happy thursday:

hi friends! i am preparing for renegade los angeles this weekend – July 24 + 25 so i won’t be posting tomorrow. if you’re in the LA area, i hope you’ll stop by! it’s an awesome craft show, with over 250 crafters and it’s free! (i’m actually attending the la food fest on saturday, so i won’t be at renegade all day. if you want to meet, i’ll be there all day on sunday!)
i haven’t posted weekend links in a while but i like these so here are some links from around the blog world, for your weekend enjoyment:
+ pretty dresses from libby story

+ the coolest book camera blogged at our city lights

+ would love to buy this recycled pine wood bookcase

+ anyone have 3.6 million to buy Marilyn Monroe’s home? it’s amazing!

+ really really really loving this engagement shoot by christian cruz.

+ love this really awesome Faux Gold Dino necklace tutorial at paper n stitch!

okay, see you lovelies next week! don’t forget to check back for the blog anniversary giveaway :)

( link love )

readymade $10 mag subscription, modish.
little advertising for modish – so readymade mag is offering a $10 subscription for modish readers! this is a great deal for an awesome mag!

75 Simple Pleasures to Brighten Your Day, zen habits.
nothing really needs to be said about this, i just liked what it was all about. it’s all about the simple pleasures in life anyway 😉

weather index, kurtli.
a fun little website that makes the weather forecast look so lovely!

new tape shop opening, happy tape.

so i am just a little bit obsessed with tape! and this awesome japanese tape is now here in the usa, being sold at happy tape – if you haven’t heard yet!
before and after inspiration, design*sponge.
have you seen this section of design*sponge? it makes me want to get lots of plain furniture and turn it into something really pretty. lots of work though, but there is so much inspiration here! barb from knack studios does a lot of this too, so be sure to stop by her blog if you haven’t yet!

( link love )

earth day: link love.

♥ Plastic Bag Crafts: craft zine.

craft zine is so full of lots of daily inspiration. this article is all about crafts you can make with plastic bags! so simple. be sure to check their recycle section, filled with lots of projects you can make with everyday objects.

♥ Fusing Plastic Bags with the Etsy Labs : etsy.
i am way more of a visual person, so this video is super helpful in learning how to fuse plastic bags. it’s so easy: all you need is Plastic bags, freezer paper, an iron, and scissors! here’s the video they posted:

there is another tutorial on threadbanger which is super helpful: how to fuse plastic bags into a laptop case! so check that out. Here are some more links if you want even more!

Make your own upcycled plastic goods: via modish blog.
Beautiful Baskets: via The lucky ladybird craft blog.
My Recycled Farmers Market Bag: via modern cottage.
Shopping Plastic Bag: via in the wake.

♥ How to Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit: care2.
a great article on making your own cleaning supplies – nontoxic and using things around your house! If you’re interested in more, I also found these articles: homemade substitutions via earth easy + your own cleaning products via about my planet.

♥ Earth Day Projects: instructables.
tons and tons of cool projects at one of my fav sites, instructables!

♥ Cosa Verde & Modish Earth Day Giveaway: modish.
wow, $1375 worth in prizes! go now. don’t read, just enter! lots of ways to enter and the prizes are fabulous!

Some other links (ok, I spend a long time on the internet!)
Reuse Sewing Pattern Tissue Paper via crafting a green world.
reusable sandwich wrap via whip up.

( link love )

( link love )

♥ free downloads, poppytalk.
have you been around to poppytalk’s free download section? there are lots of great resources and fun downloads available, check it out.

♥ 7 Abandoned Architectural Wonders, weburbanist.

this is kind of a random link but abandoned places always intrigue me. like, old ships or houses – it makes me wonder what kind of story there is behind it! anyway, these are really cool articles about 7 abandoned structures in asia. They also have 7 Abandoned Wonders of the World and 7 Abandoned Wonders of America.

♥ Ultimate Gmail Collection: tools and tips, make use of.

for all you gmail users, these tools are super handy. gmail is definitely the way to go. so if you haven’t switched yet, do it! (nick is still on excite, ha. trying to get him to use gmail) i love it!

♥ Hand Carved Stamps Tutorial, geninne’s art blog.
this is a super fun tutorial about carving your own stamps!

♥ 20 creative resumes, francesco mugnai.
for some inspiration.

( link love )

( link love )

♥ wallpaper project: kindred.
i’ve blogged about this awesome project before but holly + ez have added some new wallpapers so go check it out!

♥ flash + printables: sketchbook.
a fun japanese website filled with printables and lovely design and inspiration.

♥ custom portraits, ashleyg.
ashleyg is offering custom portraits in her shop. i love her illustrations, she is so talented. send her an email for a quote. be sure to stop by her blog + flickr.

♥ Fabric-Embellished Notecards, CRAFT.
miss jenny ryan always has the coolest tutorials on craft.

( link love )

( link love )

♥ biz tips, modish.
i believe most of the readers of this blog are independent business owners, so if you haven’t heard about this from another blog yet, get excited! jena from modish blog has started a business tip blog for creative business owners. be sure to check it out!

♥ free calendar, lisa rupp.

even though march is halfway through, lisa rupp is offering some nicely designed printable calendars! see her flickr for each month’s and be sure to stop by her website to see her art!

♥ anthropolgie inspired tables, design sponge.

i don’t think there is anyone here that doesn’t read design sponge but in case you missed it, there is an amazing tutorial on how to make a lovely anthropolgie inspired nightstand/jewelry case using the ikea’s fira mini chest! i really want to do this!

♥ huge giveaway, happily handmade.
so a HUGE giveaway is happening at happily handmade, beginning April 1! $15,000 worth of goods are being donated to 15 lucky winners across the world. If you own a shop, you can also still get in and become a sponsor as well.

( link love )

( link love )

today’s link love features FONTS! i am a big fan of fonts. i think they are so essential in design. they really can make or break design. we had to take a couple typography classes in school, it was one of my favorite classes..next to packaging of course. the projects were fun because the emphasis was of course, fonts! anyway.. i’ve recently come across some great blogs and sites with free fonts and i thought i’d share some. free is always nice. be sure to check out these sites for lots of great fonts.

♥ diesel, misprintedtype.com.
designer Eduardo Recife at misprinted type is an inspiration. i love the artwork and all the fonts he offers. check out his site.

♥ pablo, bellaandedward.com.
i love the feel of this font.

♥ fling let, fonts101.com.
i really love this script!
(found through haley’s lovely blog, bread of many.)

♥ JFFerrule, fontstock.net.

♥ geronto bis, smeltery.net.
be sure to check out the other free fonts available on this site.
(found through a wonderful blog, idiy)

i also came across this site, kevin and amanda, where she offers LOTS of free fonts that people submit to her and she turns them into fonts. what a way to offer inspiration and creativity. check our her amazing site! :)

( link love )

( link love )

this week’s link love include some nifty little gadgets.

♥ polaroid mirror, design boom.
a unique and neat little polaroid mirror, designed by colin o’dowd. $29 bucks.

♥ plane hostel, jumbo hostel.
this is pretty cool, it’s a jet hostel! only 25 rooms are available, and it’s really expensive. but still a cool idea. (found via black eiffel)

♥ protect your lunch, anti-theft lunch bags.
pretty genius. (found via free people blog)

♥ get your gmail stickers, google.
you know if send a sase to google, they’ll send you some awesome stickers! and who doesn’t love stickers??

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for the link love today, i thought i’d share some really great tumblr blogs that i visit – they are filled with lots of great inspiration. i’ve always wanted to start a tumblr just to post random daily inspiration and findings but i haven’t got around to it. so anyway, on with the inspiration!

darling dexter.
whitney also has her lovely blog here.

dream everyday.
susan has a nice photography blog here as well.

be sure to stop by thresca’s flickr as well, so much inspiration!

anabella’s main blog is here.

it’s mary ruffle.
mary’s blog is full of inspirational everyday photos here.

blissful inspiration.
of course you have heard of mrs. french’s blog here.

{ link love }

{ link love }

♥ vintage fabric and postcard tags, doe c doe.
free set of tags and postcards, from vintage fabrics.

♥ the bright side project, the blah, blah, blah blog.
a super duper blog having a giveaway EVERY day of this month. how neat! i would love to do something like this. (found through: sweet pie pumpkin noodle, thanks jackie!)

♥ pdf = pretty darn fabulous, wren and chickadee.
ez of creature comforts has added some lovely printables to her shop. her design is all over it and i do love her design. they’re also super afforable. (i’ll probably be purchasing these tiny prints soon, heh)

♥ free printable paper, printable paper.
i love paper! graph paper, vintage paper, lined paper, anything unique. this site has over 400 free papers you can download and print. neat idea, most definitely.

♥ gocco replacement? YuDo.
in breaking news! the Yudo is a small printing unit, similar to the gocco. it is larger and it costs $300. it has just been announced so let us wait and see if this will be as good of a replacement! (if it is, too bad i just dropped tons of money for stocking up on my gocco supplies! oh well.)