! We offer monthly ads or coupons, giveaways, and weekly good cheer deals! Email me to inquire about any or all of these opportunities.

Currently seeking and scheduling shops for weekly deals (yes, they’re coming back!) and there are still spots open for the March coupon guide (last time we had the coupon guide was October!) andad spots are available for April.

In case you missed it, the lovely dozen sign ups are still open! Sign up to receive a have a lovely package of goodies delivered to your mailbox every month! Available in 6 month or 12 month subscriptions. Packages will start to ship at the end of March. Click here for more information and click here to purchase a subscription!

Sorry I am so late in announcing the winner for the reader survey — Congrats to #126 – jb artistry for winning the fun prize pack! Please contact me to claim your prize! :)

I know I’ve been saying it for a while but reader appreciation week is really coming.. soon! Going to have some fun giveaways, deals, and free downloads available. I have been trying to think of some other content to feature this week so if you have any ideas of how you’d like to be appreciated as a reader, I’d love to hear them :) Thanks for reading!
Whew, if you got through that, thanks for reading the announcements and what’s going on here at oh, hello friend. Truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate and love you all :)

reader survey:

I realized I didn’t get around to doing a reader survey last year, so if you get a quick moment, please fill out the brand new survey for 2012 to let me know what sort of content you’re interested in and how we can make oh, hello friend the best it can be in 2012 :) I always love hearing from you guys and truly value your opinion. And as usual, participants can enter to win some fabulous prizes:

Enter for a chance to win the lovely 4 items pictured above. Made by hank yellow zip purse, Pack of scrapbook washi tape, Key notebook from Rock Scissor Paper, and a terrarium necklace from Woodland & Belle.
Simply fill out the survey, leave your blog URL and then come back and leave a comment for your entry! A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, February 15th  :)
There are lots of opportunities for shops to participate on oh, hello friend. We offer advertisements, coupons, giveaways, and weekly deals. If you’d like further information on participating in any of these promotions, please email me!

new design + giveaway:

Welcome to the all new 2012 oh, hello friend design! I am so fortunate to know Ana from Blog Milk, who helped me do all the coding and make my design even possible. It is a lot of fun to design blog layouts, and I realized I’ve pretty much had a new design every year. Shall we take a look at all the previous oh, hello friend looks?
2008: has anyone been reading the blog for this long?
This seems like such a long time ago. My first blogging days, good times!
Loved this mint green back in the day, before I loved mustard yellow 😉
2009: Saw a complete redesign.. This is when I started “the daily”
which were daily columns and features for the blog.
2010: kept a lot of similar features, changed the logo fonts.
2011: Thought I’d get rid of the “oh” in oh, hello friend but decided I can’t take away from the brand and the “oh” is back! 😉
and now we’re in 2012 with a new 2-column design. I really hope you like it! I tried to simplify things (it’s hard for me to simplify sometimes) but get rid of the blog clutter. There are some new links at the top of features I think is this blog’s speciality: packaging/notes/vintage. One thing I did keep and have had since the original design is the “my heart” list. and you may notice a couple new “daily” buttons – I’m going to start doing weekly diy’s and resources. Hope you like all the new changes!
Thought I’d also offer a little giveaway to go along with the new blog design launch. Win $50 from each of my 3 shops: the wanderlust, reverie market, and oh, hello friend for a total of $150 worth of credit! Simply leave a comment to enter with the year you started reading the blog (if you remember) For an additional entry: Tweet or post about the giveaway on facebook! (Up to 2 extra entries if you do both!) A winner will be chosen at random on Monday, January 23rd. Good luck :)

coming in 2012:

Hi friends! Not much of a post today, sorry! Just trying to get back into the swing of things. Have so many things to photograph, so much to research (I’m doing a wholesale show next month!) Nick went back to work today and things are slowly getting back to routine. I don’t know how I feel about routine. I like it. But it also is so easy to fall into the same old thing and being unproductive, you know what I mean?
Well anyway, I wanted to give you a little preview of the things to come in 2012. I finished a brand new blog design and Blog Milk is currently coding it and making it work, I’m so excited! We’re also collaborating on some blog designs that will be available for purchase designed by yours truly.
Reader appreciation week! I had a ‘customer appreciation week’ a couple years ago, but I think a reader appreciation week is much better. There will be giveaways, downloads, deals, and all sorts of fun things. Nick and I have been trying to think of other fun features for this, so if you have any ideas of how we can appreciate YOU, the reader, please let me know.
New weekly features. Still figuring this out but we’re doing some major editing of columns. Keeping some. Taking some away. Which ones do you like? Which ones would you not miss? I’d love & appreciate your input!
Also to come: package exchanges, a home tour (just the downstairs, upstairs is still a mess!) craft show guide, and lots more. Which reminds me, if you participated in the lovely package exchange, can you leave a follow up link here if you blogged about it? I’d love to do a follow up post.
Whew, long announcement.
Thanks for all your input, Happy 3rd day of the new year :)

Feedback please :)

Not sure if you remember these 2 features but I thought they were really great columns, then I pretty much just stopped posting them! Did you like these columns? I’d love to bring the handsome & blog discussion back but I really need your feedback & help!
Can you let me know what sort of blog discussions you’d like to see discussed.. Or what guys/husbands/fiances/boyfriends you’d want to see interviewed for the handsome? :) All and any suggestions welcome, and if I use yours I’ll definitely credit you. I would love to hear your thoughts & feedback and get some steam to start up these columns again. Thank you dear friends!

blog announcements:

So there are a couple things going on around here & I wanted to let you know and possibly get your feedback! Please read on!


How are you enjoying the good cheer deals! I don’t know if you noticed this week we had 2 deals posted on Monday. That’s right – due to the overwhelming response of shops wanting to offer a good cheer deal, we will now be posting 2 deals a week! Exciting right? So get (your pocketbook) ready for 2 deals a week! :)

Would love to hear your feedback about how you’re enjoying the deals & items, what sort of things you want to see more of, what kind of deals you want, etc. Any feedback is so appreciated!

If you have a shop and are interested in participating in a weekly deal, I’d love to schedule you for a deal! Just email me with your shop link if you’re interested & I’ll send you all the details!


This is something new coming to oh, hello friend! We’re going to have a coupons / discounts / deals section which will be updated weekly/monthly. So if you have a shop, this is a call for submissions! If you have a shop and are interested in offering a coupon/discount, simply email me for details! :)


Not sure if you noticed the new banner under the “happenings” column to the right but it’s for a new shop I am starting up soon: the wanderlust. I asked some of you on twitter if you liked ‘reverie market’ or ‘the wanderlust’ better. I think reverie was overall more liked but I like the wanderlust! I’ll save reverie market for something else 😉 Anyway, hope you’ll sign up for the mailing list for the release & special promotions/happenings!

I think that’s about all! So how are you enjoying our regular features? swoon, keyword, The Handsome, & collections – those are some columns we’ve been featuring regularly. Anything specific you’d like to discuss in blog discussions? We haven’t had any studio tours in a while, what would you like to see more of? DIY posts? Wedding-related posts? Home decor posts? Let me know what you think, I always love getting your feedback! thanks friends! xo.