24 Merry Days:

Hi Friends! I am really excited to share with you 24 Merry Days – a fabulous idea brought to reality by Audrey of The Little Street. It’s a group of 24 bloggers that will post 1 giveaway on their designated day. So you have to do a little blog-hop to all the blogs to see the different giveaways – what a great way for us to discover new blogs too! My giveaway is on Christmas Eve, the 24th. The prizes are legit, I can’t say what they are because you’ll just have to visit each blog on their designated day but trust me, I would love to win one of everything 😉  Be sure to follow along the beautifully designed 24 Merry Days site, it is easy to navigate and tells you what you can win and gives you a link directly to what blog you can win the prize at! You can follow along all the tweets too to see the status of all the giveaways posted daily – #24MerryDays
So far there have been 3 giveaways since we are on December 3rd. Day #1 was a giveaway at 79 ideas for a $350 gift certificate to Kirribilla! Day #2 over at fellow fellow is for a screen printed city map from Famille Summerbelle. and today’s giveaway at Sugar and Cloth is for 2 super cute items – a set of pom cake toppers and a cloud bracelet. Just catching you up 😉 Be sure to follow along each day! To enter, simply visit each blog to see how to enter – it’s typically just a comment-to-enter! Hope you win something good!

happy thanksgiving:

Here in the states we are celebrating Thanksgiving! Even though it’s a holiday we celebrate in the us just once a year, I think this holiday reminds me that I need to be thankful everyday, all year long. Sadly I think it seems that some people in our society have grown an ‘entitlement‘ complex where we feel we are owed things or we are entitled to certain benefits or privileges. I think that it is definitely easy to loose site of all the things we do have and that there is so much to be thankful for. I was telling someone the other day about blogging and how for me it is so easy to get caught up in seeing what fabulous things other bloggers are doing, I find myself just wanting more, more, more and having an uncontent and ungrateful heart.

But today I am all about giving thanks and what having a grateful heart means. Today, I am thankful just for my health and life! Nick & I lost a friend this year to cancer – it is so easy to take even just life for granted. I am thankful for my loved ones. For our new house and the privilege to own a house, the opportunity and means to buy a house. I am thankful for love, for our jobs, for freedom, for another year of life. To all those celebrating this holiday in the usa, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! To my friends in other countries, maybe you can share in this day with us too and reflect on things you are thankful for this year :) See you next week! xo.

mother’s day ideas:

Mother’s day is just a couple days away! Have you planned anything special for your mom this weekend? I know I don’t typically do a whole bunch of holiday posts (I like holidays I just never have the time to get anything together for some of them..) but Mother’s day is special because our mom is super dear to us. She raised my brothers & I and provided a lot for us growing up. Here are some last minute ideas if you aren’t sure what to get your mom this year. I think at the end of the day, it’s just the thought that really counts :)

Breakfast – is there anything more thoughtful than a simple homemade breakfast?
via Martha Stewart

Monthly club subscription – I love monthly clubs. It’s so fun to look forward to a package every month. Pictured above: Little Black Bag Gift Subscription (she can choose whatever she wants!) & Sample Society monthly package by beauty bar. Citrus Lane for any new or soon to be mothers that you know! (& for Canadian friends – Glymm & Topbox are available for your country!) images via fab fatale & see shop love

Amazon Kindle – the great thing about amazon is that you can still get this delivered in time for Mother’s day with their 1-day shipping! 3 options available starting from only $79! Clarisonic – My mom & I both have one of these are they are wonderful. Order it here or head down to your local Sephora to pick one up! Photo via curious beauty

Spa day – manicures. relaxing. treat your mom to a spa day or get a certificate for a future visit! via The Pioneer Woman

Memories – Create a special book/journal of memories and sweet things.
Pictured above: fabric covered journal via the brides diary

Photos – Such a sweet & simple idea – run down to your local print shop or print off b&w photos yourself! via Better Homes & Gardens

Flowers – pretty flowers are always a treat. Visit your local shops for some cute vase ideas: michaels, ikea, pier one, west elm, cost plus. via Better Homes & Gardens

If you have any great ideas to share with everyone – feel free to add them in the comments below!

3 days later:

Happy Easter Friends! Today, I hope you know that you are loved… more than you can possibly know, imagine, or comprehend. I will leave you with a quote from A.W. Tozer that I actually blogged last year, for any new readers around here or in case you missed it. It’s just so good it’s gotta be posted again 😉 Have a blessed day.

I do not mind telling you that within me I find the Easter message and the reality of the Resurrection more beautiful and glorious than the Christmas scene. Christmas tells us that Jesus was born; that He was born for the humiliation of suffering and death and atonement. But Easter is the radiant and glory-filled celebration of Christ’s mighty triumph over the grave and death and hell! When Easter comes, our voices are raised in the triumphant chorus: The three sad days had quickly sped; He rises glorious from the dead! There is the real beauty! This is more than the beauty of color; more than the beauty of outline or form; more than the beauty of physical proportion. In the living Christ is the perfection of all beauty; and because He lives, we too shall live in the presence of His beauty and the beauties of heaven, forever! – A.W. Tozer

Good Friday:

I think the bible is so poetic, don’t you? I’ve been reflecting on this verse for a while now. I think after everything that happened with Ramon, it’s just been on my heart.

Many years ago, the greatest love of all walked this very earth. Jesus. He came to pay a debt that He didn’t even owe. A debt of sin – our sins and our debt. Today is a good, good Friday. God knew humanity needed restoration, so he sent a Savior. Jesus came and in the greatest display of love ever shown, sacrificed His own life to save ours. Words + movie depictions don’t really even touch the surface of what Jesus went through for us. He died a sinner’s death, though He committed no sin. He suffered a death that we all deserved, but are now pardoned from. and 3 days later, Jesus rose and now offers freedom beyond death. He stands as our atonement, because we couldn’t & can’t do it ourselves. That is legit. All you have to do is come to believe on your own free will.

Dearest friends, can you imagine a day where our troubles and tears, our pain, our sadness, all the disease & sickness that plague this world, all the evil — will be no more? He will restore us and make all things new. The day is coming – we will go home and be in the presence of the one true God, our Almighty King. Is your heart ready for that day?

To grasp such love.. love that brings me to my knees with a heart bursting with gratitude to the One who saved me when I’ve done nothing to deserve it. That is my hope for all of us, for those who know do believe and particularly for those who may not. That you might come to know this great Love. Love that will set you free from the chains that we are bound to by this world. Even if everything said here doesn’t sit well with you or sounds crazy, I hope that you may at least be just a little curious to examine this deep agape love.

Happy Good Friday friends.
Thanks for reading this too :)

If anyone is looking for somewhere to go, our church is having a Friday service today at 4pm & 6pm & on Saturday/Sunday – the times are listed here. Nick & I will be here on Sunday morning with my brothers too. Email me and we can go together. I’m serious. I’d also love to hear from any of you who may be wondering what on earth I’m even talking about. Feel free to comment or email me with questions/doubts/issues with what’s been said here/whatever, I’d love to hear any and all thoughts.

(ps: above graphic is free to download – print it, keep it as encouragement, whatever! A ipad/phone version can be downloaded at flickr too)

Punch Box Notes:

Friends, some of you may know I am a big fan of notes. Notes that come in any form, any shape, any size. So I immediately fell in love with these sweet punch boxes from Lea Redmond. I’m sure you’ve heard of Lea, she’s done a super awesome collaboration with Chronicle Books and is the creator of the Worlds Smallest Post Service. I actually met Lea at Renegade LA and it was such an honor to meet her, she is definitely someone who thinks outside the box.

So when she emailed me about these amazing Handmade Punch Boxes, I knew I’d immediately love them. Handmade?! What? I know. I was so impressed with the construction and quality – the front + back are letterpressed! So you simply punch with a pencil and out pops your note!

I love how novelty these sweet punch boxes are. It reminds me a little of the price is right “punch” game or something! (That is one of my favorite games! haha)  Love that you get to ‘punch’ through and your little note comes out. They are actually based off a vintage 1920’s punch box. They did make some great stuff back then. Isn’t it great that Lea has found a creative way make a fun version for others to enjoy?

These would be a perfect gift for a certain someone for Valentine’s Day! They also can come with custom messages which is pretty great too. Lea has kindly put together a list of tips and creative ideas for how to write fantastic scroll messages for your own custom punch box. Make your messages personal and particular to your relationship with the person it is for. 

1) Recall a memory of a moment with her or him.
2) Start your message with: “This is a coupon, good for…”
3) Use just one word. A favorite food? A special object that makes you think of her? The emotion you feel when you are with him?
4) An inside joke.
5) A quotation from a favorite book.
6) A url to something fun to see or watch online.
7) Your phone number.
8) Your favorite cheesy pick-up line.
9) The place or situation in which you met.
10) See the “Sweet Words” scrolls for additional ideas

These fabulous little punch boxes are limited edition, so be sure to order one today. 
Lea has also mentioned that boxes are guaranteed to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day! :)

Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s day is in about a week, do you have anything fun planned? Here are some ideas/projects/misc things I’ve collected from around the internet for your vday inspiration today! Even if you don’t have a certain someone to share it with, who says this day has to be all about that? Send a friend or loved one a card/gift letting them know you love/appreciate them!

1. free download: Diy stitched cards from Dandee Designs

2. make: 7 days of love from the dating divas (via joy ever after)

love this idea! & it doesn’t necessarily have to be for a guy! make it for a friend.

3. buy + send: valentine’s box card from Pamela Loops

4. gift: music box from bhldn, made by somethings hiding in here

5. gift: i lovely love my family print from tuesday morning

6. idea: get a custom portrait from one and the same (via you are my fave)

7. free download: printable valentine cards from thank you card shop

8. gift: bow ring from ae.com

9. wear: cute teddy from byLangley


image from Joe Cavazos / edited with pixlr / gif made with gifninja
it’s Christmas! I am sitting here in Missouri with my husband (well, he is actually sleeping now) and just enjoying this time of relaxing. No orders to ship, nothing to make, no show to sell at. Just being content. I know the chaos and busy-ness will all start back up again the minute we get home (I actually already have a very long list of to-do’s, hehe) so it is really nice just sitting here and just being. You know what I mean?
Can I share with you about why we (my family) celebrate Christmas? Well, many years ago, a baby was born in most lowly and humble circumstances. Jesus. He came into the world to give His life for the sins of man. Some of you may think that sounds like a sad or strange story. It’s actually really a story of love. Love so far beyond anything we can comprehend or understand. Jesus knew His purpose for coming into the world, and in His great love for us, gave His life that we may be saved. The ultimate sacrifice. Without His birth, there could be no sacrifice. Without His sacrifice, there could be no salvation. But the price has been paid, and we have all been set free. All He asks is that you simply believe! To Him be all honor and glory, for He is the Savior of the world!
Well dearest friends, I want to thank you for all your amazing support this past year. Thank you to everyone and anyone for even taking the time to read this blog. Thank you for every single comment. and really, thanks for allowing me to share my faith with you. I know there are many of you who hold similar beliefs but I am sure many of you who don’t necessarily share the same views. Either way though, you allow me be open without criticism or judgements and for that, I am deeply grateful. You are seriously the best readers a blogger could ask for, I mean it. I think that a reader appreciation week is definitely in order. (it’s in the works, was just brainstorming ideas with Nick on the plane ride over 😉
I don’t really have anything planned to post for next week and plan to just take a little blog break and gear up for a fresh year of blogging in 2012! I hope you all are able to share this time with family or loved ones. Whatever you celebrate, wishing you a lovely holiday and very wonderful new year! xo, danni (& nick too)

inspire: lovely / Christmas:

With all my shop + craft show craziness, I haven’t really had a chance to get into the Christmas spirit this year, which I’m a little bummed about but it is what it is. We are up north visiting my mom right now, and we’re headed to Missouri tomorrow to spend time with Nick’s family. This is my favorite time of year and even though we didn’t decorate our place or even get a tree, at least we can spend time with family, which is really what it’s all about for us. and in the mean time, I will just live vicariously through all the gorgeous photos out there, here’s a round up of some of my favorites :) How are you enjoying this time of year?
photograph by Alison Conklin via Style Me Pretty

10 things, friday:

image by lauri.
How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was quite lovely. Went to my Aunt’s house and saw all our relatives, it is always a good time seeing family. In keeping with this week’s theme of thankfulness and the challenge I wrote about on Monday, here are today’s 10 things I’m grateful for.
1) Thankful for 2011. Our first year of marriage, the fun things we did together, all the craft shows we were able to sell at. It’s been a good year, I can’t complain.
2) For the ability to communicate. My grandfather recently lost his ability to speak. Something in his throat, it is hard for him to swallow and now he doesn’t talk either :( It is quite sad but I realized how fortunate we are to have the ability to talk – how frustrating would it be to not be able to communicate?
3) Photography, and the ability to capture all the beauty that surrounds us.
4) Harry Potter, an epic story of love and sacrifice. As well as something that Nick and I can share in together!
5) Thankful for money in the bank and that we are able to save a little here and there.
6) The post office. Even though sometimes they sometimes are shady (at my post office at least) and keep raising the rates to send mail, how would we send and receive all the lovely things in the mail without them? I am a big online shopper, I can’t imagine not being able to receive packages!
7) Arms and hands. So I can hug my husband and hold his hand, which I love to do and we do often :)
8) Antique markets. What can I say? I am a big fan of vintage/antiques and we have quite a few markets available to us in oc/la – going to the markets are so fun and I am also thankful for my sweet husband who goes with me, even if it’s not his favorite thing to do on the weekends 😉
9) Imagination and ideas.
10) All the support from you, the readers. Thankful for anyone who has ever come to a craft show, a vintage sale, anyone who has ordered from my shops, and anyone who reads this blog – I am so thankful for you all and humbled by your support. Thank you friends.
Even though the 10 things challenge ends today, I hope I can keep this mentality of being thankful and content in my day-to-day life. I feel like it can be so easy to fall back into complaining about silly things and being ungrateful – but it is so refreshing to have a thankful mindset, don’t you think? Happy Friday dear friends! Wishing you all a splendid weekend.