message tape & promotion:

Love seeing ways our message masking tape is being used :) Here are a couple photos I’ve come across from around the world wide web using the tape in super fun ways!

cute gift tags via the super talented your wishcake

cute shop packaging via Amanda Rydell

letter lovers tape being used at letter writers alliance

sweet thank you gifts from the sweetest erin loechner

Have you checked out our masking tape? We have 10 designs available and thought it’d be fun to offer a little promo for this post :)

You can choose 2, 4, 6, or 10 tape rolls. Buy 2 rolls and get free shipping. 4 or 6 rolls gets you free shipping & 10% off. If you want the mega pack – all 10 rolls, you’ll get $15 off and free shipping! ($30 total savings) Click here for a list of all the designs we have available and enter them below for your order! Tape is in stock and ready to ship. Thanks friends!

deal is now closed, thanks!

custom name stamps:

Have you met the cakies girls? They are the cutest and sweetest little kids I know! They’re so well behaved and one day if we are blessed to have kids, I will probably be calling Ruby up a ton for parenting advice! I thought it’d be fun to get some custom stamps made for the girls. I had the stamps for a while but was finally able to give it to them a couple months ago. Here’s how I packaged the stamps up:

I found these tins in the dollar section at Target. They had a little chalkboard label so I wrote the girl’s names on each one. Also included a little notebook, stickers, and an inkpad. Here are the stamps in action!


The girls got creative and started stamping Ashley & Reinna

it was quite funny!

Ruby’s girls are so crafty – she has taught them well 😉 Custom stamps make great gifts for anyone, any occasion! They’re especially fun for kids! you can call up your local stamp shop to get a custom stamp made. or if you’d like to order one, i have them available here at my shop as well :)

15 friends project:

So I am super fortunate to have been asked to be a part of the 15 friends project by Twig Creative. The project is simple: a blank canvas gets sent all around the country and each friend adds their contribution. There are 2 groups and it has been a lot of fun following them and seeing how it’s turned out – what everyone has added each time.
This is what arrived after 3 friends. I was #4 in the group.
I came across these cool hot air balloon clips and the project encouraged all types of media so I thought this may be fun to add. I don’t consider myself an artist in the fine arts field, I even draw stick figures poorly. 😉 But I do like mixed media and using different types of collage materials (can you tell from my blog design?) I wasn’t sure if the clips were a good enough contribution but I thought they were just too cool not to use.
I liked this idea of air and being free so to go along with the theme, I added a little plane.
I also found a vintage flash card that I clipped on the hot air ballon. Galaxy. I thought it was a cool word 😉 It can be removed and doesn’t necessarily need to stay in the piece.
All packaged up and ready to be sent to the next person!
I loved the concept and execution of this project – Thank you to Steve & Michelle for inviting me to participate!

a book of notes, for my mom:

Has anyone been reading my blog since the original book of notes? That was quite some time ago. But I remember going from 100 views a day to 3000 or something that one day, for that post.
So you may remember last year, I shared that my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Over the months, everyone was so encouraging and sweet. Your notes and comments about my mom were such a blessing. We were able to go to the chemo sessions with my mom, but on her very last treatment, Nick and I were on our honeymoon. So since I couldn’t be there, I put together some notes for her. I also got my brothers in on it, and since they’re boys and this is really not their thing, it was even more special that they wrote sweet little notes for our mom.
Thought I’d share this book with you. Hopefully you can be inspired to make your own book of notes for a friend or loved one. They make great heartfelt gifts. I would love to receive one from.. nicholas 😉
In the Chinese culture, we have animals for the year we are born. I am an ox, my older brother is a tiger and my younger brother is a rabbit. So I had these martha stewart animal shapes laying around and we each wrote a note on one. Well, I improvised using a cat for my older bro, since there weren’t any tiger shapes 😉
My older bro typed his letters and glued them onto the cards I gave him. lol. I tried to use lots of yellow, since that is her favorite color. It is always fun to make these little books, and more importantly: my mom is now cancer free! We are truly blessed.

pop up card:

so there’s this sweet little gadget called the silhouette sd – it has a blade and it cuts out whatever you tell it to. it’s pretty fabulous, and i decided to make a pop up card with it. here’s what the machine looks like:
it’s legit – you can cut vinyl with it, create heat transfers,
etch glass, cut any shape you want!
i place my paper in the machine and these are the pieces it cut out.
vintage graph and map paper make a pretty nifty little piece of pop up! my card is done! love the shapes, it’s amazing that the silhouette can cut such detail.
happy friday friends!
so next week’s giveaway involves something REALLY cool. it may or not be something you can cut with — can you guess what it is? i won’t tell, my lips are sealed 😉 see you next week!

happy friday:

happy friday lovelies! i have been working nonstop this entire week making products for the craft show tomorrow and sunday.
nick and i are headed up to san mateo for maker faire, is anyone planning on attending? it sounds like there will be a lot of exciting things to see: there are going to be a ton of exhibits (here’s a schedule!) craft demonstrations, a craft show, and a clothing exchange with stations to reconstruct clothes you swap. it’ll be at the san mateo county event center, tickets are $25/day or $50 for the weekend and can be purchased at the faire. here’s some faq if you’re thinking about attending!
i made about 30 “i heart blog readers” mini goodie bags for anyone who stops by and mentions they’re a reader of the blog :)
love these new charm buttons, they’ll be available at the show along with lots of cake stands, grab bags, vintage finding packs, and lots more!
if you don’t live anywhere near the bay area, CRAFT posted a list of craft shows happening this weekend that you possibly can check out. i’ll be sure to post a follow up of the show next week and some of my new display items! what are your weekend plans? whatever you’re doing, hope you have a fabulous weekend friends. xo.

a thank you book:

i made a small note-book for nick’s parents a couple months ago, filled with thank you notes for everything. they are the sweetest couple and nick is who is he because of them (and jesus of course) just wanted to share it with you – they are so fun + simple to make. perhaps you can send one to a friend just because :)
note book.
note book.note book.
note book.

ornament exchange:

jessica invited a few online friends to do an ornament exchange. i love exchanges and ornaments is just the perfect exchange for this season! i wanted to make a few different ones and here’s what i came up with.
ornament swap '09 / ornaments:
a little felt tree, a lace trimmed tree, a ruffle hoop, and felt house.
ornament swap '09 / ornaments:
i found these in the sewing section at michaels! the are so much fun! i also personalized each ornament with a little silver heart charm with their initials stamped into it.
ornament swap '09 / little cards:
ornament swap '09 / ornaments:
all wrapped up:
ornament swap '09 / all wrapped up:
ornament swap '09 / all wrapped up:
ornament swap '09 / all wrapped up:

ruffle christmas cards:

hi friends! happy monday! hope your weekend was good! thought i’d share some christmas cards i made for some friends last week!
here’s an idea if you need a last minute christmas card!
i really liked how these turned out, and it’s really simple.
all you need is a sewing machine, flat or folded cards, and some pieces of scrap fabric.
the ‘merry’ tags are made from a vintage label maker.
but you can print a message from your computer, or whatever!
simply start at one side of the card. use a 5 or 6 inch strip of fabric. bunch up the fabric and begin sewing over the gathers. you can cut when you’re done or continue sewing to the end.
start on the other side with fabric or lace. repeat above step.
that’s it! you can come up with your own ideas to alter or change it too! have fun 😉

bridesmaid project (2)

here is project 2! they are little surprise books with pockets envelopes for surprises. these were made for the fabulous the most lovely lucy of utterly engaged, who just got married last weekend! the books included a hair pin, pocket mirror and necklace. finished with paper lace trim, these are so much fun. :)

bridesmaid books: 1
bridesmaid books: 2
bridesmaid books: 4
bridesmaid books: 3
bridesmaid books: 8
bridesmaid books: 5
bridesmaid books: 6

lovely goods will return next week 😉