Guest Post / Lily + Rachel, Birch + Bird:

Nothing’s quite as refreshing as cold lemonade on a hot summer day and it’s our humble opinion that the right splash of yellow can be equally invigorating in home decor. From the sunny tidbits we’ve followed here on Oh Hello Friend, we think it’s safe to assume that Danni feels the same way too! Summertime always feels like the perfect time to play with colour and add some bold touches to our own homes. Pillows, art and flowers are great ways to ease over to the bright side without long term commitment. No need to break the bank either…Etsy is one of our favourite sources for affordable art prints and we’ve found many a knick knack at the local thrift stores just begging for a fresh lick of spray paint! And you can never go wrong with fresh flowers from the farmer’s market or even from your own backyard. Wishing you all plenty of sunshine in your day and thanks so much for inviting us by for a visit, Danni! –Lily + Rachel

Lemonade (in hands)  / Photo by Janis Nicolay for BC Living

Living room with cowhide and yellow lamp / Photo by Armelle Habib for The Design Files

Bird wallpaper / Hygge & West via Style by Emily Henderson

Fireplace mantle with yellow chair / 

Limoncello / Yummy Supper

Yellow antlers / White Faux Taxidermy

Yellow couch with blue table art / Krickelin

Rachel and Lily co-write over at Birch + Bird. Together they organize local handmade + vintage markets and run a small Etsy shop. You can follow Birch + Bird on Facebook and Twitter.

guest post / Amanda, Joy Ever After:

Hi again! Amanda from Joy Ever After, here to share some fun antiquing inspiration with you. While road-tripping to the East coast, I enjoyed a detour to the small Virginia town of Leesburg. A quaint little place rich in history, with an adorable stretch of small antique shops!

An especially fun shop is The Cottage along King Street. And if you have a little more time, I was told there would be no regrets if I headed just a bit North to Lucketts Store (which has a great online shop!). Do you have favorite places for finding vintage eye candy? Be sure to share in the comments if you do!

guest post / natalie, olive manna:

Hello! I’m Natalie Jost of Olive Manna and happy to be blogging for Danni today. I have a very simple DIY for you that I hope you’ll find easy enough and fun to customize.
This beaded crochet technique is fun to do and quick to work, with lots of possibilities in yarns and strings, to beads. We’re going to make a necklace that can be worn long or doubled up. Or, wrap it around your wrist a few times and wear it as a bracelet. My instructions follow the assumption that you know how to do a basic crochet chain. No other skills are necessary.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Crochet thread, embroidery thread, baker’s twine, or any lightweight yarn.
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Small crochet hook (4-5mm)
  • Beads with holes large enough to fit your twine/yarn

    First, thread your beads

  • Using your embroidery needle, thread s good number of beads onto your twine. You’ll need 85 beads for the necklace shown (about 3 beads per inch).

    Next, crochet…

    Remove the needle and make a slip knot in the end, leaving a 6-inch tail

    Chain 10, then slide a bead to meet your hook and chain around it as shown below. Chain 1 more.

    Repeat this pattern (chain around a bead, chain 1) until you reach the desired length.

    To finish off, chain 10 again, then cut the twine, leaving a 6-inch tail. Pull the tail through the last chain and pull tight. Then tie the two end tails together and tie a bow to give it a finished look.

    Try different colors of twine, different beads, or try more chains between beads, or none. Make it longer, shorter, anything you like. Have fun!

    guest post / lillian, unstitched:

    One of my good friends, Lillian from unstitched blog recently got engaged (hurray!) so I asked her to share some wedding inspirations with us. She is in the first stages of deciding on invites so I’m so excited she is sharing some of her favorites here!

    Hi Oh Hello Friend readers! I’m sure you all appreciate beautiful paper goods and lovely invitations just as much as Danni.  I recently got to see Danni’s wedding invites for the first time in person, and they are just as beautiful as the photos show.  Beautiful and well thought out invitations really set the tone for the event, and they’re a pretty good way to convince someone to attend.  I always put lots of thought into invitations, even for regular parties.  It might be easy to just send out an evite through email, but it’s so much more fun to send out something tangible and creative.

    I’m in the midst of wedding planning research, so I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorite wedding invitations that I’ve found online:

    This wedding invitation is by Julie Song for her own wedding.  I love the watercolor details, the mix of type, and the garden theme that reflected her location.

    I really love the idea of an invitation in a box.  It’s like opening a gift!  And this one comes with a beautiful little booklet.  By Oscar & Emma.

    This laser-cute invitation is brilliant.  It gives the guests a peek into the location of the wedding, and I just love that the little trees pop up like a pop-up book! 

    I have always loved illustrated invites.  They’re so whimsical and fun.  Top one by one of my favorites, Rifle Paper Co.  Second by Erin Jang of The Indigo Bunting.

    I’m sure you’ve seen these invites floating around the web, but I can’t help but share them again here.  These viewfinder invitations by Melangerie are a stroke of genius.  How cool would it be to open a box and find an old-school toy as a wedding invitation?! 

    What are some of the coolest invitations you’ve seen around the web?  Do you have any favorite trends in invitations lately (letterpress, watercoloring, etc.)?  I would love to hear! – Lillian

    guest post / kira, her new leaf:

    Today we have a wonderful post from Kira who blogs over at Her New Leaf. I met Kira at one of our photography workshops a year ago and she has been recently helping with oh, hello friend promotions. She is super sweet and has some lovely + helpful blog content over at her blog so be sure to check it out. Thanks Kira!
    Danni is the queen of craft shows – am I right? I’ve been lucky enough to see her in action a few times, and her booth is always the most lovely and stylish – not to mention busiest! – at the show. Today I’m sharing a quick idea for a jewelry display that I hope would be Danni-approved. Even if you don’t sell at craft shows, you could use this jewelry stand to store your own treasures at home.
    This display is made from a vintage spoon collection rack. You can easily find these at any thrift store or flea market for just a few dollars, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
    Once you’ve found your perfect rack, just sand, prime, and paint! I used white semi gloss primer + paint in one. Using primer is especially important for this project because old wooden pieces like these have a dark stain that can begin to show through the paint over time.
    You could also customize your display by adding some decorative details like your shop’s name or logo!
    This jewelry display is especially useful for craft fairs because the slots for the spoons keep necklaces and pendants hanging neatly side-by-side so they can easily be seen by your customers.
    Good luck at your next show and happy crafting!

    guest post / amanda, joy ever after:

    Today’s post comes from Amanda from Joy Ever After. I’m not exactly sure when I came across Amanda’s blog but I’ve been following her for a while now and love her aesthetic and all her blog content – just gorgeous. Thanks for this sweet post Amanda!

    Hi there! Amanda from the blog Joy Ever After here, so excited to be posting with you today. I’ve got a fun project that will work well as a favor, individual servings at a brunch, or just a great excuse for random kindness.

    When I came across these ruffle baking cups, I immediately thought of this mini bundt cake that Danni made. How fun to use for a sweet gift!

    Since I have plenty zucchini from my CSA, I chose to make this zucchini bread recipe. Any bread recipe will work, and the cups could be used to bake anything (think mini quiche!).

    To package them for gifting simply wrap in wax paper, tie with bakers twine, and add a kraft tag. Anyone will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful tasty treat!

    Amanda O’Rourke is a photo stylist, author of the blog Joy Ever After, and backyard chicken farmer. While a Wyoming native, she now lives in a quaint urban bungalow in St. Louis, with her husband and a large dog.

    Guest post / Chelsea, Lovely Indeed:

    Hi friends! While I am away in Asia, we’ll be having some friends joining us this week. Today we have Chelsea from Lovely Indeed with this fabulous diy post. I met Chelsea and her husband Ryan at Alt Summit – they were so super sweet and are now LA locals which I’m pretty excited about having a fellow creative near. Thank you Chelsea for being here today!

    Hi friends! I’m Chelsea from Lovely Indeed, and I’m so excited to be guest posting today — Danni’s blog is one of my very faves! Now let’s get crackin’. I’m sure you’ve all had a fortune cookie once or twice, right? Well, have you ever had a fortune cupcake? Me neither, until now.

    We have an awesome little printable that you can download for free, and make your own fortune cupcakes! It’s a super-simple project that will definitely add some sweetness to your next batch of goodies. Here’s what you’ll do.

    First, download and print this template on white cardstock. Cut out each circular fortune. Next, whip up a batch of your favorite cupcakes (no shame if that means buying a box!). When you bake them, don’t use cupcake liners just yet. Spritz the pan with nonstick spray and bake without the liners.

    Bake, frost, and decorate your cupcakes. While they’re setting, get your cupcake liners and fortunes ready. I like to stack two cupcake liners together for a fuller look. Drop a fortune into your liners, and put your cupcakes right on top.

    Then when you serve them to your friends, you can tell them to keep an eye out for a special little surprise! Thanks so much again to Danni for having me — what an honor! Hope you all have a blast with this sweet little DIY. xoxo

    contributor post / decorating with found objects:

    Ever heard of that old adage, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” It’s the foundation of decorating with found objects. A set of old mason jars can be repurposed into a light fixture, just like a set of smooth stones or pebbles, flora or beach flotsam can be beautifully arranged in a terrarium or a curio case for display.
    Some other ideas for found objects can be old furniture that can be reupholstered, old photos, and even shells. What you do with found objects is up to you and your imagination, but here is a little inspirational design to get you started:


    Display Table (via)

    This gorgeous display table and wall is filled with gorgeously arranged found objects: †a few green ceramic vases are artfully arranged in a cabinet while the rest of the table is adorned with a rusted metal pitcher, a clay pot, and a few jars and bowls.


    Mason Jar Chandelier (via)

    Here is an example of upcycling your found objects. Turn some old mason jars into a quirky chandelier.


    Hanger Wall Art (via)

    This home’s designer cleverly arranged some old wooden hangers and a metal hanger forms on her wall. †What could have been garbage has been turned into art, of all things!


    Decorated Vignette (via)

    Craft and a sense of composition and a lot of little trinkets and found objects come together to create a beautiful vignette. To create the look, fill some hurricane glass jars with sand, rocks and flotsam, and arrange on a display table with your best collection of pebbles, twigs and twine.


    Casey Diseno (via)

    This is one purely ingenious! †If you still have some left over milk crates from your dorm-room days, group them together and repurpose them into a chandelier.


    Apartment Therapy (via)

    Here is an excellent example of displaying larger collections of found objects. None of these old desk clocks may work anymore, but this room’s designer finds new purpose by arranging them into a pretty display on her nightstand. †She also displays found plastic dolls around her bedroom as well to accommodate her figurine table lamp, as you can see in the first photo.


    Apartment Therapy – Market Place (via)

    Can you believe these are the types of goodies people throw away every day?The dress form would look so chic in a walk-in closet, while the “Rooms for Tourists” sign would look cheeky over a guest bedroom.


    Urban Paris NYC†(via)

    Another pretty arrangement of found objects – a sea shell, a pile of old books and an empty mirror frame look unexpectedly beautiful here. The pile of worn books adds an interesting touch too.
    Turn your found objects into decorative treasure by displaying your collections in curio cases arranging them on a display table. You can also repurpose or upcycle anything you’ve scavenged for, or found; it just takes a little bit of creativity and inspiration. Take a look around your house and have fun with what you find!
    Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

    guest blogger – Nora from Nora Griffin:

    Wow, that week went by so fast! I’ve actually met this lovely lady at a craft show, she is really sweet and talented. Nora is here sharing a cute little diy card project – she’ll also be back with a studio tour too! She’s on twitter too! Thanks for being here today Nora!

    Hi, It’s Nora from Nora Griffin! Today I thought we’d make a little something, especially since you’ve seen how I have more than enough supplies. One of my favorite things is handmade cards and here is how I made a little set recently.
    I started with an old, falling apart dictionary, tearing out a few pages for the card background.
    Next up is picking just the right stamp. I used kraft
    colored cardstock for the card base, cut down and adhered the dictionary paper.
    I used a paper distresser dragged along the edges to give the card a worn look.
    I stamped a tree image right on top of the dictionary text.
    Then I took a minute to dig through my ribbon jars to add a little more embellishment.
    First though I stamped a greeting and mounted it on the card with foam tape to give it dimension.
    The card is all done!
    After making three matching cards…I did a little more stamping to tie together the set.
    Here’s the set ready to be given as a little gift.
    Thank You Stamp: Catslife Press
    Ink Pads: Clearsnap
    Paper Distresser: Amazon