free calendar update:

Just wanted to update you all about the free calendar shipments – I’m terribly sorry for the delay, I had intended to work on them back at Renegade SF while I was away for the weekend and then Nick got sick so our plans totally changed that week. So they are slowly being shipped. Slowly but surely. Thanks for your patience! At least this is good for another 11 months 😉 So sorry to anyone who is waiting on a calendar! But it’s coming …

a (free) pocket calendar:

UPDATE: 133 addresses have actually been received. Sorry friends, free calendars are all gone! You can still get a calendar (semi-free) if you want one, read the info below! :)

I designed these pocket calendars a little while back and just got them in the mail! I decided I’d offer a little holiday cheer / pif (pay it forward) and send 75 100 of these out to my lovely readers, free of charge! That is, if 75 100 people even want one 😉 Want a calendar? Just leave a comment on this post and then go to this form and fill out the information!
Calendars will be mailed out as soon as possible, just in time for the new 2011!
Free calendars are now all given out! If you still want a calendar, there are 2 options for you! Option #1 – You can get one by sending me a SASE! (self-addressed stamped envelope) Send a sase to: oh, hello friend | po box 1134 | la habra, california | 90631 or Option #2 – If you don’t want to send a SASE, just pay postage cost of $1.00! (sorry friends, was .50 cents but paypal fees are outrageous and I was only getting .19 cents after fees!) Use the buy it now button below:

Calendars are also available to international readers too! I’d just need the postage costs, $1.50! If you’d like one, click the ‘buy now’ button below, be sure to leave your correct mailing address!

for so cal:

free disneyland admission

1. 1955 Disneyland Slide Castle, 2. Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle Souvenir Book, 3. Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs at Disneyland, 1963, 4. Disneyland in 1957, 5. Vintage Disneyland Graphics Tin Signs, 6. Disneyland, CA, 1971, 7. Disneyland Tickets 1972, 8. Disneyland 1972, 9. “Paper Collage Horse” Illustration, Disney 1959

for my southern california friends, i came across this at disneyland is offering free admission on your birthday! you simply register using this link and go on your birthday, fabulous. i realized afterward that this is very smart of disneyland because you’re not going to go to disneyland by yourself on your birthday, so the chances of someone having to purchase a ticket is pretty high, unless you have a friend with a pass of course. but whatever, it’s a free admission if you can make it on your birthday.

and the very cool thing about this is that if you are a pass holder like myself , disneyland will give you something else in place of a free pass on your birthday, so it works for everyone. thanks disneyland! anyway, i came across these cool vintage photos on flickr..can you believe admission used to be about $10 in the 70’s? crazy. ok, have fun!


digital polaroids, from poladroid.

yes, very soon polaroids will be a distant memory, so sad. but to keep the memory going, you can download this super duper program that converts your photos into polaroids! ok, so it pretty much just sticks the frame around your photo, but still. it’s cool. and free! i’m all about the free.

note * application is only available on macs right now. (uh-huh, go macs.) so get on it. sorry pc users. but according to the website, the download for you guys is the works.

ok, i know it’s not the real thing. but hey, it’s all about digital now i suppose. and it’s as close to the real ‘digital’ thing as it gets. you drag your picture onto the polaroid camera and you actually wait for it to develop – as you can see below in my screen shot. i’m gonna be honest, this really confused me at first and i was like, “ugh, great..what is wrong with my pic?” and considering the instructions only come in a FRENCH pdf with your download, i just had to figure it out for myself. but aren’t you glad i am explaining it to you now? :) be sure to add your pics to poladroid’s flickr group.

have fun!