bridesmaid projects:

i love weddings. i’ve recently made a couple small projects for bridesmaids and they have been really fun – so i wanted to share them with you! the first project was for michelle woo, who recently got engaged! (congrats!) i met her at a sephora makeup gathering and even though it was short, she was so sweet and had just gotten engaged the day before! so she messaged me with an idea to get the locket rings and place a message inside for her bridesmaids. she got to choose her flower colors and here’s how it turned out!

bridesmaid rings: 1
bridesmaid rings: 2
bridesmaid rings: 3
bridesmaid rings: 4

more notes:

so i hope you are not tired of notes yet! i had an idea while i was driving one night to make nick a ‘web scavenger hunt note book’ where i made him some small handwritten notes that contained web addresses he had to go to, in order to find the real note! i thought it was neat and would make it fun for him to find the notes on the internet. some of the web notes were images, but i did record a couple video notes too, which i probably won’t be sharing cause i was super silly and i’d be embarassed ๐Ÿ˜‰

this note directed nicholas to the playlist of songs i selected for him.ย 

we’re talking, lots of cheesy ‘love’ songs :)

this note contained “an important reminder” which had him go here

this note contained a video message!

the final message had him go to a websiteย for some cutsey images i collected
and placed on a website for him to read :)

so anyway, if you want to do something like this for a friend or someone special, it’s easy! to make the web notes, i used iweb and my web camera for the videos. if you have iweb + a mobileme (or .mac) account through apple, you know how easy it is to create and publish websites.

if you don’t have a mac, that’s okay too! you will need a place to make websites for your ‘web notes’ (you can try google sites.) and a web camera (if you want to include video notes)

the notes included:

– a really cheesy lovers playlist! (via
– 2 video notes.
– 1 picture note.
– 1 note of found images.

but get creative! create the web notes you want to include, get them organized, then create a book of notes and simply write the web addresses out on each page.

oh, the last element i used was this site, which shortens long web addresses into something like, “” so you can have a shorter URL in your written messages in the book.

sewing class:

so i mentioned that i’m taking a sewing class at the local community college and our recent project was a skirt! i chose this simplicity project runway skirt pattern 2698. it was probably a little more complicated for a beginner, and i was super lost. but it had pockets, and i love pockets! well, needless to say i fell super behind so luckily, my very talented aunt linda was able to help me out. she spent the day with me (and i mean, the entire day!) showing me how the pockets worked, learning how to sew the waistband, and pleats!

but when i tried the waistband, it was super small! so then i was super bummed the skirt wouldn’t even fit! (and after all that work, it better fit! hehe) so she asked if i wanted to make a new waistband. i thought, why not, how hard could it be? little did i know how much more complicated it would make the skirt! so we took new measurements, made cut a new waistband, and we had to take the pleats out of the skirt and shorten them so the skirt would match the new waistband. after lots of measurements, many hours, and complete brilliance, (all on my aunts end, i was totally clueless!) it was done!

A+ for the class! jk. to finish it off, my teacher thought a hand sewn hem would be nice. so that was lots of fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ and that is my sewing adventure on this skirt! our next project after this is making a button up blouse with collar and sleeves. yikes!


so i said i’d post pics of the book that nicholas made me, so here it is! it was made entirely out of construction paper, he was super proud and now has a new found love for it. he thinks it is the best and that everything should be made with construction paper. ๐Ÿ˜‰ anyway, it was super sweet. it basically was a book of all the things we were doing throughout the day.

book made by nicholas: front.
front cover..

book made by nicholas: page one.

the morning started with crepes. he brought me a strawberry nutella chocolate crepe from a local place nearby that we like to eat crepes at. he made the table and eiffel tower pop up and plates and everything. it was cute.

book made by nicholas: page two.

the second page was a penguin, and then it flipped with a mask (didn’t take a picture of it) but it was supposed to represent phantom of the opera, the show we saw.

book made by nicholas: page three.

then we went to dinner at this restaurant on the beach. he had heard of it from his friend, and it was really nice. it was right on the sand… the food was good.

book made by nicholas: page four.

then he planned to to our favorite this is supposed to represent the park and since he wasn’t sure if it was going to rain, he made this slide down part under the clouds..

book made by nicholas: page four and a half.
that shows rain, my favorite!

book made by nicholas: pop up!

so after i flipped the page of the park, i flipped this page up which was supposed to be a laptop, his plan was to go watch a movie at the park on his laptop. we ended up being pretty tired because it took 2 hours to get back from la after the show in the traffic so we just went home. heh.

it was a fun day though. and i loved the book. it was pretty detailed and legit with the pop ups and everything, i was impressed. his cousin joked that his art school education really paid off. haha.

last minute hot chocolate:

if you need to make a friend or a loved one something fast, here’s some inspiration.

i first saw this mix at fred flare: “you warm my heart hot cocoa mix” for $8, and figured it could probably be easily made … so i googled heart shaped marshmallows and came across a few articles and blogs, like the martha stewart living article which had a cute idea for cutting out marshmallows with a tiny little cookie cutter. i came across another blog which sadly i can’t fin the link anymore for it. but anyway, there’s lots of articles out there about it.

anyway, all these things can be purchased locally so that’s why this is so great – you can put it together real quick. here’s what you need:

vday: things you need.
wilton heart cut outs : can be purchased at joanns or michaels.

mason jar : purchased at michaels yesterday .. although, now that i think of it, i think i would have liked to get this jar instead… which you can probably get at ikea or the container store, if you have one near you.

vday: make heart marshmallows.
marshmallows! store bought.. if you want to be ambitious – you can make your own marshmallows with this recipe that i hear is pretty good – then just cut them into heart shapes.

vday: packaging you need.
ribbon / tag / packaging for marshmallows and hot chocolate mix.

and of course, hot chocolate mix : i bought the Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix – Double Chocolate. but there’s lots of simple and easy recipes to make your own hot chocolate mix with things you may already have in your household like sugar, cocoa powder, creamer. i don’t have any of these things so the quick stuff worked for me.. it’s up to you ๐Ÿ˜‰ this blog also has some extra tips on things you can add into the mix.

so just cut the marshmallows in half, then use the mini heart cutter to slice through the center of the marshmallow. oh, they were SUPER sticky and gooey. so i got some powdered sugar and dipped the sticky parts which quickly solved the problem. now they be packaged without sticking to the bag:

vday: hearts.

marshmallows- all cut out:
vday: all done.

marshmallows- all packaged:
vday: heart shaped marshmallows.

a lovely gift, i think! who doesn’t like hot chocolate!
vday: all packaged.

vday: hot chocolate mix.

vday: a lovely gift.

sorry the images are so dark and kind of blue – the sun keeps coming out and going away. well have a lovely weekend! โ™ฅ

envelope book:

hello to friends from stumbleupon + darling dexter + nicole hill + oh so beautiful paper! i am truly honored to have my links on these lovely sites. hope you enjoy your stay at my blog.

last week, nick had a super tough work week. he was working overtime, till about midnight every night! so i decided to make him a little book of encouraging notes to get him through the day. there were about 8-9 notes in the book. the first page even has a little ‘capsule’ note, that you can open and it had a note inside, my personal favorite ๐Ÿ˜‰

anyway, i’ve always been fascinated with the book, “the jolly postman” by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. did anyone ever read this when they were younger? if you didn’t read it, buy it now! it is simply delightful. if you have kids, get it for them immediately! they will love it. and love you for it! the story is so clever, and there is something so neat about opening up all the little letters as you go along the story. they also created “the jolly christmas postman” and “the jolly pocket postman” and they are all just as cool. i had lost my books from i was young so my little brother re-bought them for me a couple christmas’s ago. i would love to just have endless books of envelopes notes to read all the time!

so this is my book of notes for nicholas. it was so much fun to make. and i think he really enjoyed it. he said it helped him get through the day.

the book of notes:
envelope book: one.

envelope book: two.

envelope book: three.

envelope book: four.

envelope book: five.

extra details:

extra : details.

extra : details.
envelope book: extra.

extra : details.

extra : details.

envelope book: extra.

envelope book: extra.

envelope book: extra.

envelope book: extra.