Renegade SF + LA:

Thought I’d share some photos from around my booth at Renegade SF + LA, which was what our weekends consisted of the past 2 weeks. Craft shows are a lot of fun, but a lot of work. But the best thing about them in my opinion: getting to spend so much time with my husband :)
New greeting cards!
SF booth display, I have a lot of stuff! Had a whole
8ft table filled, and then another 6ft table to the side!
New baker’s twine – from a new friend I met at the flea market!
This is quality stuff, super heavy duty 10-ply 100% cotton. Love it!
If you want to buy a spool, email me 😉
Push pins! and Nick sleepy in the background.
So I had these decals placed on the clipboard to display them, but they weren’t selling. Along comes my mom and she’s like, “put some out in a bowl or something” and they totally started to sell! My mom is so smart :) Thanks mom!
Nicholas made a flower out of his ding-dong wrapper.
(I shouldn’t have bought him a whole box of ding-dongs but
he said it would keep him awake on the drive up to SF!)
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello!
It is always so fun to meet new friends. :)

collections / show displays:

I’ve been getting ready for Renegade SF this weekend and even though I’ve been doing shows for a couple years now, I never get tired of looking at other craft show displays! People just are so creative, I love it. I guess I’d say packaging & display are pretty high on my list of *loves*, what about you? Anyway, if you’re in SF this weekend, I hope you’ll be able to stop by the craft show!

little winter market via field guided & Myra + Matt

via circle creek home via birch + bird

shauna & stephen seriously have the most legit
displays! via somethings hiding in here

via made by hank

via Jasna Janekovic

Sycamore Street Press display via

Beautiful display by Peg and Awl and The Black Spot Books via indiefixx

This isn’t necessarily a craft show display but I think
it’d be great if you have stationery or paper goods to display!

via christine lovitt

miniature rhino display
(first 2 images via charlottes fancy)

via forest bound

Craft show / Unique LA:

Finally, I was able to edit my pictures from Unique LA and now I can share my space with you! :) Like I said, we rented furniture from Found Rentals – it was the best. I felt really unsure of how it would turn out because Jeni & I just picked some random pieces and I wasn’t even sure if it would fit in together. But I think it worked out and I felt really proud of the space Nick & I created in a 10×10 booth. Okay, on with the pictures!
My husband is a cutie-pie.
Jeni had done a wedding shoot & made the gorgeous
lampshade & ruffle flowers. She’s an amazing diy-er 😉
Got some awesome custom shape wood signs made by the nicest guy around Roberto Sand – I highly recommend his shop! His work is so so so quality and did I mention he’s such a nice guy? Check out his shop and tell him oh, hello friend sent you 😉
Elisha, A sweet friend I met down in San Diego stopped by with her lovely mom and they snapped some photos of customers. I’ve never really been able to get out and take pictures while there are people shopping, and it was a fun new perspective to see. Thanks Elisha! Be sure to stop by her blog!
My mom stopped by on Saturday and I am loving her hair! It has been growing back since her chemo over 6 months ago. I want to cut mine like that now! One of my dear friend’s Jessica drove all the way up from San Diego with her friend, Victoria. AND Nick spotted a celeb! One of the twins from Desperate Housewives. I’m not sure which twin it was. (On their IMDB, one was born on July 31st & the other on August 1st, crazy!) But he was sooo nice!
Jess is so cute, she gave Nicholas a ‘tip’ for being such a
good husband and helping at my show.
Love keys!
Rubber stamp packs, key necklaces, vintage photo holders, magnets – I think my line is expanding away from jewelry. I really enjoy doing all sorts of things, I can’t focus on just one thing.
So that’s it! It was about 4 hours to set up & 3+ hours to tear down. But it was all worth it! My booth actually won the BEST BOOTH DESIGN contest that Unique LA has for all vendors. I couldn’t believe it, I had some tough competition.
Well, only 6 more shows to go! Then we’re free in June! I love shows and meeting people & getting my brand out there, but I can’t wait for the day I can set up a space & not have to take it down (I mean opening my own store, hopefully soon!) Have a lovely day friends!

Craft Show / My Favorites:

I really like sharing other cool booths & products from around the show with you. So much inspiration, creative & cool stuff out there! Here’s what I found walking around the show last weekend.
Urban Heirloom – such a unique booth she had! I guess
her & her husband made it, so cool!
Jackie at Voz has been such a good craft show friend over the years. She was my very first ever craft show neighbor. It’s been fun seeing her line expand – she’s a legit artist. I picked up some of her brooches & necklaces, they all happened to be mustard! 😉
Tina from hitree is always such a sweet person to visit and always has the cutest stuff.
Terri Planty – She created such a cool space and she sold pretty awesome terrariums, big and small ones! (check out that mega one on the left, next to the ladder!)
Magnetic Grain – I’d never seen this vendor before, her stuff was legit. They use old recycled wood and you can design your own ‘art piece’ – Connect the blocks by the super strong magnets that are inside each block. She hardly had any blocks left by the time I went back after the show. Love that floral-engraved piece, reminds me of an old chinese cabinet my grandma had.
Maiden Voyage – a very unique booth, one of my favorite’s. Love their theme.
Do you notice a trend here? WOOD! Everywhere! I didn’t even think of it until I was editing the pictures. I guess wood is where it’s at! 😉 Or I don’t know if I subconsciously was drawn to all the wood spaces. Well, hope you enjoyed the pics!

craft show season:

Found some images I took from my craft show spaces over the holidays. I’m entering into craft show season right now, be sure to check the updated 2011 spring schedule of events!
Over the holidays, there were 2 shows in the same day so I have my brother’s help me out at one show while Nick & I did the other! It was intense. But I’m glad to have them to help out.
The next show coming up is Unique LA! It’s a great show,
with over 300
sellers – check out more details here!

Don’t forget

to check the updated 2011 schedule for upcoming shows!

For discounts & coupons that can be used online & at craft shows, just “LIKEoh, hello friend on facebook! Coupons will be revealed for download once you like me! :)

Craft Show Booth Inspiration:

So I have about 8 shows during this spring season and I always enjoy looking through inspiration for what other vendors do for their spaces & booths. These are some shots from the last craft show I did. Don’t forget this Unique LA is this weekend! Stop by for some awesome shopping & to see some seriously legit decorated booths!

craft show weekend:

Ahh, I’ve been crafting forever trying to make enough products and prepare for 2 craft shows which are tomorrow & Sunday: Unique LA & Renegade! If you are in the area, please stop by! I’ll be at Unique over the weekend with Nicholas and my brother’s are helping me out at Renegade so whichever show you’re going to, stop by and say hello! :) Both shows will be awesome!
Some shots from around the oh, hello friend factory 😉
Taken with my new camera, which I really am loving.
What do you think?
I have never done 2 craft shows in the same weekend so I’m a little worried I won’t have enough to sell. Usually I feel prepared but right now I’m anxious about it. Oh well, it will be a learning experience! I’m really excited to put together a “craft show 101” guide next year for any of you who are thinking of possibly getting into craft shows!
Anyway, if you’re coming to Unique LA, don’t forget to print out a coupon!
*note: coupons probably won’t work at Renegade,
I think it may confuse my brothers, sorry about that! 😉

Happy weekend sweet friends. Wow, only 15 days away from Christmas – can you believe it? I better get going on my shopping! Hope you’ve enjoyed the 12 days of cheer, last 2 will be posted this weekend so be sure to check back :)

oh, hello friend – Holiday ’10 show schedule:

This season is full of craft shows, I am so excited! I thought I would let you know my schedule for holiday shows for the next 2 months — if you are in California and near LA / OC / SF, I hope you can stop by! It’d be lovely to meet you! I also made some coupons (6!) for you to use at the shows so see those at the end of the post! Just print them out and bring them to any show for $$ savings and free gifts! :) Since this isn’t applicable to everyone, I hid the rest of the post, just click to read more!

UCI Vendor Fair!
November 15 – 19 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday, Irvine
Note: Vendor fair takes place on ring road, twitter me:
@ohhellofriend if you have any questions!
November 21 | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday, Long Beach
November 28 | 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Sunday, Santa Ana
* see website for more details!
December 11 + 12 | 11:00 am – 6:00 pm, Saturday + Sunday, Los Angeles
December 11 + 12 | 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, Saturday + Sunday, Los Angeles
December 18 + 19 | 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, Saturday + Sunday, San Francisco
&& here are the savings coupons for you! Just click for the larger version :)

UCSD Vendor Fair!
October 25 – 29 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday.
Note: Vendor fair takes place on library walk, twitter me:
@ohhellofriend if you have any questions!

recap, renegade craft SF:

welcome! i thought i’d post a little report on just a few of the many many (250!) vendors from renegade craft SF. i felt a little like a news writer or something snapping shots :) well, i really wanted to post these so you could see some other tables (besides mine!) at the craft shows. perhaps for motivation to get you inspired to do a craft show or decorate your own table? here are the pics, enjoy!
my good dear friends from back in the day,
michelle and tyler from love nail tree. a cool stylish couple
with lots of meaning behind their tees.
sycamore street press has always been a favorite, and eva is such a sweetheart.
(and pregnant due in a couple months! so lovely!)
i really loved this stationary company’s booth, lulu dee.
chalkboard! index file drawers! swoon!
i met the lovely sarah from craftyfolk! she had loads of amazing products.
erinzam from etsy was there with her husband,
who was selling his own artwork! i love husband/wife artists :)
i also loved every single one of her products!
favorite highlights from the show:
this mom + daughter had matching tattoos, it was the
daughter’s gift to her mom for mother’s day. seriously, how cute!
that’s it! hope you enjoyed the recap of the show!

renegade los angeles:

i know it’s monday and we’re supposed to have a giveaway today but i am trying to secure the prize 😉 so i thought i’d post a recap of the show! giveaway will be coming soon!
the renegade craft fair was this past weekend: it was a blast! so many people stopped by, i got to meet so many wonderful people! here are some highlights:
– leslie from a creative mint! who was so so so beautiful in person.
– kerri from your wishcake! who was just as lovely as she is on her blog.
– lillian chang from unstitched. who was so so very sweet + we
found out we live only 15 mins from eachother! 😉
susan from freshly picked was selling her goods and drove all the way out from utah! other friends who stopped by: rj from richellephant (ruby’s cute little sis! check out her photos from the fair too!) nora griffin, monica from our designed life, myra from double sided tape.
so here are some pictures of my booth..
renegade craft:
for those of you who stopped by late saturday afternoon, you may have seen my 2 brothers there! that’s because nick and i were at the LA food fest, trying to find a food vendor for our wedding.
my bro’s were super sweet to help me out. they did a great job selling and packing everything up. i think the best quote of the weekend was someone who stopped by the booth and commented to them, “i read oh, hello friend’s blog.. i didn’t know it was run by 2 guys!” hehehe. so cute and funny, whoever said that 😉

renegade craft:
my sweet nicholas, he practically ran my booth the entire time!
renegade craft:
renegade craft:
renegade craft: renegade craft:
renegade craft:
renegade craft:
my best selling products this show: studs, gift packs, sets, and charm buttons!
the next post is some pictures of other friend’s booths around the fair!