12 gifts:

Over the holidays, someone approached me to do a series of little gifts for her girlfriend, who reads the blog. I thought it was so thoughtful and fun so I gathered some oh, hello friend best sellers and wrapped them up into 12 gifts. I love wrapping so why turn down an opportunity to wrap up gifts and spread some cheer? :)

Here are all the gifts that were included.

All wrapped up!

I’ve never had a request like this before, it was really fun. She just gave me a budget and I just stayed within that! Thanks Helen & Laura!

Anyway, I love gifts! giving and receiving 😉 I especially like wrapping up gifts! My mom is a big gift giver, it’s definitely one of her love languages. What about you? I am sure if you read this blog you most likely share in my love of gifts and/or packaging… :) 

custom name stamps:

Have you met the cakies girls? They are the cutest and sweetest little kids I know! They’re so well behaved and one day if we are blessed to have kids, I will probably be calling Ruby up a ton for parenting advice! I thought it’d be fun to get some custom stamps made for the girls. I had the stamps for a while but was finally able to give it to them a couple months ago. Here’s how I packaged the stamps up:

I found these tins in the dollar section at Target. They had a little chalkboard label so I wrote the girl’s names on each one. Also included a little notebook, stickers, and an inkpad. Here are the stamps in action!


The girls got creative and started stamping Ashley & Reinna

it was quite funny!

Ruby’s girls are so crafty – she has taught them well 😉 Custom stamps make great gifts for anyone, any occasion! They’re especially fun for kids! you can call up your local stamp shop to get a custom stamp made. or if you’d like to order one, i have them available here at my shop as well :)

mother’s day ideas:

Mother’s day is just a couple days away! Have you planned anything special for your mom this weekend? I know I don’t typically do a whole bunch of holiday posts (I like holidays I just never have the time to get anything together for some of them..) but Mother’s day is special because our mom is super dear to us. She raised my brothers & I and provided a lot for us growing up. Here are some last minute ideas if you aren’t sure what to get your mom this year. I think at the end of the day, it’s just the thought that really counts :)

Breakfast – is there anything more thoughtful than a simple homemade breakfast?
via Martha Stewart

Monthly club subscription – I love monthly clubs. It’s so fun to look forward to a package every month. Pictured above: Little Black Bag Gift Subscription (she can choose whatever she wants!) & Sample Society monthly package by beauty bar. Citrus Lane for any new or soon to be mothers that you know! (& for Canadian friends – Glymm & Topbox are available for your country!) images via fab fatale & see shop love

Amazon Kindle – the great thing about amazon is that you can still get this delivered in time for Mother’s day with their 1-day shipping! 3 options available starting from only $79! Clarisonic – My mom & I both have one of these are they are wonderful. Order it here or head down to your local Sephora to pick one up! Photo via curious beauty

Spa day – manicures. relaxing. treat your mom to a spa day or get a certificate for a future visit! via The Pioneer Woman

Memories – Create a special book/journal of memories and sweet things.
Pictured above: fabric covered journal via the brides diary

Photos – Such a sweet & simple idea – run down to your local print shop or print off b&w photos yourself! via Better Homes & Gardens

Flowers – pretty flowers are always a treat. Visit your local shops for some cute vase ideas: michaels, ikea, pier one, west elm, cost plus. via Better Homes & Gardens

If you have any great ideas to share with everyone – feel free to add them in the comments below!