collection, Christmas:

What is it about this time of year that just makes it the best? It’s so sweet and warm (even though the weather gets colder) and I am sure for many of you, your favorite time of year? I think it really is the most wonderful time of the year! With Christmas just a week away, I thought I’d put together a little collection of my favorite holiday photos. 

Chalkboard art via LilyandVal

Better Homes and Gardens

Erin Jang

ruffled blog

all the beautiful things


cutest advent via the paper mama

real simple

rue magazine

eat drink chic

100 layer cake



Collection / Constellations:

A couple months ago, I did a constellation keyword of cool things you could buy. Today I’m sharing a fun collection of constellation-related images. I am loving constellations lately. There’s something so amazing when you look up into the night sky, isn’t there? I’ll always remember driving through Texas with a friend and just staring up into the star-filled sky, so in awe. I feel like here in Orange County we don’t have starry skies like maybe you do in the midwest or something. Too much smog blocking our view 😉

To think of the other planets, the billions of stars, the unknown and beyond. A galaxy too vast to explore – it boggles my mind! For me personally, I am reminded of a Creator and though I am but a tiny tiny speck in the whole universe, I am loved. and you are loved too, friends :) Hope you enjoy today’s collection – not as good as seeing the real thing, but amazing that camera’s can capture this!

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via LatigableHoran

via Astronomy Picture of the Day

via AGC916

via melodyer lbaum

via Anton Jankovoy

via citified

via Nasa

beautiful star chart from designer Thomas O’Brien’s apartment aero studios, found via a piece of toast

via Nick Howes

via star finders

via Hung Bo-Wen

via dreambrothersoulsister

Collection / Letters, Part 3:

For the last part of this letters collection, I gathered some fun + unique letters that have been sent through the mail. It is so fun to see how creative people can get with sending things in the mail! If you missed the other collections of letters, here are parts one and two. Seriously considering doing some sort of pretty letter pen-pal exchange after the response from last time so stay tuned for that next year :)

via Molas & Co

via Lisa Wine Studios

via uppercase

via oh happy day

13 ounces or less via givers log

via martha stewart

via sublime stitching

Wow, brilliant idea! via Toad Haven

string letter! via hello sandwich

via Camilla Engman

via poppytalk

Collection / Letters, Part 2:

For the 2nd part of the letter’s collection, I thought I’d post some really lovely + pretty letters that have really been sent. Seriously, I probably spent about 3 or 4 hours just looking at letters. There are so many amazing bloggers who blog about the letters they send and receive. It’s really quite inspiring. I am ready to start a penpal club. Anyone want to join in? 😉

via mae mae paperie

isn’t this lovely? via hello sandwich

via omiyage blogs

via merissa-cherie

via donovan beeson – whoa, if you want mail inspiration, check out her letter set here!!

via our paper shop
seems to be closed down now but i sent this package as part of a mail exchange! 😉

via send more mail – here, here, and here!

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Collection / Letters, Part 1:

Today’s collection is of letters! There is something so wonderful about a handwritten letter. I think because snail mail is sent so much less since we have emails. You really have to be intentional about sending a actual letter these days! There were so many beautiful images of letters, I am breaking this up into a couple parts. Hope you enjoy this collection!

via Siréliss (found correct link via box of treasures)

via urban learning

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via wedding by color and via observando

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via Amy Hughes

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collection / gold:

Today’s collection is gold. I ran into someone the other day who said they didn’t like gold at all, they only wore silver. Are you a fan of gold or silver? Looking at all these images makes me want to have a big gold party 😉 Have a nice Monday friends.

eva black

fellow fellow

necklaces. via the vamoose

party. the sweetest occasion

paper boxes and fringe box via martha stewart

gold mason jars
another gold party. dawne photo
gold dustinessa-emilia
gold wands, via 100 layer cake

keys via rare device
gold cotton candy. cooking books

gold staple diy, brilliant! from twig and thistle

gold bike via Isabelle Bertolini

collection / organize:

I feel like when I was a little kid, I was a fairly organized person. I had a spot for everything in my room. I even had a nail polish chart with that I made of my nail polish collection. Times were so simple when we were kids and our stuff was contained to a room. Now that I’m older, I have certainly accumulated a lot more stuff. and now that we have a house, I’m afraid I will accumulate even more since it is a lot more space to fill. (We haven’t moved in yet if anyone is wondering) Anyway. In a perfect world, my future home would be organized like all these lovely pictures gathered here. After seeing so many beautifully organized spaces, I am going to definitely try to get more organized! Are you an organized person? Or a messy person? Do you have a picture perfect home? Or do you accumulate little piles of clutter like I do? If you’re an organized person, I’d love to hear some tips on your secrets! 😉

better homes and gardens via the ocd life

Candice Stringham via Poppytalk

lovely closet organization via song of style


a beautiful mess



Both images here and here via better homes and gardens (they have some good pics!)

Country Living

martha stewart

Arianna Belle

Apartment Therapy

collection / naturalist:

Hey friends! I’m back from my trip and ready to get back to blogging. Thanks to all the wonderful guest blogger’s who shared such lovely inspiration while I was away! 

Today’s collection is for the naturalist. Some things don’t need a whole lot to be beautiful. I love the simplicity of these objects. There is something so refreshing about nature, don’t you think? Hope you enjoy today’s collection :)

sf girl by bay

Tara Ballatyne

design with spine

79 ideas

Beekeeper Mary Woltz via the 189

loveliest fern book via honey and jam

restoration hardware

room and serve

ruffled blog


the society inc

treasure filled cash drawer. sue h.

cool republic

collections / yellow:

You guys all know I have a great love for yellow. Specifically mustard yellow 😉 Sometimes I think I like it too much and am attracted to things just because they are yellow but not necessarily because the item is cute or anything. 😉 Things just tend to stand out more to me if they’re yellow. Anyway, I thought it was high time I do another yellow post, it’s been a while since the last one. Hope you enjoy today’s round up!

happiness project

better homes and gardens

rue mag

Wedding Style Guide


via martha stewart


cutest mustard outfits. our dream lives

the style files

Martha Stewart

yellow heels. jeana sohn

yellow stripe poles? love! Kathy

collections / sheds:

Today’s collection is sheds! It is so cool how the boring old storage shed can transform into such a lovely picture perfect spot. I’d love to have a cute storage shed like any one of these in my backyard. I think I’ll take one of each: one office. one kids playhouse. and one cool hangout/lounge. Does anyone have a cool shed setup like this?

office shed via sunset magazine

love this shed + the landscaping / the cutest little storage shed I’ve ever seen!
both images via apartment therapy

the most awesome kid playhouse ever! / the prettiest backyard shed.
both images via via house to home

via better homes & gardens here & here

via Southern Living

via Eric Roth Photography / Picnic Fashion

via artemis russell

via busy boo