golden globe 2012 fashion:

Did anyone catch the Golden Globe Award’s last night? Did a post about the fashion last year so thought I’d do another post this year with some of my personal faves πŸ˜‰
photo source: hollywood life + just jared
It’s crazy that a whole year has passed, it feels like just yesterday I posted about the fashion from the 2011 golden globe awards. Well this year I think this nude color still seems to be in – it is so classic, I don’t think it will ever get old! I thought Madonna looked gorgeous and the top of her blouse during her presentation was so pretty. The bottom of the dress is whatever. I do love the dress of Andrea Riseborough (not sure who she is but she is with Madonna) and
Zooey is so cute, she shouldn’t be on the worst dress list but I think she made it to a few. Not such a fan of any of these dresses. Natalie Portman’s looks like something my friend wore to prom back in 2001. I think some people liked Heidi but I just think it’s so plain, not golden globe fabulous.. What did you think of the fashion this year? :)

wears / alt summit:

I’m headed to Altitude Summit next week in Salt Lake City and have been pondering what to wear for the conference. It’s a fun event filled with bloggers and creatives from all over, and you know everyone will be dressed in their most fabulous wears. I used to really be into what I wore in high school, it was all stuff from abercrombie & fitch and hollister, heh. I don’t think anthropologie existed then, at least, not to my knowledge. But considering when my family members see me and sometimes say “what are you wearing?” or “you look like a bum” I may not have the best fashion cred anymore. I just wear what I like. Not sure if it’s in or out.
Well, here are some of my favorite “if I had an unlimited wallet” picks of my ideal wears. We’ll see what I actually come up with to wear πŸ˜‰

1/ zara
5/ novica
2. jcrew
2/ ae
Any recommendations on what to wear? :)

happy friday / oxfords:

Lately I am obsessed with shoes. Well, I am always into shoes. But I’ve really been wanting some new shoes lately so I’ve been searching all over for cute shoes. I think I get it from my grandma. She bought tons & tons of beautiful shoes back in the day. I am really digging these oxfords though. What about you? Do you have an item that is an always must buy?
I am particularly always drawn to cut-out designs in shoes. Loving these. Here’s where I got them from, in case you’re wondering! From left to right: etsy from VintageByBecca, vintage from revamped bones, from ebay, from Ruche.
Just want to say a huge congrats to my blog friend, Dionne for scoring a bridal stylist job at BHDLN! They’re having a grand opening in Houston, check out her announcement here!
Well, happy weekend friends! I’m planning on some r&r for this weekend while my husband is on a gaming-weekend with his guy friends! What are you up to?

happy friday / dresses:

Okay, I have something to confess. I bought a couple vintage dresses for my wedding, to try out. They ended up not working out and I borrowed a vintage dress from Ruby (what a friend!) I figured I’d sell the ones I didn’t use but that really hasn’t happened yet. I now have a small collection of pretty vintage dresses, that I’ve found here and there – at flea markets and all around. Now I don’t want to sell them, they’re all so pretty and nice to look at! But lately I’ve been thinking how it’d be fun to open a pretty vintage dress shop or something… just because it’d be so fabulous to have so many pretty dresses around.
Anyway, I took some up close shots of some of the dresses I have to share with you. Maybe one of these days I will have the time to take pictures and post them up on the internet to sell!
What are your plans this weekend? Our workshop is tomorrow, we have well over 200 emails back and fourth of planning and figuring things out. It’s been a lot of fun and we’re really excited for tomorrow! We’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to share with you!
Have a fun/relaxing/wonderful weekend friends! See you on Monday :)

Grammy’s 2011:

Time to get your thoughts on the Grammy fashion this year! Did anyone watch it last night? I watched it with my older bro & Nicholas. Seems like just yesterday we were talking about the fashion from the Golden Globes!
So the top photos are my fave: JLo looked so pretty, as always and that dress was so sparkly on tv, it looked like tiny glass pieces. Florence Welch’s dress: fabulous. (more thoughts below) Keri Hilson’s dress was pretty & Esperanza Spalding’s dress was so ruffly and I loved the green/yellow color of it. I think Natasha Bedingfield’s dress made it on some ‘worst dressed’ list but I thought it was lovely! I stuck Heidi & Seal in there cause I think they are such a cute couple and Heidi looks gorgeous!
Feathers, muppets, and Gwyneth = love.
My favorite performance of the night.
image via just jared
Wow to Florence Welch’s swan dress! It was totally my favorite, it was so beautiful & detailed and so vintage-looking! Was anyone thinking it could also be a fabulous wedding dress, or was it just me? πŸ˜‰
So in other news, Justin Bieber did not win Best New Artist – Esperanza Spalding won. As you can imagine, there was lots of twitter rage and Beiber fans even vandalized her wikipedia page, which I think is really sad. What are your thoughts?
Well the Oscars are coming up in just a couple weeks so looks like we’ll be back here again soon. Happy Valentine’s Day friends! (Be sure to check back tomorrow for a new look)
All images via

golden globe fashion:

Did anyone watch the Golden Globes yesterday? What did you think of the dresses this year? While looking through photo galleries of what was worn, I just wasn’t that impressed. What about you? (Note: all images are from Just Jared – lots of good quality images from the event)
Really wasn’t a fan of much of what was worn this year. I don’t claim to be a fashion expert or anything πŸ˜‰ I am just wondering where these dresses came from! What do you think?
These were my favorites, by far.
I guess I am really into nude colors + sparkles!
and can I just say how cute all the Glee boys are? :)
I loved watching Kurt/Chris Colfer accept his award and the reactions of the glee cast.

pretty cardigans:

has summer weather hit you yet? it’s high 70’s – 80’s here and it’s just heating up! i’m not the biggest fan of warm weather: i’d rather be snuggled up in a cozy blanket next to the fireplace in the rain :) i love wearing sweaters and scarves all year long.. even though that might look silly next month when people will be in sun dresses and bathing suits πŸ˜‰ but i’ll still sport a cute sweater for as long as i can before the 100’s hit here.
anyway, i’ve been really loving pretty embellished/lace/crochet/pointelle cardigans lately so i thought i’d put together a quick collage as an outlet to my obsession with these sweaters.
1. Blooming Lattice Cardigan from anthropologie, $88
2. Linen Rosalie cardigan from banana republic, $79.50
3. H81 Floral Embroidered Cardigan from forever 21, $32.90
4. Neon cotton père cardigan from jcrew, $78
5. Knitted pointelle cardigan from topshop, $75

ps: here are some other cardigans i found while on the search: an embellished floral sweater from etsy, another lovely ruffle fabric flower sweater from etsy, and one last pretty Boucle cardigan from etsy. pretty sweaters from ae, nordstrom, and calvin klien. :)

project runway season 7:

okay, i just caught up with the last episode of project runway and had to post about it. is anyone watching this season? i think i said before, fashion/art/design is so truly subjective!
this whole season has been so crazy, i can’t believe the finalists are emilio and mila (well, up against jay) i mean, earlier on in the season, i totally thought it would be amy, maya, and seth aaron. i also really do like jay’s work. let’s just compare! :)
i was so sad she got eliminated, yes some of her outfits were questionable (like her mother/daughter challenge) but i thought she was so talented and was really surprised when she left.
i feel like jay is consistent in his work and i really like his style.. i hope he beats mila πŸ˜‰
i don’t understand the judging, looking at the scorecard, mila was bottom three – 3 weeks in a row. and she still has possibility to make it to fashion week.. i don’t think there is anything special about her work!
i know the judges loved emilio’s work (4 weeks in a row he was winner!) but i don’t see why. i thought he’d be off on the week the designers designed their own fabric, but he won! i did like his latest circus-inspired dress though.
i also don’t get what maya’s deal was with leaving the show. she was so seemed like never winning a challenge got her down. actually, there is an interesting interview from maya about the whole thing, by tom & lorenzo.
also really random (spoiler) but i guess 10 designers from Janeane and on all showed a final collection, 10 pieces! see them at tom and lorenzo’s blog if you’re curious πŸ˜‰ Janeane, Jay, Jonathan, Seth Aaron / Anthony, Emilio, Mila / Amy, Ben, Jesse
okay, so i have to hear your opinions! nick totally called it, he said it’d be seth aaron, mila, and emilio. weird! he also had a dream he met anthony, haha. he is so funny. what did you think of last week’s episode? agree/disgree? who did you want to see make it to fashion week? :)