you are … business cards:

I wanted to come up with some fun cards for the stationery show last week – these were quick & simple, but I snapped a few shots to share them with you!

The supplies on this card were very simple – I just used blank business cards, rubber stamp, labels, message tape, and dried flowers (picked up at the los angeles flower mart)


I used a couple different kinds of ink jet labels – brown kraft round & gold triangles.

On one side, I placed the gold label and stamped with our today stamp.

On the other side, I cut a couple of the dried flowers and taped it with our message tape.

All done! Super simple & easy. The only thing about this type of card is that it’s more novelty, it doesn’t provide a ton of info. Actually, I only put my .com address. No email address, no other information… Email probably would have been good to add.

hello diy / wish bracelets:

This is a really quick & easy DIY project, and makes a sweet gift for friends :)



– Alphabet stamps
– Drawstring cloth bags
– Cord (mine is from here)
– Beads (I used Czech Glass from here)
– Scissors
– Gift Tags

First I measured about 8″ for the bracelet. This can be adjusted based

on the wrist size and always cut down if too much is cut.

String your beads in the center and tie a knot at each end of the beads.

Switch up colors or whatever!

Next, stamp your bag with whatever you’d like it to say. I stamped “wish”.

Take a gift tag and write a little note explaining the bracelet. I wrote 

“Make a wish. Tie on your bracelet. When it falls off, your wish is granted” All done! :)

hello diy / Marquee Light:

I know some of you have been waiting for this so here is the DIY on the marquee light sign Nicholas made for our shop! This was a really fun project. We looked at getting it custom made with real metal but the cost was about $2,000. After I showed Nick the DIY from Jordan, Nick did some of his own research and found this DIY from Crafts Unleashed and decided he’d try to make it himself. 


– 12″ Cardboard letters 

*we bought ours here at Joann’s so we could pick them up right away instead of wait

for shipping. they happened to be on sale for $2.99 but if yours aren’t on sale, don’t forget

to use a coupon for extra savings! If you don’t have a Joann’s near you, the letters

are also available here at consumer crafts!

– Spray Paint 

*we used Rust-oleum Hammered in Dark Bronze to get the real metal look.

We tested a few different colors though so you may want to do the same 

to make sure you’re getting a color you like. 

– String Lights (we bought ours from Target

– Drill

– Xacto / Blade

First you’re going to take a straight edge and cut out along the edge of the letter.

You can cut out right to the edge but Nick left a little border as you can see from the photos.

All cut out! Nick took the blade and cleaned up the edges of all of the letters too.

Flip the letter over and now you’re going to do the bulb placement.

 Figure out your bulb spacing and draw a circle for the placement.

Then drill the holes. Nick used 5/16 drill bit (which was the biggest one he has) but it was not quite large enough, he had to make the holes a bit larger after he did the drilling. So if you have a bigger drill bit, go with that!

Spray paint all your letters. Spraying the back is not necessary.

All sprayed!

Now place the bulb through your drilled holes and attach the string.

It depends on the letters (since some letters have more bulbs)

but Nick said you can do about 2-3 letters per 1 box of lights (1 box is 25 bulbs)

To hang up our letters, Nick drilled holes in the wall and used light strings to hang the letters. He also used the cardboard we sprayed on as a template for the wall. Nick tucked all the extra string in the back. Since they have hooks attached to the lights, it made it pretty easy to hide all the extra wire.

That’s it! Nick is a real diy’er, He also made the checkout table in the photo above too! In total we spent about $150 on this project! As much as having real metal would have been cool, I’ll take spending $150 over $2000 any day 😉 Obviously for this many letters it was pretty time consuming but a rewarding end result! If you are just doing your initials or something, it’ll go a lot faster. Hope you have fun with this project. 

If you do try out this project, I’d love to see how it turned out! Maybe try a color for the letters (I should have done YELLOW! 😉 they don’t have to have the metal look. Or you could try it with the 8″ letters which would be cute. Anyway, if you have any questions about this DIY, just let me know!

hello diy / polka dots:

Today I’m sharing a quick + easy polka dot diy with you. I like polka dots! For this project, I used a Martha Stewart custom letter stamp kit and placed my company info. Note: this kit isn’t the easiest to use, I find this one is much easier to place the letters! You’ll also just need some craft paint, I used a metallic copper.

I stamped my cards with my info and then I took the end of a pencil eraser to stamp the dots.

You can use the paint with other products as well! I used the end of a lip balm tube and stamped cotton bags for a cute polka dot design.

Easy right? :) Thanksgiving is this Thursday, maybe you can make some pretty polka dot place-mats or name cards for your dinner table! Happy Monday friends.

hello diy / encouragement business cards:

I created this post for the Alt Summit blog. In case you missed it, I am posting it here at the blog. You guys know I like business cards 😉 So here’s a very simple business card DIY for you!


– 1″ round punch
– Pre-cut business cards
– 1 sheet of label/sticker paper
– Information stamp (I got mine from vistaprint – they have some free stamp designs

available or you can pay $2-$3 or something to upload your own design!)
– Scratch-off stickers (I got mine at ebay


Stamp your cards with your information. Note: You don’t have to use a rubber stamp or purchase pre-cut business cards, I just did to save time. You can buy plain paper & cut it to the size you want, print directly onto the cards, whatever you prefer!

For this part, you’ll need some kind of drawing software to create your circles. Some free versions out there are inkscape or you can try using Aviary – I made 1″ yellow circles and typed out encouraging phrases. If you don’t mind the same phrases as mine, it can be downloaded here :) I included a couple different colored circles too. Just fill in your own coupon phrases in the blank area.

You could also do fortunes or even coupons if you have a shop. One you have them made, print them out on the white label paper. Cut them out with your punch.

Since they were printed on the white label/sticker paper, they are really easy to just stick onto the card. You don’t have to mess with glue or anything.

Then take the scratch-off stickers and place them directly over your round stickers.

and you’re done! You can also hand write a little note with arrow saying “scratch” so people know or just tell them as you hand them out.

I think these would be fun and memorable because they involve some effort on the receivers part to see the secret message underneath. Once their fortune or coupon or whatever message is revealed, they may hold on to it and always remember your information!

hello diy / glitter buttons:

For this week’s DIY, we’re making super simple glitter buttons!


Craft Paint

Wood Circle Discs

Double Sided Tape

Optional: Glue Dots


Pin back bar pins


Paint Brush


(I got all these supplies at Michaels craft store)

First paint your discs with whatever color you’d like your button to be.

Once dry, take your double sided tape and place various designs over your button – you can do stripes, cut various shapes or even use glue dots for a polka dot pattern.

Pour glitter over tape and shake off.

Lastly glue your pins to the back and you’re all done!

hello diy / Message in a bottle:

I love messages! Especially tiny note messages! I thought this would be something fun to make for a friend going out of town, or a loved one to have while away. Here’s a fun and easy diy for your winter crafting afternoon! I made this with vintage wallpapers but it can be easily swapped with any holiday-related paper as well (ie: Christmas/Valentine’s Day/Easter/etc)

Here’s what you need:

– Fun pattern papers (mine are a mix of vintage wallpaper + papersource)
– Bottle (got these from specialty bottle)

– Jewelry rings (mine are from Michaels)
– Twine
– Label paper
– Scissors
– Small Box to wrap bottle

First, cut strips of paper. I used vintage wallpapers and floral/map prints. I hand wrote some messages, and typed some with a typewriter.

Roll up your little note, then place jewelry ring around the note!

You can write however many notes you want that person to have.

Now place the notes in bottle.

Print out a label for the bottle. You can write whatever message you’d like on the label. Then place label on bottle.

Wrap the twine around your bottle. This is optional, I just added it for decoration :)

Place some tissue paper in your gift box and place message bottle in box.

I also printed a wrap around label out. Place label on box and tie with twine!

A fun little gift idea, any recipient would be lucky to receive!

hello diy / 99cent store mug:

I was at the 99 cent store and thought it’d be fun to do a DIY series of projects with dollar store items. I thought it was a pretty original idea but stumbled upon Emily Henderson’s blog and the 99 cent store idea has already been done. That’s okay though! What hasn’t been done? 😉 Anyway, here’s what I came up with and a simple + easy diy project for you!
So all you need is a plain mug (the one I found at the store happened to have a gold rim at the top which is pretty cool) and a gold sharpie paint pen! (these are permanent oil based pens – they also have extra fine tip if you want to get into more detail)

I just started drawing some shapes on the mug but then realized it may be good to draw a pencil outline first? Either way would work, whatever you feel confident doing.
The finished piece. I was going to go all the way with the triangles but just went with this instead 😉 Also: I did wash the mug to test the paint and the design was fine. Go sharpie!

my alt summit business cards:

I know I just did a business card diy a couple weeks ago but wanted to share my alt cards too! If you missed my cards from last year, you can see them here. Looks like I used the same yellow card stock again this year 😉 Well anyway, I totally forgot all about my business cards for Alt this year, so I threw something together the night before. Here is another quick + easy business card diy for you!
Items I used:
Curry business cards from Paper-Source
Paper clips + vinyl decals from The Wanderlust
‘you are beautiful’ custom stamp
black felt ink pad
I designed the label with a wrap around design in mind. I lay out the text in Illustrator but if you don’t have that, you can probably use word or photoshop. You can download the templates for whichever size label at the site. So for my design, the info went on the front and the quote was wrapped around to the back.
I did two versions of this card. #1 – I stamped it with a “you are beautiful” stamp.
The 2nd version included a little animal paper clip + a vinyl decal.
They’re fun, simple, + easy cards. Anyone can make them!
If you have any questions, just let me know :)

hello diy / shapes business card:

Today’s weekly DIY is a charm-stamped business card.
Pretty simple + easy to make!
Items you need:
Self Inking Stamp (I got mine from VistaPrint!)
Pick your letters and hold the stamp in place.
Pound on top with a hammer a couple times to make impression.
For the triangles, I wasn’t sure which letter to put so I just put an ampersand 😉
I typed out my company and website address with a typewriter.
For gluing the charms, I decided to use 2 types of glue, just to see how it’d turn out. A tape glue and regular glue. I used the 3M 700 ATG gun (if you don’t have one, get one! They are magical! so easy to use and the tape is strong!)
Regular glue used here. Each works equally well.
and you’re all done! and easy + simple business card DIY.
You could also just stamp the card since realistically hand typing the cards may take a while depending on how many you make. I ordered a self inking stamp from vistaprint for free! For only $2.99, you can edit the fonts yourself which is pretty cool. They have great quality stuff, I’m a fan.
That’s it! Hope you enjoyed this DIY :)