Business Cards, from Alt Summit:

alt summit, business cards
Here are some of my favorite business cards I collected from Alt Summit! They include an assortment of great design & lovely fonts, letterpress, die-cuts, gold foil, wood, simple, & hand stamped.
alt summit, business cards
Loved Liz Stanley’s letterpress card with a patterned background & red text.
Amy from old sweet song hand stamped her lovely cards
Rachel from Black Eiffel had a beautiful letterpress cards, no color: so classy.
Danyelle from Dandee had awesome wood cards
alt summit, business cards
Loved the beautiful letterpress from We Heart Paper
Awesome Gold Foil card from Annily Green
Loved the simplicity of Amy Turn Sharp’s card: black letterpress url
Awesome typography on Erin’s card / Apartment 34
Great diecut on The Party Pass &
cute letterpress cards from The Makerie.
alt summit, business cards
I wouldn’t expect any less of an amazing card from Kathleen / Twig & Thistle
Loved the use of pattern in Rachel’s card from Raenovate
& Jordan Ferney’s cute & colorful design.
Don’t miss other business card posts from Ez, Danyelle, and Camille!
There were so many more pretty ones I missed collecting at alt.
Tomorrow I’ll share my business cards with you.

product package design:

One of my favorite classes in college was package design, we had an awesome teacher and the projects were super fun. I’d love to design product packaging all day long 😉 I think product packaging is a really important element in design, what do you think? Here are some nice product package designs I found: most are candles/soaps — they really have good design!
designed by yeongkeun via lovely package
Moulinette Soeurs Eau De Parfum at anthropologie
designed by Peg and Awl via lovely package
James Boyce via Cambria Cove
various soaps from anthropologie
1, 2 , 3 , 4

business cards / personal collection part 1:

I was looking through my collection of business cards and decided to pull out some of my favorite’s to share with you! I really love business cards. I’ve done some business card round up posts here & here so if you’re new to the blog, check them out!
100 layer cake – beautiful, simple, letterpress
olive manna – square shape, kraft cardstock
ready go – handmade, sewn details – like the texture!
searchresq – custom lightbulb shape on wood, brilliant!
jennifer alden design – just downright really good design!
miniature rhino – using a really nice product image as design, lovely.
michael wysong – love the use of pattern – it works so well together.
katie frederick – simple, information is well laid out, like the square shape.
the other side of the jennifer alden card. so good.
k+c sitting in a tree – handmade card, really sweet + simple.
wiley valentine – LOVE these. they’re letterpress + printed on seed paper!
nate butler – no idea where I got this card, but it’s amazing! It’s really light
wood veneer. The website on the card doesn’t work :/
Detail / Close up shots:
& that’s all! Hope you enjoyed the cards and gathered some inspiration :)
PS: If you have a unique business card that you’d
like to share, please send it my way!
I’d love to photo it and add it to my collection :)

art / frank:


frank :: 1000markets

frank says:

“The States is an ongoing personal project meant to be an exploration of form. The rules are simple: take the silhouette of a US state, and fit something inside of it. The illustrations don’t necessarily have to deal with the culture of the particular state.”

i think it’s creative. fun fun, represent your state. order your print at 1000markets in frank’s shop.


thank you friends, for your comments yesterday..

So, there is a call for participants over at the Art House. I thought this was pretty cool and I really like what this group is all about. The project is called The Scavenger and here’s some 411: We’re going to send you a list of 24 things which will end up being the 24 chapters of the book. Each chapter is a reference to a moment, scenario, or item and we need your help visually representing each item. Every participant who sends back their images will be guaranteed at least one published photo in the book!” Enough reading… Click here to find out more information & participate! They also have a couple other projects going on such as The Canvas Project and Stuff Your Sorries In a Sack, participate in 1. participate in them all. fun fun!