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i thought it’d be nice to start a new weekly post with encouragement/inspiring messages and quotes. i know sometimes these quotes and sayings can get cliche and start to loose their meaning but sometimes they really help me get through my day or week, what about you? We offer a lot of positive messages through the products we carry in our shop, i love encouraging people through simple little things like that. and i’ve always wanted this blog to a place where you can find encouragement. really should have had this kind of post from the start 😉 

Today’s quote really spoke to me, probably because i find myself doing this quite often. Hope you are encouraged, inspired, comforted, and refreshed through these small posts friends!


I know I haven’t mentioned anything about Japan, and I didn’t want you to think I didn’t care. As much as I try to provide inspiration & happy posts throughout the week, in reality there are things happening in the world that go beyond pretty pictures.
The footage is unreal, even the photos above I can’t comprehend the magnitude of what is happening in them. 9000+ are missing in just one village. It definitely puts things in perspective for me. This past weekend lives were forever changed while I went to a flea market and spent money and shopped. I don’t know: I feel like it’s so meaningless when families are worrying, wondering, waiting for news of their loved ones.
There’s a lot more going on beyond my day to day and trivial petty issues. Last week we found out Nick’s sister is getting a divorce, which is heartbreaking because a family is now torn apart. She’s really having a hard time, and her 3 beautiful kids will now grow up without their dad. They’re all under age 5, and my heart breaks to think of them as they deal with their lives being forever changed.
So I’m dedicating this post to anyone who is struggling – whatever you’re going through: don’t loose hope. I tried to find some inspiring images to share with you. Print one out, hang it nearby or set it as your desktop background. I hope you are encouraged today, friend.
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The above graphic I added some text, it is inspired by Revelation 21:5. There is such hope to be found in the One who gave His life for us – can you imagine a day when there will be no more tears or sadness or death? I think the verse 4 is so poetic, “He will wipe away all our tears.” Wow. I can’t wait for the day when this war is over, and He welcomes us home.
Those are just my beliefs, yours may be different. But thanks for letting me be open with you about them.
Regardless of what you believe though, let us continue to pray and encourage those who are hurting, struggling. Let us rally as a community and send support to those in Japan who are lost, scared, needing rescue, needing hope.
Lydia & the girls from Utterly Engaged are holding a bloggers day of silence for Japan, this Friday the 18th. I’ll be participating so there will not be a post this Friday. If you’d like to participate as well, that’d be great too. All the details about it, as well as how you can help, can be found here.
But I know there are lots of organizations out there to give aid. Yahoo has a list compiled here. You can also donate via text: text MED to 80888 from any mobile phone to give $10 or text 90999 to donate $10.00 to red cross.
Thanks for reading through this post, friends.

new month:

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i really love this quote.
don’t we so often hold onto things?
i know i do.

it feels like i just posted about august ending!
now september is over.

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i love the cozy warm feeling i get from looking
at jessica’s beautiful fall collection of dwellings.
the weather is cooling down (slightly)
and it was even windy today!
i love the seasons changing.
it definitely feels more like fall.

happy october, friends.


hi friends! i’m sorry i haven’t been posting the daily this week! last week sort of burnt me out, but it was an awesome series and thanks to everyone who posted comments – it makes me happy that you enjoyed it.

this week has been okay. 3 people i know lost their jobs last week and then one just yesterday. times are tough and you hear about it on the news, but it is crazy when it starts happening to people you know and love.

beyond that though, i feel like i am needing some inspiration and to just get going! my mind is everywhere thinking and preparing for craft shows this summer and wanting to come up with new designs and art beyond jewelry. i just want to learn and know everything all at the same time. i’m taking a sewing class (we’re making skirts next week!) and a flash class at my local community college so hopefully i’ll be able to bust out some legit websites very soon. i just wish i could do it now and not have to hassle with the next 7-8 weeks of classes. 😉 i must learn patience.

i love this image:

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♥ encouragment one:

so for today, i’m running 3 different posts for all the ones in love, the anti, and the needing encouragement friends. i’ve been reading some friend’s blogs lately about how life has been hard, they’ve lost a love one or whatever so today can’t be the best reminder for them. for some, it may be the once a year in-your-face reminder that you’re single.
so the posts are in the following order: encourage, love, + anti. i hope it brings you a little encouragement whatever your situation is today.



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