shoe fetish:

So I mentioned I was looking for shoes for the wedding, and I ended up finding a lot of quite lovely shoes, not for the wedding…I have a bit of a shoe problem: I love shoes! but who doesn’t?
I think I get it from my grandma, now that is a woman who owned a lot of shoes! We’re the same size and she had the most fabulous shoe collection ever. She kept all her shoes in the original box, so all her shoes were in amazing condition. I looked forward to inheriting them.. It broke my heart when they cleaned out her house and donated all her shoes to goodwill. Oh well, C’est la vie!
Anyway, I thought I’d post some of my favorite styles I came across while browsing for endless hours for shoes. Enjoy!

from left to right:
1. anthropologie
2., poetic licence
3., bc footwear
4., ciao bella
5., seychelles
6., pink studio
7., chocolat blu

lovely mail (& a lovely package exchange note at the end)

i received some very lovely packages in the mail recently.
pretty packages are just the best to receive, don’t you agree?
i mean, when the package is equally as pretty as
what’s inside, that’s a real treat. thought i’d share the
packaging as well as the goodies inside:
package one.
package two.
package three.
from saratops.

since this post is about packaging, i should make a mention about the lovely package exchange. i know many of you are wondering: what ever happened to that exchange? you signed up and nothing happened. i have no answer except that i am very truly and deeply sorry for getting you all excited and not following through. i did match everyone together, i just didn’t take the next step in emailing the group leaders.
i think i took on too much, and it became too overwhelming for me. so what was the spring package exchange, will be pushed to the fall (after our september 25th wedding) as i still have all the info from the last sign ups. everyone will be emailed and if you can’t participate at that time, then you’ll just let your group leader know. more details to come much later. but i am very sorry to have dropped the ball friends. xo.

collections / houses and nooks:

little tiny houses. tree house getaways.
sleeping nooks. and tee-pee tents.

for some reason in my head these all relate
but i don’t know what to call it all 😉

so here is everything i gathered:

via lolitas

then i stumbled upon these tiny texas houses from handmade charlotte. they’re so cute and quaint. i’d love to just live in a city of tiny houses.

then it got me to thinking about tumble weed houses which i’ve blogged about before: how fun would it be to have a tiny little getaway house like this!

i then came across this treehouse post from a cup of jo and thought about how lovely it would be to stay in a tree house.

via piajanebijkerk.

via +

treehouse point.

this isn’t really a tree house but it’s an entire house made out of a tree and very cool i thought. via

then i thought about sleeping nooks after seeing melanie from you are my fav’s posts about them! and i found a bunch of lovely ones:

image via flickr from country and home.

sweet home style via you are my fav.

dutch sleeping nook via flickr.
LOVE his whole farmhouse.

image via flickr.

lovely beach studio in spain.

and teepees.

factory 20:

i wish i had a million dollars to buy everything from factory 20. i featured some vintage cabinets from this site last week but i thought i’d post about it again cause i’m just smitten. so many treasures and antiques to explore. (before proceeding, you should have lots of time to spend looking through their site! hehe) here are some of my favorites. found this site via cafe cartolina. if you live in Sterling, VA you are lucky lucky because you can visit their showroom!

19th Century Tailors Work Bench Table

industrial printers cabinet

industrial art metal trash can

Large Italian neoGothic Mirror

1900s Valley Cabin Worn Oil Painting

vintage school chalkboard.

Vintage White Dress Form, 1940’s

Small Cast Iron Vintage Buffalo Scale c.1903.


bridesmaid project (2)

here is project 2! they are little surprise books with pockets envelopes for surprises. these were made for the fabulous the most lovely lucy of utterly engaged, who just got married last weekend! the books included a hair pin, pocket mirror and necklace. finished with paper lace trim, these are so much fun. :)

bridesmaid books: 1
bridesmaid books: 2
bridesmaid books: 4
bridesmaid books: 3
bridesmaid books: 8
bridesmaid books: 5
bridesmaid books: 6

lovely goods will return next week 😉

bridesmaid projects:

i love weddings. i’ve recently made a couple small projects for bridesmaids and they have been really fun – so i wanted to share them with you! the first project was for michelle woo, who recently got engaged! (congrats!) i met her at a sephora makeup gathering and even though it was short, she was so sweet and had just gotten engaged the day before! so she messaged me with an idea to get the locket rings and place a message inside for her bridesmaids. she got to choose her flower colors and here’s how it turned out!

bridesmaid rings: 1
bridesmaid rings: 2
bridesmaid rings: 3
bridesmaid rings: 4

parasol CRAFT:

i got an email from yasmine who runs the most amazing a print a day blog telling me about the debut of parasol craft – an online magazine dedicated to handmade inspiration. a spin-off of parasol magazine, this magazine’s focus is craft – and it includes lots of fun free printables and things you can craft! it’s the best $2.50 you’ll ever spend!

click here to purchase the 111-page magazine and all the free project files! it will take you to the immediate download of the mag!

lovely clusters:

just wanted to announce a new site to you that launched today:! my dear friend rachel, who many of you may know from her blogs: has spent the last couple weeks putting this site together! i absolutely love it and am really honored to be a part of it!

her concept behind the site is to showcase artists and designers products and also sort them by color clusters! the website has a gallery of featured sellers and a product area with links to category and color clusters.

so you can search through some really lovely shops, as well as by your favorite color! if you are a shop interested in having your products showcased in the gallery, you can contact lovely clusters. be sure to also become a facebook fan of lovely clusters!


a little random post but in spending endless hours on the internet, it makes me feel this need to spend money. lots and lots of money! as i browse through so many creative things, find myself wanting to own everything! so maybe this can be my little outlet by posting these things. hopefully it’ll be my therapy to fix my need to actually purchase something.

here is a list of late of items i really want to own, if i had a million dollars.
or even like, five thousand dollars.

cute pins from amy’s shop: vanilla day.

a letterpress press.
(ok, i really want one and am seriously contemplating a purchase of a lovely press!)
image credit from here.

birds. for the wall.

holly stalder, why are all your fashions so amazing?

anything from this shop.