Hotel Room Baby Shower:

Photo from Danyelle!
So my roommates at Alt were Melanie & Karen. Melanie is having a baby in a couple months. I hadn’t met Karen yet but she emailed and initiated the idea to have a baby shower for Melanie. I was immediately on board because, let’s be honest: Melanie is amazing!
We decided to just have the shower in our hotel room to make it easy for everyone. We both tried to pack light things to use for props and decorations. It was hard because I pretty much wanted to pack my entire garage of props and things.
Brought an instax to capture all the guests that came to Mel’s shower.
We did cupcake decorating.
Karen was pretty wonderful and coordinated all the good and cupcakes – isn’t it amazing how you can plan something with someone you’ve never met? When we did finally meet, it was great because I already felt like we were friends. The food was actually suggested by Marta, catered from Cucina Deli.
Annie is so cute. Loved her necklace and her haircut too.
Melanie is just about the cutest pregnant person you will ever see!
I’ll admit, I got teary-eyed when I first saw her & her little baby boy.
Loved hanging out with my fellow name-twin: Danyelle!
Karen had an idea to do onesie decorating, which was so super cute!
Can you believe she is 6 months pregnant? She is so tiny!!
Traveling for a shower? Pack flat / paper things. Karen & I both packed all the party stuff in our suitcases. We were going to make the garlands and everything but there would have been no time. Thank goodness for bhldn – that’s where I got the all the decor like the garlands and wheel sets.

15 friends project:

So I am super fortunate to have been asked to be a part of the 15 friends project by Twig Creative. The project is simple: a blank canvas gets sent all around the country and each friend adds their contribution. There are 2 groups and it has been a lot of fun following them and seeing how it’s turned out – what everyone has added each time.
This is what arrived after 3 friends. I was #4 in the group.
I came across these cool hot air balloon clips and the project encouraged all types of media so I thought this may be fun to add. I don’t consider myself an artist in the fine arts field, I even draw stick figures poorly. 😉 But I do like mixed media and using different types of collage materials (can you tell from my blog design?) I wasn’t sure if the clips were a good enough contribution but I thought they were just too cool not to use.
I liked this idea of air and being free so to go along with the theme, I added a little plane.
I also found a vintage flash card that I clipped on the hot air ballon. Galaxy. I thought it was a cool word 😉 It can be removed and doesn’t necessarily need to stay in the piece.
All packaged up and ready to be sent to the next person!
I loved the concept and execution of this project – Thank you to Steve & Michelle for inviting me to participate!

cupcakies #4 baby shower:

On Saturday afternoon we threw a baby shower for our dear friend Ruby! We gathered at the park and ate delicious food & had a cupcake decorating party! Linda, RJ, and I exchanged lots of emails planning and preparing, it was fun planning for Ruby’s (supposedly) last baby #4! 😉
So this ^^ eventually turned into this:
Lots of fun decorations along with an amazing food
menu prepared by the Navales Family!
Yummy + very pretty drinks made by Ruby’s little sis!
(above 2 images by John Lauren)
Really delicious food made by Ruby’s sweet mom!
Let the cupcake decorating begin!
(got the #4 sparkler from here)
(image by John Lauren)
We bought this frosting stand and spray painted it with chalkboard paint, then wrote the flavors right on the stand!
I seriously think I could just take pictures of Soul all day long. She is such a precious little baby! She is adorable eating a cupcake and she is adorable just standing in a basket we put her in 😉 It seems like she just yesterday she was a baby!
Brave is such a sweet little one, she’ll totally smile it up for the camera.
Sweet friends: Helen, Ruby, and Linda!
(ps: I cut my hair all off!)
Time for clean up – this little cart was so handy. It’s my newest most favorite piece from the sale on Saturday – I got it from Found. It’s YELLOW! 😉
(above 2 images by John Lauren)
This last picture reminds me of a pathway to heaven or something, lol. This park is so pretty, one of my favorites!
Everyone else is really on top of it and already blogged about the shower if you want to see other recaps: Ruby’s, RJ’s, Helen’s, Linda’s, Jenny’s, and Karen’s!

and last but certainly not least, Jenny (Linda’s little sis) put together an awesome video of the day! I love videos! I love the different element & aspect they bring to the table, something beyond photos. You can watch and re-watch and remember special moments.
side note: you guys can also see how long it really took to get that #4 sparkler lit (starts at 1:29) I really want a video camera now!

Babycakies #4-Ruby’s babyshower from jenny kim on Vimeo.

linda’s bridal shower:

it was a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon when i attended a lovely bridal shower for a dear friend linda. (remember we did her invites?) it was hosted by her sisters and rubyellen provided the sweet decor and favors.
so cute.
a pinata. and linda’s cute mom, covering little soul’s face from the wind.
the beautiful bride to be, playing the underwear game.
the shower was held at linda’s mom’s house, in her pretty garden. her garden was so legit – totally blogworthy 😉 she had about persimmons, avocados, lemons, oranges, apples, grapefruit, and several other fruits and vegetables. i said she should start a garden blog!
this was the prettiest pinata you ever did see. made by ruby, it was layered with vintage book pages. there were some issues breaking it open, so jenny gave it a try too, while linda held it. hilarious.
beautiful little soul. she hardly made one peep!
i hope my kids are as good as her.
sweet friends.
sweet sisters. i wish i had sisters!
fish table.
there was a fish table in linda’s house, it was so awesome!
fish inside a glass table: how cool is that? hehe.
yum! red velvet cupcakes in a jar. my favorite!

japanese tape + a sewing machine:

so i’m really late in posting this but it’s cause i didn’t have my camera! :) 2 saturday’s ago some friends got together and made invitations for our sweet friend, linda. she’s getting married very soon! the talented ruby ellen designed the invites and i just put it together in illustrator. she wanted to do bunting graphics and i remember i saw a super cute bunting invite from mermag. so taking inspiration from the lovely Merrilee, we decided to make actual bunting with japanese tape! (tape also here!) we had about 8 girls in the ‘factory line’ and we got it done in no time!

here’s what we came up with.

invitation making party!
the final product, all bundled up.

invitation making party!
the factory line. look at all those sewing machines. we actually ended up only using one, hehe.

invitation making party!
so this is how it started. i must have cut 1000 little triangles along with 2 other girls. lots of fun!

invitation making party!
then we came to this, all finished!

invitation making party!
fun fun.

invitation making party!
lots of tape!

invitation making party!
little brave and i. i love ruby’s girls, they are too cute for words.

invitation making party!
jenny and her seriously legit camera.

invitation making party!
taken by true. love the thumb, so cute. she’s going
to be a lovely photographer just like her mom.

unique los angeles friends:

this post had to go into another because there were just so many lovely friends who stopped by that i have to blog about! firstly, i guess i will talk about the celebs. it was so cool :)

jackie tohn. so cool. so here’s my story about the ama thing. this super sweet person comes into my booth and she’s like “hello friend…hey, did you have your stuff in the bags at the ama gift lounge?” and i was random.. but yes! she was like, “oh yea, i remember your company!” or something like that and i asked if she got a bag and she was like, “yep, i was on american idol last season, top 24″ i felt super lame cause i don’t watch american idol but that’s seriously legit if you’re in top 24.

anyway, she told me these crazy stories about how the companies in the gift lounge just give out tons of free stuff to all the celebrities… and i told her about how my necklace got stolen and she suggested maybe a celebrity took it cause they thought it was free. so that made me feel better…

as she left, nick was like, “you should take a picture with her!” so i ran after her to ask if i could take a pic. she was SO sweet. she came back to my booth and was like “yea, i’ll put on a necklace or something” so there she is – wearing a oh, hello friend necklace! so in a strange way, the ama gift lounge did work out cause i ended up getting a pic of my item on a celeb anyway! heh. and the fact that she remembered my company brand and mentioned it totally made my day. branding works! lol. so i called my bro cause he’s a big idol fan and he totally remembered her!

Marguerite Moreau. you may remember her from the mighty ducks, i totally grew up on that movie! then i saw her in another show recently and so it was so random when i saw her at unique la in april – she was at the info table, lol. i think i was probably staring at her really awkwardly. i wanted to take a picture with her then but i was like, meh. so anyway, she was back here last weekend, this time passing out drinks. then she came into my booth and i turned to nick and whispered “dude nick, that actress is in my booth!” hahaaaa. she bought a magnet set from me! i asked to take a picture with her, she was so sweet. fun times.

anyway, lots more friend pics: click below to see more!

tina from hi tree! she is really cool, and i love everything from her shop. we were next to each other at a craft show in la that was the worst so i got to meet her back then.

mai from ruche. yep, that’s right! i totally met the owner of the most lovely shop ruche! her and her husband were so lovely and sweet.

i was next to kait emerson designs at patchwork and was so glad to meet her. you don’t always get next to super friendly people at some of these shows so it was lovely to be next to her. i know i say this a lot but she was so sweet. everyone is so sweet, lol. her daughter was soooo adorable too.

my dear friends beatrice her sister cynthia. they were such a big help at patchwork show and stopped by to support at unique. beatrice studied fashion and makes the most lovely things that she sells in her etsy shop here.

and last but not least, all the other lovely friends.

laura – a sweet friend who i just met through blogging.

elim – a sweet friend who i actually met just selling at uc irvine.

carissa – a shop supporter who has purchased from my shop a few times.. she wrote a really sweet thing about meeting each other on her blog.

michelle + carissa woo – super random story about michelle and her sister. i know michelle through blogging, and her sister carissa was roommates with one of my friends from elementary school. such a small world.

dear friends helen + frances + her adorable kids!

my aunt linda stopped by and always supports!

how cute is nicholas in his bike shirt.. which he got many compliments on. i got him this shirt 😉

surprise baby shower:

ok, this is SO very long overdue but i just had to post this fun little story :) a couple weeks ago, we had a surprise baby shower for our dear friend, ruby from cakies! it was planned out perfectly. linda, helen, & ellen and i met and immediately had all sorts of ideas for how we would plan a surprise shower for ruby’s #3 on the way. here’s how it went:

classic face. she was totally surprised. and a little confused 😉

video capturing the moment. love it!

some of our decor!

so our ‘theme’ was school books – linda being a school teacher naturally came up with this brilliant idea. we had kids books that themed the food we got.

a beautiful hand sewn pendant banner made by helen like, 40 minutes before the shower. she is legit!

i love these action shots. linda is explaining to ruby
how we planned everything. helen’s huge smile is
awesome as all the plans are coming out 😉

so cute.

linda, ruby, me, helen
(linda has the most cute engagement story: read here!)

ok, totally love this shot – i think rj took it.
it is such a blogger thing. all of us bloggers know.
we all had our cameras out.
between the 4 of us taking pictures, we probably have
10 pictures of each different food.
but i love the different takes on everything.

jenny took this image.. i love the foreground but
also nick and i are in the background on the phont
with his sister 😉

so that was our surprise party!
so fun.
and so lovely to plan something for
someone who is so amazing.
and i just met ruby through blogging!
i love blogging too.

i cannot take credit for all these lovely photos.
many are by: helen, rj, and jenny!

oh joy at urbanic:

urbanic: 1

yesterday evening i went to a lovely cupcake + champagne social at urbanic paper. so many lovely friends were there, but the main reason everyone really gathered together was to meet joy from oh joy!

urbanic is owned by audrey (she blogs at parcel post) and her husband, joshua and they are just the best. audrey is one of the most sincere and genuine people ever and i love blogging because if it weren’t for blogging, i may never have met her!

my brother and i brought a photo booth (did i tell you we are starting a photo booth business?) so that was lots of fun.

meeting joy was so cool, i was all ‘starstruck’ 😉 i mean, it’s like seriously meeting a celeb! she has achieved such success that so many of us designers and bloggers hope to achieve and she is so inspirational. i even got to snap some pictures in the photo booth with her and audrey, which was awesome!

amanda (from 100 layer cake) was also there and she is also such a sweet and genuine person. some other dear friends that were in attendance: annie (yolksy), margaret (paper pastries), monica (our designed life), and myra (double sided tape). i think another really-cool-moment was meeting max wagner and his lovely fiancee. yep, that’s right. he was there photographing the event. i am such an admirer of his work so it was neat to actually meet him.

i’m posting some #ff twitter links today here 😉 event was at @urbanic. celebrating @ohjoystudio. cupcakes were by @frostedtweets. photographs were by @maxwagner. flowers were by @jl_designs. and photo booth: @photobooth_love.

so here are some images i managed to get of the event! i didn’t even get any pics of the cupcakes though.. but i did get to take some home! 😉

urbanic: 2

urbanic: 3

urbanic: 4

urbanic: photo booth!

urbanic: 5

urbanic: 6
these 2 images are from the store front.
isn’t is so charming? it is hard to make it through
without buying something!

urbanic: friends (2)

annie, joy, monica, my older bro (not the same age as me as audrey thought, haha) and the best boyfriend ever, nicholas! he came all the way down after work even though he had some serious laundry to do. (we’re talking, a good 4 loads minimum)

fun times.

coco avant chanel:

i heard about a free screening of coco avant chanel from a lovely friend and was super excited to go! so we met up with some other friends down at skirball in los angeles. we had lots of adventures of driving through la, with traffic and getting lost, and so on 😉

the movie was great. here’s the trailer if you want to go see it. it says it’s limited release today, but i’m not sure where. lots of chanel pictures posted below in a separate post.