In a bit of a funky mood lately. It’s getting hot here in orange county, and the sun kind of makes me lazy 😉 sometimes want to just stay in bed all day… do you have days like that? do you have anything that you find helps in motivating/inspiring you? Well, here is a collection of images i hope you like :)


Lucy Cheung

anne mumford

Đào Tuấn Anh


Martin De Martin





Love this venn diagram. isn’t it so true? i’ve been working a lot on figuring out expectations, where they come from, and letting them go cause they’re ridiculous!

inspire lovely:

Super late post but still making it in time for Thursday! I got an email from a sweet reader who linked her tumblr and there were so many well curated, pretty images – I wanted to pin so many photos and decided to just post some of my favorites here. So thanks to glad and young for all the inspiration :) Some of these photos make me want to unplug from technology and go camping.

via Ashley Herrin

inspire, lovely / pretty package:

A round up of pretty packaging for your inspiration today!

Package exchange announcement is coming tomorrow :)

Have a wonderful day friends.

image from paper n stitch found via Lisa‘s pin.

image from emerson made found via Clair‘s pin.

image from The New Domestic found via Gillian‘s pin.

image from Creature Comforts found via Kelli‘s pin.

image from Kylie Parry found via Silvia‘s pin.

image from Herriott Grace found via Lindsey‘s pin.

image from in haus press

image from Lovely Tape found via Nur‘s pin.

image from Pretty Tape found via Kelly‘s pin.

image from House of Design Blog found via Sarah‘s pin.

image from Incey Wincey

image from Smim Tokk found via Lauren‘s pin.

image from Dinosaur Toes found via my own‘s pin 😉

image from Wallnut Studio found via Kelli‘s pin.

image from Hege Greenall-Scholtz found via my own‘s pin 😉