hello wedding – test tube vase trend:

i went shopping with my mom a couple weeks ago for some wedding decor and noticed all these test tube vase decorations in the stores: i really am loving them. then i stumbled across betsy white’s blog where she did a round up of some test tube vases. definitely an upcoming trend, what do you think of them? anyway, i decided to go on a hunt for test tube inspiration!
1 from here / 2 from here
whew, there’s a lot out there :) hope you’re inspired today.

25 today:

hello and welcome — it is my birthday today!
please enter in to my party! 😉 it’s going to be lots of fun!
(image source unknown, please message if you know it)
first on the agenda: in the morning we will spend time in the fields..
(image source unknown, please message if you know it)
have a lovely picnic breakfast,
swing on swings under the trees,
and feed the baby elephants! 😉
(image source unknown, please message if you know it)
later in the afternoon, we’ll take a bike ride,
(oh, and since this is an imaginary party, we’ll teleport over
to ride our bikes on the streets of paris, hehe.)
we’ll take some time to gaze into the sky and daydream,
because daydreaming is always fun 😉
(image source unknown, please message if you know it)
and stop in at a lovely candy store for some sweets.
then we’ll watch the sun set, eating lots more
dessert at our beautiful farmhouse
with lots of sweet cupcakes + scrumptious macaroons.
and everyone will take home a beautiful party favor.
what a wonderful birthday it has been.
hope you had fun today – thanks for sharing in all the festivities 😉

old business cards:

so i stumbled across these old business cards, uploaded by ink ling on flickr. seriously, i want to go back and live in the time when they passed these out. there is a really beautiful art to them. when letterforms weren’t digitized yet, there wasn’t a computer to design them for you. this is the legit stuff :)

letterpress week – business card inspiration:


business cards. little three and a half by two inch pieces of paper that have potential to brand your entire company :) card observer writes an article about how important business cards really are. here are some lovely letterpress cards, since we are doing letterpress week. enjoy!
designed by: truly smitten
printed by: thomas printers
style me pretty cards by elum designs
printed by: simple song
designed by: public school
printed by: vertallee
designed by: jessica hische
printed at: the arm
designed by: jess creates
printed by: invited ink
designed by: Second World Design
printed by: Repeat Press
designed by: kyle van horn
are you inspired yet? 😉 i know it’s a little discouraging looking at all these beautiful cards when letterpress printing can run somewhat high depending on how fancy you get. but think about branding and what message you are sending to your clients. is it worth spending the extra $$ for? i would say so. :)
in the above image, sarah writes a great article on ‘tips for more affordable letterpress’ here. be sure to check etsy for great affordable custom letterpress cards — sellers like chatham and caron and vermilion star press offer lovely custom business cards cards for around only $1 each. the mandate press actually offers a pretty sweet deal: 200 simple black+white cards for only $95! here and lastly, i stumbled upon exquisite letterpress while i was looking for business card inspiration and came upon their almost free cards — their prices are really reasonable for 500 – 2000 cards. click their instant quote form here!
ps: if you haven’t had enough business card inspiration, i looked through flickr using the search term “letterpress business card”, or see the dingbat press card set (they print some great cards)

work of leanne ford:

i received an email from stylist leanne ford a few days ago: i think it would be such a fun fun fun job to be a stylist! to get to work on sets with so many pretty clothes, it’d definitely be the best :) check out a great interview by leanne here and see lots of inspiration at her portfolio website!

blog it forward:

hi friends! i am so excited to share with you my blog-it-forward post today. sweet victoria at sf girl by bay started the most fabulous ‘blogger mashup’ which is such a fun way to get our blog community together.

the question starting the first ever blog-it-forward is “what inspires you personally?” and there are 10 other blogs are posting what inspires them today as well. (be sure to check it out!) then tomorrow, another blog will post and the next day, another blog will post and so on. it’s all here in the schedule. there are about 300 blogs participating so you may see it going around the blog community 😉

so when i sat down to think about what inspires me, here are the top 5 things that came to mind: (thought i’d make a little graphic using some of my favorite fonts, which also inspire me, hehe)

italy. image by simply bloom photography
i have always, and will always love to travel. traveling to another state or another country: there is always a journey to be found. i think the thing i love about traveling is that you get to go somewhere beyond what you’re used to. traveling reminds me that there is a whole world that exists beyond what i’m used to and my everyday suburban life.
honduras. image by brandon kidd
venice: where i want to go for my honeymoon.
image by RachaelMc
rwanda. image by living water
saigon. image by kindsir
i’ve been here and the motorcycles are insane!
in a good way. it’s just such a neat culture.
Dusty Sunset by Philipp Klinger
i can never get tired of looking at images or taking images of the sky….. it is full of such beauty- a simple and natural beauty. sunsets, clouds, the vast blue color reminds me of a Creator.
Brooklyn Bridge Sunset by Philipp Klinger
(all philipp’s photos are amazing!)
heaven’s tree by bitzi
wonderful day as bright as a day has ever been by neloqua
{pure} by jessica.paige
i am inspired by design: of all forms. but my emphasis in school was graphic + visual design so it definitely holds a special place in my heart 😉 here are some designers i love:
artwork by aprile elcich
i love designing using found papers in art and aprile does it with perfection.
anthropologie tags by dan gneiding
oh goodness. tag design, be still my heart. you ever wonder who designs all the lovely tags on anthropologie + urban clothing? this guy! his work is amazing. seriously my dream job.
fabien’s work is amazing. and he runs a fabulous design blog here: just full of inspriation.
a good business card design always gets me. (image from daily poetics)
blogs. who isn’t inspired by them. and just the whole blog community in general. i honestly never even thought of where i would be once i started oh, hello friend a couple years ago. i’ve made a few good friends in real life and the blogging community is so amazing and supportive. so here are some of my all-time favorites that never cease to inspire.
sfgirlbybay: been following victoria’s blog for a while now and it was so amazing to meet her in real life at alt, she is just as sweet as her blog in real life.
decor8: holly always has fresh new content and is such a dear.
darling dexter: whitney is my hero: she has pursued all forms of design from photography to fashion – many things i would love to do myself!
mint: ellie blogs about all aspects of design and her content is always inspiring. (especially love her personal works!)
ruthi auda: ruthi has a super fun job at hurley (thanks for letting me know friends!) and has worked at anthropologie in the past. her blog + design is ever so lovely.
vintage laundry by gingerlillytea
well, needless to say: photographs are the soul and essence of inspiration. without photographs, where would we be? i love how photographs tell stories, document life, evoke emotion.
A spring gathering by IrenaS
soul valentina by Christian Cruz
(my friend ruby’s beautiful baby girl. love her sweet face captured in this shot)
love the emotion captured in this image by max wagner

and for tomorrow, i forward it on to the lovely mixed plate blog!
be sure to follow tomorrow as they continue this mashup :)
that’s it for my first blog it forward! the whole mash-up schedule can be seen here. be sure to check out the 9 other lovely blogs who are posting their inspiration today as well:

creature comforts | hula seventy | paper pony | design for mankind | ink on my fingers | poppytalk | heart fish | sfgirlbybay | smile and wave

(and thanks for victoria from sfgirlbybay for putting this whole thing together!)

collections / business card round up #1:

business cards are such an important element in your business. you have 3.5 x 2 inches of space to make an impact. (well, not limited to that size!) 😉 i asked 2 designers whose work speaks for itself: they know their design. ellie from mint + whitney from darling dexter: both amazing blogs full of daily inspiration. i asked them 2 simple questions: 1) the importance of a good business card + 2) how to design a good card!

read on :)

importance of a good business card:
whitney from darling dexter gave us her thoughts about the importance of a good business card: In this day, it’s one of the last physical artifacts that you can give a potential client. Everything has moved online which can often get lost — so to have a card available is crucial. Due to the size, it’s generally something that can easily be stored so the chances of it being tossed are pretty slim. Most importantly, it’s a great way to inform and remind a potential client of your who you are and direct them to your online presence.

ellie, mint design blog says: When you’re trying to make a potential business connection, your card is the first “window” into who you are. A memorable card can make the difference between staying in someone’s wallet or ending up in the trash! I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money on cards necessarily, but a well-designed or unique card says a lot about who you are as a professional.

here are some lovely card designs for your inspiration:

100 layer cake. +

brckt.com +

michael b kenyon
source from here

the darling room

ellen jackson +

element +

francesca pasini +

creativesuitcase.com +

butter label +

grace bonney +

amelia lyon +

sassen design +

AIGA Knoxville +

Emerson Taymor +

lena corwin + (found via paper pastries )

somace design +

advice on achieving a well-designed business card:
ellie, mint says:
Definitely seek out a pro! Designers have training in typography, and even the simplest card deserves thought and attention by a professional. If you can’t afford a designer, I’d recommend buying a well-designed template or going the completely creative route. (Moo has a great collection of templates for those on a tight budget). If you’re an artist and don’t need to hand out hundreds of cards, maybe a collaged or hand-stamped card is the way to go!

whitney, darling dexter says:

Definitely think outside of the box. There are so many templates out there to quickly get a business card made but they don’t set you apart. Head to your local library or bookstore and see if there is a graphic design section. Usually there are great books on business card design as well as for other materials you might need for your business. It is such a small piece of paper (maybe paper? who knows the materials that could be used!) but it has to represent what your business is all about. Don’t settle. This is an opportunity to grab attention, so pay special attention to detail and spend some time crafting the perfect card.

thank you for taking the time to offer us some professional advice ladies!

more business card posts for lots more inspiration:
903 business card photos available to view at daily poetics! they are all so creative. and some other places to gather even more business card inspiration: cool business cards from creativebits.org, 100 really creative cards from webdesignerdepot.com. 54 unique cards from reencoded.com. hand stamped business cards from paper pastries, and eco-inspired business cards from greenwala. yep, tons of inspiration and creativity out there.

happy friday dear friends! xo.