Hello strangers! Sorry I’ve been so silent at the blog, it has been pretty crazy around here! Nick & I have been exploring the sights & beautiful scenery of Seattle and we’re currently in Portland now for Crafty Wonderland! I absolutely love Portland & Seattle so it wasn’t too hard to decide to spend some time up here ūüėČ  We’re also so very fortunate to have amazing employees that can run the shop while we’re away. We stayed in a Treehouse the other night which I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Today we’re off to eat at all the many places Portland has to offer. (Pok Pok, Voodoo, Screen Door here we come!)
Anyway, be sure to check back tomorrow for a very special giveaway – excited to be a part of 24 Merry Days. and Monday we’re having a 24-hour sale on our new masking tape! Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Happy Friday:

I love rubber stamps! Here are a few new designs we’ll have available at our upcoming craft shows. Be sure to check our holiday show schedule! This holiday we’ll be in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles, & San Francisco! Hope you can come by to visit one of them. I love this time of  year!

What are you up to this weekend? Nothing exciting over here – we’re just working as usual. Have a lot of work to do to prep for craft shows – it is quite a task to prepare enough inventory and everything :) Hope you have a lovely weekend, thanks for reading OHF this week. xo.

Happy Friday:

Happy Friday friends! Yesterday was really productive – I spent the day redesigning our logo and branding and I designed a new layout for the blog. I’ve posted my work file from Illustrator above, I’m a messy worker – layouts and elements all over the place ūüėČ
Anyway, it’s kind of similar to the current layout – I can’t seem to get away from PEACH/PINK, YELLOW, and MINT!! it’s kind of a sickness, I’m just drawn toward those colors. I’ve tried to change the blog layout every year and am running behind this year but I’m thinking it can still get done before 2013 is up. You can see past blog layouts here¬†if you’re curious what oh, hello friend looked like 5 years ago.
Well this weekend is full of workshops! We are having 3 calligraphy workshops with Jenna Rainey and a book of notes workshop on Sunday! There is still room in the book of notes workshop – we’re also doing a string art class + floral arranging workshop next week so you can still sign up for those too! Hope you have a fun weekend friends, thanks for reading this week.

Happy Friday:

Happy Friday! Wow, this month is flying by. I think it’s actually pretty crazy that next month will actually mark a year since we signed our lease for our retail shop! It does not seem like we’ve had the shop for a year… it seems like a couple months. Time flies! Well, we technically opened in February so I guess it hasn’t been a full year. It took us a while to get going from when we signed to actually opening!

Anyway. Speaking of time flying – tonight is our 5th year anniversary party for oh, hello friend! I started OHF 5 years ago and it’s been such a fun journey. It has definitely been a labor of love… a ton of hard work. learning a lot of new things. good times and arguments too with Nick. I’m really excited to see where the next 5 years go with oh, hello friend.

Thanks for all your support over the years you guys! I haven’t forgotten about our online friends – we’ll be having some fun online celebrations to follow. May not be until early next year because the holidays are coming up and those are crazy for us. But we have some plans to celebrate online! Have a great weekend!!

If you are coming to the party tonight, please click below to read all the details!

The party is from 6:00-9:30pm. Please bring your eventbrite ticket and check in at 122 N Harbor Blvd, Suite 110. Fullerton, 92832. Our shop is Suite 103. The party is being held at Suite 110! It is free to attend but we are accepting donations and 100% of proceeds will go to Zoe International. 

Swag-Bag’s for all!

There’s been some talk about the swag-bags and people lining up to make sure to get a bag. We want to try to avoid lines so you can all enjoy and we’ve actually been able to put together about 200 bags! We have just about 200 rsvp’s so there should be enough bags for everyone!¬†

In effort to keep the line down and so everyone can enjoy the festivities, when you check in, you’ll receive a swag-bag ticket that will guarantee you a swag-bag so you can hang out at your leisure and not have to worry about the swag-bag madness. Your swag-bag will be safe and sound! The bags will be at the shop so you’ll have to head there to claim your bag but be sure to check in first with us at Suite 110 to get your swag-bag ticket!

Come later for some amazing music!

We’re also having our amazing friends, Me & Mr Cassidy come and play. But they aren’t getting there until around 7:00-7:30 though so you should definitely come around then to hear some amazing live music!

OHF at wholesale prices!

We are having a table set up at the party with OHF items, and we’re making our prices down to wholesale! So be sure to take advantage & get your favorite OHF goods!

Free fun!

We have a lot of fun festivities planned: Calligraphy station, where you can get a custom 8×10 print to take home with whatever you want it to say (10 word limit) so think about what you might want to get said! We’re having a Cotton Candy stand and a silhouette artist that will cut out your silhouette (like at Disneyland!) Photo booth and tattoo station. All these are free for our attendees, but feel free to consider leaving a tip for all these wonderful vendors that are providing their talents for us! Thanks!

Happy Friday + warehouse sale:

A few weeks ago, we drove up to Stockton for a quick overnight trip to celebrate a special someone’s 60th birthday. My mom was on a baking/cooking frenzy and was so sweet to make us all these treats.

She cooked us fresh chicken pot pie and made a fruit pizza. My aunt makes this amazing¬†Kalhua cake¬†every Christmas and we were able to get the recipe from her a few months ago so my mom tried making it ¬†herself. It was soooo good.. and it looks pretty ūüėȬ†Then I mentioned to my mom that I love her blueberry cobbler so she went to the grocery store and got blueberries and made that too! haha, it was so crazy. We went home with so many sweets. But I guess we weren’t thinking and Nick & I realized that we were leaving for Chicago 2 days later so we stuffed ourselves with food. I’ll always remember my mom making all this good stuff for us, there is nothing like mom’s cooking! I hope I can pick up some skills and cook for our kids one day.

Don’t forget! i’ll be at the Warehouse Sale tomorrow with Found Rentals! We’re blowing out extra ¬†inventory from the shop and we’ll have other fun stuff. Jeni is selling some beautiful pieces from her collection. The preview from her instagram looks so fun. I’ll be posting some photos today of the stuff we have for sale while we set up. It’s only a 3 hour sale from 9:00am – 12:00pm so don’t miss it! :)¬†

Have a great weekend friends!

Happy Friday:

Well the other Friday was not so happy for me … I was happily working on my computer the other night when it randomly and suddenly froze on me. I tried to force quit but it was not responsive at all. So I just restarted it.. I left my office and came back 10 minutes later to find it was stuck on the white apple logo screen, and it was frozen again. I knew this wasn’t good. Tried restarting again but the same thing happened. So I went to sleep hoping it’d magically work in the morning. Unfortunately the next day, it still wasn’t working so I took it to the apple store. The diagnosis was the motherboard and it would be about $700 to fix. I mean, at that price you can almost buy a new computer. What a bummer!!¬†
I hadn’t backed up my files in a while so I was most concerned about getting all my data! (remember I told you about my phone¬†last year? me + technology just aren’t friends sometimes) Fortunately they gave me a recommendation for a repair shop in La Habra.. Took my poor imac there and for $150, they was able to get my files onto my external. I was still bummed that my computer was totally broken but really glad I could at least get my files!
So I guess that meant it was time for a new computer. Not sure if you knew this but I used to work at the apple store in college, it was a lot of fun! I bought that imac with my employee discount and felt like it was the best deal ever. But I’m not a huge techie or anything… Nick keeps really up to date with technology. My imac was 5 years old but I was perfectly content still using it! I just use illustrator and photoshop so nothing too fancy and it was fine for what I needed it for. I guess it’s kind of sentimental, I created all my oh, hello friend stuff on it and blogged hundreds of posts, edited thousands of photos on it. But technology doesn’t last (especially these days, i feel like things are built to break in 3-5 years so you’re forced to spend money and buy something new!) so i guess i’ll be creating a lots of new designs on my new computer.. i am pretty excited to get it!
but all that to say –¬†back up your computer right now!¬†especially if you haven’t in a while .. or ever ūüėČ you never know when it may be your computer’s time to just go out on you.. I was just minding my own business and the motherboard breaks suddenly??! crazy. and random.¬†
Anyway, has anyone ever had their computer break on them? If you haven’t, I hope you never have to experience it! ¬†Well, have a great weekend friends!

Happy Friday:

Sometimes I take photos of the sky. Though I don’t think photos can really capture the complete and full effect of it unless you’re there in person. I love sunrise and sunsets, to me it’s like seeing glimpses of heaven and our Creator. Such beauty we can’t even behold or comprehend.¬†

Maybe this weekend you can catch a sunset or wake up early for the sunrise. We’re out and about this weekend, surprising a loved one for his 60th birthday. He doesn’t know he’s seeing us this weekend but I think it’ll be fun to celebrate with him and show him he is loved.

Hope you’ve been able to find beauty this week even if you’ve been down, discouraged or feel like you can’t catch a break. See you next week dear friends.

Happy Friday:

Wow, lots of announcement posts today! Okay, I know I talk about instagram a lot but I seriously love it. How cool is it to photo journal and document your life?¬†I was looking through my feed from way back and I am so grateful for this app and bringing back memories from past trips. I was able to find our photos from Renegade Chicago when we went this time last year. It’s crazy it’s been a year already.

But we’re off again this weekend with our¬†suitcases fully packed + an extra one (5 suitcases total!) This time last year Nick looked crazy, lol. He hasn’t had his beard look in a while. I always like him either way but I do prefer not the look above ūüėČ I posted the information about Renegade Chicago this weekend below so hope you can stop by!

Have a lovely weekend friends! If you’re in California or somewhere where it’s hot, hope you stay cool. The heat has been intense here!

Happy Friday:

Hello, happy friday! Have you had a nice week? Hope so. This week we got a lot done and it feels really good to get work done! (especially things I’ve been putting off) One thing we did was get out of a storage unit we were in. We were sharing it and the people we shared it with moved our stuff without telling us and broke some of our things in the process. It also looked like they went through our boxes and everything! So I really like this phrase. I was initially upset but at the end of the day, it is what it is. and now we’re out of there and it’s like a heavy weight lifted off :)

Anyway, these are some new home wall decals we have in our shop! Any big plans for the long  holiday weekend? Hopefully some of you get Monday off. When Nick was still at his old job, it was the best when he got work off, it was like a freebie day! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading this week friends. xo.

Life Lately:

Time is crazy. It’s passing so quickly, can’t believe we’ve had the shop over half a year now. Can’t believe summer is over. Can’t believe we bought our house over a year and a half ago! Life right now is just working (a lot) but also trying to find balance and enjoy life, enjoy our house, and work toward new goals.¬†I was looking at our upcoming calendar and we have so much going on so I thought I’d make a list of the things I’m looking forward to :)¬†

currently looking forward to:

A lovely weekend getaway with some dear friends.

My cousin’s wedding in Seattle!

Getting to test drive a Nissan Versa for a week!

Renegade Chicago!

Re:Make conference in San Francisco.

Purging with vintage/garage sales in September & October

(sign up for our shop mailing list to get updated about dates!)

What sort of things are you looking forward to? It’s always fun to have things to look forward to, don’t you agree? If you don’t have anything on your calendar, maybe you can find something to put on there. It doesn’t have to be anything grand. Maybe just a simple night of going out to eat your favorite dinner. or try a new restaurant. or go to the park and watch the sunset (or sunrise). or see an improv comedy show. (nick and i haven’t done this in a while but it’s a lot of fun!) ¬†well, hope you all have a great weekend! :)¬†